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Can be cast twice.

A Twinspell being played. Note the new copy glowing purple in the hand.

Twinspell is an ability that is introduced in the Rise of Shadows expansion. When a spell with Twinspell is cast, a copy of that spell without Twinspell will be added to the player's hand.


  • Twinspells are added to your hand immediately after casting, taking precedent over any effects that trigger when a spell is cast. This is different from most spell-generating spells, which add to your hand after.
eg: You have 10 cards in your hand and a LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer in play. If you cast The Boomsday ProjectExtra Arms, you'll draw a card and The Boomsday ProjectMore Arms! will not be added to your hand. If you cast a Twinspell, you'll gain the Twinspell and overdraw a card.
  • Unlike Echo, the Twinspell effect is replicated by Cast spell effects.
  • Twinspells are returned to the hand in the spot the original spell was cast from. If they were cast by a Cast spell effect, they're instead added to the rightmost spot as usual.
  • The created copy is considered its own unique spell and is repeated without the Twinspell ability by cards such as Rise of ShadowsArchmage Vargoth and Rastakhan's RumbleZul'jin.
  • If the original spell was affected by a one-time cost modification effect, the modification will not transfer to the copy, which will have the original cost.
    • Example: A mage plays Ashes of OutlandIncanter's Flow, draws Rise of ShadowsConjurer's Calling and plays it for 2 mana. It will generate a non-Twinspell copy of Conjurer's Calling that costs 3 mana.
  • If there are multiple Twinspell keywords on a card, each cast will generate a copy with the number of keywords reduced by one. So far, the only spell with more than one Twinspell keyword is Rise of ShadowsTHE... Candles?, unique to the solo adventure The Dalaran Heist. Since it has three Twinspell keywords, it can be cast up to four times.

Cards with Twinspell[]


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DAL 568.png
DAL 373.png
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Spells so nice, you cast them twice! When you cast a twinspell, a copy of that spell is added to your hand (without the twinspell keyword).[1]


  • Twinspell could be considered to have a "beta" version, which functions similar to this effect, but differs slightly. The Boomsday ProjectExtra Arms generates an identical version of itself, however with a different name.
  • Twinspell can also be seen as similar to Echo, with the primary difference being that Twinspell can be cast over multiple turns thus allowing Twinspell cards to have mana costs higher than 5.
  • In Rise of Shadows, the Twinspell keyword is reserved to classes which are not part of the League of E.V.I.L.. Each of the 4 classes defending Dalaran has exactly 2 spells with Twinspell, one of common and one of rare rarity, for a total of 8 spells with Twinspell.
  • Each of the Twinspell cards from Rise of Shadows feature the crest of the Kirin Tor somewhere on their artwork.

Patch changes[]


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