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Weasel Tunneler is an epic neutral minion card, from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set.

How to get

Card packsOpen one of these card packs:
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Pack
Wild Pack
Golden Wild
1~2 (random)
CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 400 DustRegular1
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 1600 DustGolden1


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  • Using Goblins vs GnomesFeign Death (and similar effects) will remove the Weasel Tunneler from play and shuffle it into your opponent's deck.
  • Every time a Weasel Tunneler Deathrattle activates, it changes the controller of the minion. All subsequent deathrattles and on-death triggers will use the new controller of the minion when deciding whether to queue and whether to resolve. Combined with the Dominant Player Bug, This leads to the following consequences:
    • Friendly on-death triggers will trigger as though the Weasel Tunneler is friendly if played before the Weasel Tunneler. (If played after the Weasel Tunneler, friendly-only on-death triggers definitely won't trigger, but it's currently unknown if LegacyFlesheating Ghoul and Goblins vs GnomesMekgineer Thermaplugg will or won't.)
    • This means that if you want the value of an on-death trigger or Secret, such as NaxxramasDuplicate or LegacyScavenging Hyena, ensure it is played before, not after, your Weasel Tunneler.[1] (Note that LegacyRedemption has a low priority, and so will always trigger after the Weasel Tunneler even if played first - effectively meaning it cannot resurrect a Weasel Tunneler.)
    • Enemy on-death triggers will trigger as though the Weasel Tunneler is friendly if you are the Secondary Player, and trigger as though the Weasel Tunneler is enemy if you are the Dominant Player.[2]
    • You play a Weasel Tunneler and LegacySoul of the Forest. When the Weasel Tunneler dies, if you are the Dominant Player, the Soul of the Forest will fail to resolve in the Dominant Player Queue because at time of resolution, the added Deathrattle uses the CONTROLLER of the related minion, which has now changed. It will then queue in the Secondary Player Queue, meaning your opponent gets the Treant. However, if you are the Secondary Player, there is no later Queue for the added Deathrattle to trigger in, so it lingers around, and will trigger the next time the Weasel Tunneler is replayed and dies.[3]
    • Similarly, if you stack multiple Weasel Tunneler Deathrattles on an The League of ExplorersUnearthed Raptor and the Unearthed Raptor dies, if you are the Dominant Player, two Weasel Tunneler Deathrattles will resolve and the Unearthed Raptor will be in your deck, but if you are the Secondary Player, one Weasel Tunneler Deathrattle will resolve and the Unearthed Raptor will be in your opponent's deck. Either way, it will have all the remaining untriggered Deathrattles will lingering around, allowing you to mix Weasel Tunneler Deathrattles with other Deathrattles.
    • However, if you have NaxxramasBaron Rivendare in play when your The League of ExplorersUnearthed Raptor's Death Event resolves, each Deathrattle triggers twice before the next one checks trigger conditions, allowing all Weasel Tunneler Deathrattles to resolve.[4]
    • If Weasel Tunneler is resummoned by LegacyAncestral Spirit, NaxxramasReincarnate or One Night in KarazhanMoat Lurker after its deathrattle triggered an odd number of times, it will be resummoned for your opponent not for you, as the minion being resummoned is controlled by your opponent at that time.[5][6]
    • If you cast a spell on an enemy Weasel Tunneler causing it to die, and have a The League of ExplorersDjinni of Zephyrs, the Djinni will trigger and copy the spell, as the target of the spell is now friendly.[7]
  • Blackrock MountainResurrect effects will resummon Weasel Tunneler for who it originally died for, not for who controls the Weasel Tunneler now. This is because they use the Death Event Cache mechanic, which records the controller at the time of death.[8]
  • When Weasel Tunneler is used to Build-a-Beast, your opponent will not get a Weasel Tunneler on death. Instead, your opponent will get an exact copy of the resulting Knights of the Frozen ThroneZombeast, that will include of course Weasel Tunneler's deathrattle effect.
  • Weasel Tunneler's effect can sometimes cause a glitch that makes the player's deck (on the right side of the board) to look like full even when running low or empty; when empty the slot is glowing orange as normal but cards are still visible. Hovering over the deck still shows the accurate number of cards, though.


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