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The 'uncraftable' quality

Uncraftable (previously called soulbound) is a card quality found on certain cards. Uncraftable cards cannot be crafted or disenchanted. Uncraftable quality is mostly determined by card set, and in some cases differs by regular or golden version.

Uncraftable cards[]

There are also specific versions of cards granted through promotions or other meanings:

Specific uncraftable cards
Common Rare Epic Legendary

The rules for cards from adventures are a little more complex:

  • Cards from Standard format adventures which the player has not yet collected are uncraftable. This forces the player to 'earn' these cards through completing the corresponding adventure.
  • All other adventure cards are craftable, including Standard format adventure cards the player has already collected, and all cards from Wild format adventures. This allows players to disenchant and craft copies of adventure cards they have already earned, and to craft cards from adventures which are no longer available in the Shop.


  • If viewed in the Collection, cards which are uncraftable will state this in place of the crafting interface presented for craftable cards.
  • The uncraftable quality forces players to earn the Basic cards specific to their class, and allows golden Basic cards to be a special reward for reaching certain levels, since they cannot be crafted otherwise. It also prevents players from obtaining cards from adventure sets until they have beaten the corresponding encounter. The restriction on the specific versions of cards granted through promotions varies in purpose. For golden Promo cards, the uncraftable quality allows the original limited-edition golden versions of these cards to remain as unique rewards from special promotions, while still making the regular versions available to all players. For cards granted through in-game promotions like C'Thun and Beckoner of Evil, the uncraftable quality may be intended to prevent players wasting dust crafting these cards before they encounter the related promotion.
  • The uncraftable quality also prevents players from simply disenchanting uncraftable cards to make other cards. In the case of golden Basic and Promo cards, this can be seen as a means of encouraging players to actually use these aesthetic rewards, instead of trading them in for the more substantial benefit of a crafted card.


  • Soulbound (the original term for "uncraftable") is an item property found in World of Warcraft. Soulbound items cannot be mailed or traded to other characters. This prevents players from exchanging soulbound goods, or sending them to lower-level alts. Most powerful gear is soulbound, forcing characters to earn their own rewards, although some items can be traded freely, and others such as heirlooms are specifically designed to be traded to alts. While Hearthstone does not allow cards to be traded, the soulbound quality's purpose is similar, in preventing special rewards from being attained without truly earning them.

Patch changes[]

  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo.png Patch (2016-04-24): Cards from the Reward set are no longer uncraftable. [This change was quickly reverted, before finally being reinstated in a hotfix on May 4.]
  • The League of Explorers logo.png Patch (2016-03-14): In preparation for the release of game formats, all adventure cards except for Standard format adventure cards the player has not yet obtained are now craftable.
  • The Grand Tournament logo.png Patch (2015-09-29): "Soulbound" cards are now called "Uncraftable".