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Uther Lightbringer
Uther Lightbringer
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Book of Heroes logo.png The subject of this article is part of Book of Heroes.
For other appearances of Uther Lightbringer, see Uther Lightbringer (disambiguation).

This is one of three versions of Uther, a paladin hero the player can control in Book of Heroes.

For other versions, see Uther Lightbringer (Book of Heroes) and Uther Lightbringer (Book of Heroes 2). For more information, see #Appears in.

Hero Powers[]

Equip Lightbringer(389482).png
Equip Lightbringer Rank 2(389483).png
Divine Storm(389484).png
Divine Storm Rank 2(389485).png

Appears in[]

Blackrock Blademaster(389427).png
Venim Iceblade(389445).png
Prince Arthas(389420).png


Uther Lightbringer, full art

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