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Warchief Blackhand
Set:Scholomance AcademyScholomance Academy
Health:30 Health
Artist:Alex Horley
Flavor text

Uniting the orc clans into the Horde, he has secured dominance over the land.

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Book of Heroes logo.png The subject of this article is part of Book of Heroes.

Warchief Blackhand is the second boss in Hunter's Book of Heroes adventure.

Hero Power[]


Player's hero[]

Ballista Shot(2738).png

Special cards[]


Maim Blackhand(339743).png


Beast Companion(339714).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Warchief Blackhand Rexxar
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Doomhammer 1 Boss Beast Companion 2
Maim Blackhand 1 Haratha 1
Warrior Shield Slam 2 Hunter Helboar 2
Sword and Board 2 Springpaw 2
Commanding Shout 2 Headhunter's Hatchet 2
Cruel Taskmaster 2 Hunter's Mark 2
Warpath 1 Scavenging Hyena 2
Shield Block 2 Kill Command 2
Molten Breath 2 Spirit of the Lynx 1
Brawl 2 Unleash the Hounds 2
Emberscale Drake 2 Flanking Strike 2
Neutral Black Whelp 2 Infested Wolf 2
Dragon Egg 2 Mok'Nathal Lion 2
Blackwing Corruptor 2 Multi-Shot 2
Dragonmaw Scorcher 2 Savannah Highmane 2
Volcanic Drake 2 Neutral Burrowing Scorpid 2
Rend Blackhand 1


  • The player has a high chance of drawing Haratha at turn 6.
    • If it was got on mulligan or drawn earlier using other cards, the player will draw a random card instead.


  • Try to press your Hero Power as often as possible, especially during later turns where you will have extra mana after clearing his board. You will get the chance to play cards from your Hand every turn, but you will only be able to use your Hero Power once per turn.
  • You might want to save your Hunter's Mark for Maim Blackhand.
  • You can value trade him with minion provided like Mok'Nathal Lion and Savannah Highmane, while using Hero Power for face damage.
  • You might want to send your damaged minions into Warchief Blackhand's minions if they will be killed by his Hero Power anyway.


Before match

Rexxar (present)
I was banished from my only home. Unable to convince my clan to act, I would have to confront the Horde by myself.
Should they listen, my loss would not be in vain.


Warchief Blackhand! May I have a word?
Warchief Blackhand
Words are weak. You must fight to be heard.
Then we fight.

Emote Response

Warchief Blackhand
More words, boy?

Hero Power

Warchief Blackhand
Do not test my patience.
For the Horde!
Tremble before me!


Warchief Blackhand
My clan was born for greatness... to conquer all. That is our legacy.
Power is the only law that all must obey.
The Horde was forged through blood and fear.

Turn 1

Warchief Blackhand
You are one of the mok'nathal, aren't you?
Yes. It is on their behalf I come to you.

Turn 2

Warchief Blackhand
I could destroy your clan in a heartbeat.
You must spare them!

Turn 3

Warchief Blackhand
HAH! All's fair in war, boy. The orcs have sacrificed much...
I know you have. But my people could not endure that.
Warchief Blackhand
Defeat me, and I'll consider your request.

Turn 6

Warchief Blackhand
You fight well for your kind. I have need of champions like you.


Warchief Blackhand
Cease this! You've persuaded me. But in return, you must serve the Horde.
I swear it!
Rexxar becomes Warsong Rexxar


Warchief Blackhand
You are only a half-orc, unworthy of my attention.


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Blackhand was the chieftain of the mighty Blackrock clan and the first Warchief of the Old Horde until he was killed by Orgrim Doomhammer near the end of the First War. He was known throughout Draenor and Azeroth alike as a brutal tyrant.


Warchief Blackhand, full art

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