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Uncollectible cards are cards which although available in-game cannot be collected by players. While these cards are often playable and obtainable by players in the course of a match, they cannot be added to players' collections or permanently acquired.

Uncollectible cards are distinguished from collectible cards; boss cards that are not available in regular play; and unavailable cards such as debug cards.

As of Voyage to the Sunken City, there are 770 uncollectible cards in the game, 314 of which are included in Standard format.


  • Most uncollectible cards are produced as the result of other cards. CoreThe Coin is one exception, being automatically placed into the hand of whichever player is selected to go second, at the start of the match.
  • Uncollectible minions are usually summoned immediately, rather than being placed in the player's hand. However, using return effects on uncollectible minions can allow players to gain them as regular cards in their hand. These cards' mana cost is generally only paid in these circumstances. The mana cost is also relevant for the purpose of certain cost-related effects such as Whispers of the Old GodsEvolve, Mean Streets of GadgetzanDevolve and The Grand TournamentEffigy.
  • Most uncollectible cards have no rarity,[1] as indicated by the lack of a coloured gem. Those that do generally match the rarity of the card that generated them, while a few are of lower rarity. Uncollectible cards of every rarity exist, including several prominent legendaries.
  • Uncollectible cards are usually “class cards” of the same class as the card that generated them; for example, (Hunter) LegacySavannah Highmane generates two Hunter Hyenas. This can be important for Rogue interactions that depend on having a card from another class, like Saviors of UldumBazaar Burglary.



For Wild format listings, see Uncollectible/Wild format

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ONY 005tb5t.png
DED 517t.png
AV 219t.png
ONY 005ta5t.png
SW 316t.png
TSC 925t.png
BAR 751t.png
DED 001c.png
DED 001bt.png
DED 001at.png
SW 085t.png
BAR 888t.png
BAR 060t.png
CORE GIL 191t.png
TSC 656t.png
BAR 079 m1.png
TSC 646t.png
TSC 052t.png
ONY 001t.png
TSC 650t4.png
TID 711t.png
TID 711t2.png
TID 711t3.png
TID 711t4.png
TID 711t5.png
TID 711t6.png
TSC 638t.png
TSC 638t2.png
TSC 638t3.png
TSC 638t4.png
SW 455t.png
SW 439t2.png
DED 001b.png
DED 001a.png
AV 218t.png
SW 052t5.png
BAR 035t.png
BAR 533t.png
SW 052t8 t.png
TSC 076t.png
WC 034t5.png
BAR 878t.png
TSC 216t.png
ONY 012t.png
WC 034t2.png
SW 076t.png
TSC 937t.png
TSC 937t3.png
WC 034t.png
WC 034t3.png
AV 258t6.png
AV 211t.png
TSC 639t.png
TSC 639t2.png
TSC 639t3.png
TSC 950t.png
TSC 950t2.png
BAR 914t3.png
SW 463t.png
TSC 947t.png
TSC 941t.png
UPCOMING 78436.png
BAR 327t.png
WC 034t4.png
AV 113t3t2.png
WC 034t6.png
AV 293t.png
TSC 039t.png
WC 034t8.png
BAR 034t3.png
SW 458t.png
SW 422t.png
WC 034t7.png
WC 003t.png
BAR 076t.png
TSC 219t.png
TSC 219t2.png
TSC 219t3.png
TSC 219t4.png
TSC 912t3.png
AV 309t.png
ONY 005ta9.png
ONY 005ta11.png
TSC 648t.png
ONY 005ta7.png
WC 036t1.png
AV 316t.png
AV 204t2.png
AV 257t.png
TSC 029t.png
TSC 029t2.png
ONY 005ta12.png
SW 432t.png
BAR 550t.png
TID 708t.png
SW 031t8.png
TSC 076t2.png
AV 337t.png
BAR 879t.png
AV 323t.png
AV 203t.png
AV 282t.png
AV 269t.png
TSC 644t.png
TSC 912t2.png
TSC 776t.png
TSC 030t2.png
ONY 005tb13.png
UPCOMING 78390.png
AV 657t.png
SW 429t.png
TID 712t.png
TID 712t2.png
TSC 057t.png
TSC 945t.png
BAR 034t4.png
SW 087t.png
TID 005t.png
SW 450t4.png
ONY 005ta9t.png
SW 091t4.png
ONY 005ta5.png
SW 028t5.png
WIKI ChargedStormhide.png
TSC 026t.png
CS3 002t.png
SW 039t3 t.png
BAR 079 m2.png
SW 428t4.png
TID 709t3.png
TID 709t.png
TID 709t2.png
SW 313t4.png
BAR 077t.png
BAR 721t2.png
TSC 660t.png
TSC 076t3.png
SW 052t3.png
SW 031t7.png
AV 342t.png
TSC 919t.png
SW 322t4.png
SW 028t6.png
TSC 932t.png
SW 433t3.png
BAR 072t.png
TSC 962t.png
TSC 650t.png
AV 282t3.png
BAR 034t5.png
SW 443t.png
BAR 538t.png
TSC 917t.png
AV 282t5.png
BAR 079 m3.png
BAR 919t.png


For Wild format listings, see Uncollectible/Wild format

Note that choice cards are not included in the following list, but are listed separately below.

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AV 258t.png
BAR 079t5.png
SW 079t3.png
BAR 079t8.png
AV 258t3.png
BAR 079t13.png
BAR 079t13c.png
BAR 079t13b.png
BAR 305t.png
BAR 305t2.png
BAR 079t9.png
BAR 079t11.png
BAR 079t12c.png
BAR 079t12b.png
BAR 079t12.png
SW 079t2.png
BAR 079t15.png
BAR 079t15c.png
BAR 079t15b.png
BAR 079t7.png
AV 258t4.png
BAR 079t14.png
BAR 079t14c.png
BAR 079t14b.png
TSC 032t.png
TSC 032t2.png
BAR 079t6.png
BAR 079t4.png
TSC 934t2.png
TSC 934t3.png
TSC 934t.png
SW COIN2.png
AV COIN2.png
SW COIN1.png
GAME 005.png
AV COIN1.png
AV 258t2.png
SW 079t.png
BAR 079t10.png
Bar 079t10c.png
BAR 079t10b.png
SW 439t.png
ONY 034t.png
AV 136t.png
SW 313t2.png
SW 311t.png
SW 039t3.png
SW 091t3.png
SW 028t.png
SW 428t.png
SW 433t.png
UPCOMING 80814.png
SW 091t.png
SW 428t2.png
SW 422b.png
SW 052t4.png
BAR 891t.png
BAR 891t2.png
SW 039t.png
SW 097t.png
ONY 005tc6.png
SW 433t2.png
SW 322t2.png
SW 052t.png
SW 052t2.png
SW 422a.png
SW 052t6.png
SW 313t.png
SW 450t2.png
TSC 641ta.png
SW 108t.png
SW 028t2.png
ONY 005ta10.png
SW 450t.png
SW 031t.png
TSC 927t.png
TSC 772t.png
SW 322t.png
SW 031t2.png
TSC 641td.png
ONY 016t.png
ONY 016t2.png
TSC 955t.png
BAR 044t.png
BAR 044t2.png
BAR 314t.png
BAR 314t2.png
BAR 842t.png
BAR 842t2.png
BAR 880t.png
BAR 880t2.png
UPCOMING 84355.png
AV 205a.png
BAR 914t.png
BAR 914t2.png
TSC 929t.png
AV 113t1.png
AV 113t2.png
AV 113t9.png
AV 113t8.png
AV 113t7.png
AV 113t3.png
BAR 536t.png
BAR 536t2.png
AV 295a.png
AV 295b.png
ONY 005ta2.png
ONY 005ta1.png
BAR 034t.png
BAR 034t2.png
AV 205pb.png
BAR 319t.png
BAR 319t2.png
ONY 005tb7.png
AV 316t4.png
TSC 641tb.png
ONY 005ta8.png
BAR 721t.png
ONY 005ta13.png
ONY 005tb14.png
ONY 005tb8.png
ONY 005tb12.png
TSC 775t.png
ONY 005tb9.png
ONY 018t.png
ONY 005tb2.png
ONY 018t2.png
TSC 650a.png
ONY 005ta4.png
TSC 650d.png
ONY 005tb5.png
TSC 912t.png
ONY 005tb4.png
AV 282t2.png
ONY 028t.png
ONY 005tc3.png
ONY 005ta6.png
AV 282t4.png
ONY 005tc1.png
SW 433t3a.png
ONY 005tc2.png


For Wild format listings, see Uncollectible/Wild format

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ONY 005tc5.png
TSC 937t2.png
SW 052t7.png
ONY 005ta3.png
TSC 641tc.png
DED 522t.png
ONY 005tb1.png
TSC 913t.png
WC 026t.png
ONY 005tc7.png
AV 146.png
AV 202t2.png
SW 075t.png

Choice cards[]

Main article: Choice card

Choice cards are special uncollectible cards that appear only briefly when choosing between possible effects. Choice cards only exist during the selection process and cannot be placed in the hand or deck. They are mostly produced by Choose One effects.

For a full list, see Choice card.

Hero Powers[]

For Wild format listings, see Uncollectible/Wild format

While Hero Powers are not normally considered cards, the following Hero Powers can be considered uncollectible. Each class' standard Hero Power can be freely chosen through class selection, after which it is available from the start of the match, and thus can be considered collectible. In contrast, the Hero Powers listed below are uncollectible in that they cannot be used unless first gained through the effects of other cards.

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AV 203p.png
AV 204p.png
AV 200p2.png
AV 206p.png
AV 316hp.png
AV 258pt7.png
AV 258pt.png
AV 258p.png
AV 258pt3.png
AV 202p.png
AV 207p.png
AV 258pt4.png
AV 205p.png
AV 113p.png
AV 207p2.png
AV 258p2.png


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