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For the collectible card in Fractured in Alterac Valley, see Vanndar Stormpike.
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Vanndar Stormpike is an alternate hero for the warrior class.

How to get

Vanndar Stormpike is currently unavailable for obtaining.

Previous availability

  • Vanndar Stormpike could be obtained through Fractured in Alterac Valley Pre-order Mega Bundle, available for purchase from November 16 to December 7, 2021.

Hero Power

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Armor Up!


Main article: Alternate heroes
Once unlocked and selected for use, Vanndar Stormpike replaces Garrosh Hellscream whenever the player uses a Warrior deck, as well as:
  • Comes with own portrait
  • Has custom emotes
  • Has custom tray

Flavor text

When viewed in the Collection, Vanndar Stormpike has the following flavor text:

Loves freezing temperatures, howling winds, and walking uphill both ways, but HATES the Horde. Obtained by pre-purchasing the Fractured in Alterac bundle.


Vanndar Stormpike (hero) full.jpg
Vanndar Stormpike, full art
Trigger: Coerce▶️Ya won't get away with that.
Trigger: Execute▶️That's what you get for messin' with a Stormpike.
Trigger: Heavy Plate▶️Who needs a bunker when you have this?
Trigger: Heroic Strike▶️By Magni's beard!
Trigger: Ironforge Portal▶️I'm warnin' ye, I've got a whole lotta friends back home.
Trigger: Mortal Strike▶️Glory for the Stormpikes!
Trigger: Provoke▶️Let's rile things up.
Trigger: Shield of Honor▶️Good ol' dwarven engineering.
Attack [1]▶️Take no prisoners!
Death [1]▶️<death exertion>
Emote: Greetings▶️What can I do fer ya?
Emote: Well Played▶️We could use someone like you in Alterac Valley.
Emote: Oops▶️Whoops!
Emote: Threaten▶️The Stormpike clan bows to no one!
Emote: Thanks▶️Thank you, my friend!
Unused: Sorry▶️Accept my apologies.
Concede▶️It's all over.
Start▶️This battlefield will be mine!
Running out of time▶️No time to dillydally!
Thinking [1]▶️Where's their weak point?
Thinking [2]▶️I need a plan…
Thinking [3]▶️Hm...
Almost out of cards▶️Running low on cards.
Out of cards▶️I'm all outta cards!
Error: Need a weapon▶️Give me a weapon first.
Error: Not enough manaGonna need more mana for that.
Error: Minion exhausted▶️It needs to regain its strength.
Error: Hero already attacked▶️I already attacked.
Error: Minion not ready▶️It needs a turn to prepare.
Error: Hand already full▶️My hand is stuffed full!
Error: Too many minions▶️No room left!
Error: Can't target Stealthed minion▶️Och, that one is hiding!
Error: Can't play that card▶️I cannae do that.
Error: Not a valid target▶️I cannae target it!
Error: Must attack Taunt minion▶️Somethin' else is taunting me.
Error: Generic▶️It's not possible.
Selection in Choose Your Hero▶️Let's drive the heathens from our lands!
Emote: Greetings [Lunar New Year]▶️Happy New Year!
Start [Mirror]▶️What makes ye so sure of that?
Emote: Greetings [Holidays]▶️Winter Veil is a chance to lighten up and fight fer fun. Or cookies.
Emote: Wow▶️Would ya look at that!
Emote: Greetings [Happy New Year]▶️Happy New Year!
Emote: Greetings [Fire Festival]▶️Ahh, this Fire Festival is too hot! Get me back to the snows of Alterac.
Unused: Greetings [Pirate Day]▶️We Stormpikes fear neither squall nor shipwreck, mateys!
Emote: Greetings [Happy Halloween]▶️It's Hallow's End! Should we wear some costumes to distract our foes?
Unused: Greetings [Happy Noblegarden]▶️Let's have a happy Noblegarden… then go back to fighting the Horde!
Emote: Greetings [Mirror]▶️Wouldja help me fight the Horde?
Start [Magni]▶️Let's do this your highness.
Start [Thrall]▶️Stand down, ye Frostwolf dog!

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