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Transfer Student
Transfer Student
Golden Transfer Student
Battlecry: Add a random Ranked spell to your hand.
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This is one of the possible versions of Transfer Student when the game is played on a Forged in the Barrens board.

For more information, see Transfer Student.

Related board[]

Forged in the Barrens

Generated cards[]

Flurry (Rank 1)(487655).png
Fury (Rank 1)(464317).png
Conviction (Rank 1)(487686).png
Chain Lightning (Rank 1)(463926).png
Condemn (Rank 1)(487640).png
Conditioning (Rank 1)(500128).png
Imp Swarm (Rank 1)(463931).png
Living Seed (Rank 1)(487654).png
Tame Beast (Rank 1)(487641).png
Wicked Stab (Rank 1)(464125).png

Patch changes[]