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Saviors of Uldum's Tombs of Terror.

Tombs of Terror is a single-player game mode added with the Saviors of Uldum expansion. The mode was released on September 17, 2019.[1]

Tombs of Terror uses a format like the previous single-player campaigns, but with some elements from Adventures as well. The game mode includes four chapters containing eight bosses each, along with a finale, which is a final battle against the last boss. The first chapter is free to play.



  • The objective of Tombs of Terror is to defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty to win the run.
  • The player plays as one of four heroes, starting with a deck of ten cards, which differs for each hero. (listed below)
    • Each hero takes on the role of two different classes, meaning that their deck can comprise of cards from either of the two classes.
    • When selecting a hero, the player will choose a Signature Treasure to add to their deck for the current run. Signature Treasures differ for each hero. Additional Signature Treasures are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions between games. (listed below)
    • Then, the player can also choose a Hero Power and starting deck for the hero. New Hero Powers are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions between games, and additional starting decks are unlocked by defeating a specified number of bosses.
    • Unlocks are kept separate between regular and Heroic modes.
  • After each round, the player is offered three bundles of three cards each. The player can only select one of these three bundles. This allows the player to increase their deck size in tandem with the boss' decks increasing in size.
  • After rounds 1 and 5, the player receives a Passive buff, selected from one of three random passive buffs from the pool of Passives. (listed below)
  • These passives give a permanent effect to the player for the rest of the run. These are applied at the start of the match, meaning some buffs that affect cards will not affect cards added to your hand or deck later in the game.
  • After rounds 3 and 7, the player receives a Treasure card, selected from one of three random cards from the pool of treasure cards. These are very powerful cards, and often have low mana costs. (listed below)
  • Between rounds 3-4 and 5-6, the player will enter a Friendly Encounter. During this section, the player can spend "gold" to modify their deck in various ways offered, such as adding or removing minions from your deck or giving them a permanent buff.

Boss battles[]

  • Tombs of Terror features five chapters of boss battles. In the first four chapters, the player battles against eight bosses each, with the eighth boss being the final Plague Lord boss for that chapter. The last chapter is different from the first four and sees the player immediately battling the Plague Lord boss for that chapter.
  • Each chapter starts with a Twist, adding a special condition to every battle. In Anomaly Mode, a random Twist is used. (listed below)
  • The final Plague Lord boss of every chapter (except the very last chapter) has a persistent health pool. Should the player be defeated by one, that final boss will retain the damage it took, and the health it has left will remain for the next time it is challenged.
    • The fifth and final chapter is special, and the final boss Tekahn for that chapter does not have a persistent health pool.
  • The player always goes first. The enemy also does not get The Coin.
  • Should a game end in a tie, the player will be given the chance to try the round again instead of restarting the run. (listed below)


Each chapter of the adventure, except the final one, has a unique Twist that affects the game.

  • Plague of Murlocs: (Chapter 1) At the start of the game, copies of Surprise! Murlocs! will be shuffled into each player's deck. The number of copies shuffled in is one on round 1, and that number increases each round. They are only shuffled in after the mulligan. When they are drawn, the player who drew them summons a random murloc(s).
  • Plague of Madness: (Chapter 2) At the end of each player's turn, their right-most minion will attack a random enemy in a similar manner to Mass Hysteria, even if it has 0 Attack, is frozen or Can't attack.
  • Plague of Death: (Chapter 3) Both players start the game with an Eternal Tomb Permanent on their side of the board. When a number of minions (equal to the casting cost of the entombed minion) on their side of the board dies, it summons the minion designated on the Eternal Tomb. The process repeats after each summon.
  • Plague of Wrath: (Chapter 4) When a minion takes damage, it gains +1 Attack.
Twist - Plague of Murlocs
Twist - Plague of Madness
Twist - Plague of Death
Twist - Plague of Wrath

Anomaly Mode[]

Anomaly Mode is unlocked when you have all five chapters of Tombs of Terror unlocked. It can be activated by clicking the button above the "Start" button before each chapter. Anomaly Mode adds an additional Twist to the selected chapter. The Twist is rolled before chapter selection and can be seen when selecting it.

Anomaly - Aleatory
Anomaly - Angelic Presence
Anomaly - Battle Scars
Anomaly - Booms Away
Anomaly - Bountiful
Anomaly - CHARGE!
Anomaly - Dizzying Blows
Anomaly - Eternal Army
Anomaly - Holograms
Anomaly - In the Face
Anomaly - Loot-Filled
Anomaly - Marin's Return
Anomaly - Multiclassing
Anomaly - No-Face
Anomaly - Relentless
Anomaly - Spellshields
Anomaly - Whirling Winds

Friendly Encounter[]

Bazaar Bob full.jpg

Main article: Bazaar Bob

Between rounds 3 and 4 and rounds 5 and 6, the player will enter a Friendly Encounter with Bazaar Bob in one of his many taverns. Inside his tavern, 4 minions from your deck will be placed on your side of the board, and 4 random minions will be placed on Bob's side of the board. The player will receive 3-5 cards from Bob that can modify the player's Adventure Deck, with effects such as adding or removing minions on the board or permanently buffing a specific card. Each of Bob's cards costs "Gold", and the player has 2-3 Gold to spend in the tavern.


Hero Classes Hero Powers
Reno Jackson

Available at start
Icon Mage 48.png
Icon Rogue 48.png
Amateur Mage


Unlock: Activate
30 Combo effects
Arcane Craftiness

Unlock: Deal 250 damage
with spells
Sir Finley

Unlock: Chapter 2
Icon Paladin 48.png
Icon Shaman 48.png
New "Recruits"

Bubble Blower

Unlock: Summon 50
1-Health minions
Power Up!

Unlock: Overload
50 mana crystals
Elise Starseeker

Unlock: Chapter 3
Icon Druid 48.png
Icon Priest 48.png
Elise's Might


Unlock: Gain 100 Armor
Druidic Teaching

Unlock: Cast 100 spells
Brann Bronzebeard

Unlock: Chapter 4
Icon Hunter 48.png
Icon Warrior 48.png
Spread Shot

Well Equipped

Unlock: Deal 300 damage
to enemy heroes
Dino Tracking

Unlock: Attack with a weapon
50 times

Signature Treasures[]

Unlock Reno Jackson Sir Finley Elise Starseeker Brann Bronzebeard
Reno's Lucky Hat
Finley's Pith Helmet
Starseeker's Tools
Ol' Faithful
Defeat 5 Bosses
Reno's Crafty Lasso
Maxwell, Mighty Steed
Elise's Machete
Brann's Saddle
Plague Lords
Reno's Magical Torch
Truesilver Lance
Titan-Forged Grapnel
Defeat a
Plague Lord
Jr. Tomb Diver
Jr. Scout
Jr. Navigator
Jr. Excavator
Defeat the
first four
Plague Lords
Sr. Tomb Diver
Sr. Scout
Sr. Navigator
Sr. Excavator
Defeat 2
Plague Lords
Lei Flamepaw
Karl the Lost
Academic Research
Flo Slatebrand
Defeat 3
Plague Lords
The Gatling Wand
Scales of Justice
Staff of Renewal
Brann's Epic Egg

Loot Cards[]



Alchemist's Stone
Band of Bees
Band of Scarabs
Crook and Flail
Darklight Torch
Disks of Legend
Disks of Swiftness
Ever-Changing Elixir
Lucky Spade
Mummy Magic
Primordial Bulwark
Robes of Diminishing
Scroll of Nonsense
Titanic Ring
Unlocked Potential
VIP Membership


Battle Totem
Book of Wonders
Captured Flag
Cloak of Invisibility
Elixir of Vigor
Elixir of Vim
First Aid Kit
Glyph of Warding
Khadgar's Scrying Orb
Mysterious Tome
Rocket Backpacks
Scepter of Summoning


Map of Uldum
Mystical Mirage
Sack of Lamps
Zephrys's Lamp
Aegis of Death
Crusty the Crustacean
Stolen Titan Secrets
Tracking Device
Amakir the Light
Canopic Jars
Crawling Claw
Bauble of Beetles
Blade of the Burning Sun
Bob's Bouncer
Staff of Ammunae
Advanced Targeting Monocle
Ancient Reflections
Phaoris' Blade
Runaway Gyrocopter
Staff of Scales
Stone Fox Statue
Murky's Battle Horn
Book of the Dead

Card Bundles[]

After each win, the player gets to choose three cards to add to their deck. The three cards chosen belong to the same bundle, being selected from it randomly; the player then chooses one selection of three cards from three options. Each selection may contain multiple copies of the same card.

Unlike previous dungeon runs the quests aren't being offered automatically when you get a certain bundle in first time.

Reno Jackson (Mage / Rogue)[]

Battlecries Big Spells Combo Deathrattle Discover Elements Heroically Empowered Honor Among Thieves Kingsbane Mechs Mighty Minions Multiple Enemies Old God Pirates Safety Measures Secrets Shuffle and Draw Slinging Spells Spell Damage Spell Lovers Spell Searching Summoning Frenzy
Shadowstep Preparation Counterfeit Coin Journey Below Hallucination Arcane Artificer Daring Fire-Eater Bazaar Burglary Deadly Poison Clockwork Gnome Effigy Shooting Star Beckoner of Evil Patches the Pirate Arcane Artificer Secretkeeper Archmage Arugal Preparation Backstab Cheap Shot Babbling Book Mirror Image
Babbling Book Arcane Tyrant Shadowstep Cheat Death Journey Below Fire Fly Fallen Hero Pilfer Doomerang Pogo-Hopper Conjurer's Calling Arcane Explosion Cult Sorcerer Southsea Deckhand Patient Assassin Ancient Mysteries Lab Recruiter Magic Trick Preparation Clever Disguise Magic Trick Khadgar
Pharaoh Cat Dragon's Fury Bladed Cultist Nerubian Egg Magic Trick Flame Geyser Spirit of the Dragonhawk Astral Rift Kingsbane Mechwarper Molten Reflection Betrayal Twilight Geomancer Swashburglar Sap Arcane Flakmage Acolyte of Pain Raid the Sky Temple Arcane Blast Magic Dart Frog Open the Waygate Effigy
Pogo-Hopper Naga Sand Witch Cold Blood Pyros Dwarven Archaeologist Pyros Auctionmaster Beardo Clever Disguise Leeching Poison Snowchugger Shadow of Death Fan of Knives Disciple of C'Thun Bloodsail Howler Counterspell Arcanologist Arcane Intellect Ray of Frost Arcane Explosion Mana Cyclone Clever Disguise Mirror Entity
Celestial Emissary Blizzard Defias Ringleader Shimmering Tempest Primordial Glyph Duplicate Blackwald Pixie Stolen Steel Cavern Shinyfinder Cogmaster's Wrench Gral, the Shark Flame Ward Twilight Elder Ship's Cannon Frost Nova Cheat Death Augmented Elekk Shooting Star Bloodmage Thalnos Razorpetal Volley Cutpurse Splitting Image
Raven Familiar Thistle Tea Eviscerate Undercity Huckster Golden Scarab Nightmare Amalgam Pyromaniac Underbelly Fence Goblin Auto-Barber Iron Sensei Archmage Antonidas Frost Nova C'Thun's Chosen Nightmare Amalgam Ice Barrier Evasion Beneath the Grounds Clever Disguise Celestial Emissary Sorcerer's Apprentice Mana Cyclone Conjurer's Calling
Duplicate Vanish Whirlkick Master Necrium Blade Vulpera Scoundrel Cosmic Anomaly Dalaran Aspirant Unstable Portal Cutthroat Buccaneer Nightmare Amalgam Flame Leviathan Twilight Flamecaller Crazed Worshipper Shady Dealer Potion of Polymorph Medivh's Valet Coldlight Oracle Cutpurse Cheap Shot Banana Buffoon Primordial Glyph Fal'dorei Strider
Messenger Raven Firelands Portal Edwin VanCleef Splitting Image Arcane Keysmith Fire Plume Phoenix Clockwork Automaton Frozen Clone Envenom Weapon SN1P-SN4P Luna's Pocket Galaxy Volcanic Potion Skeram Cultist Simulacrum Shadowblade Sudden Betrayal Fan of Knives Flamecannon Eviscerate Dune Sculptor Razorpetal Volley Kobold Illusionist
Twilight Flamecaller Flamestrike EVIL Miscreant Unearthed Raptor Body Wrapper Scorch Mukla's Champion Academic Espionage Raiding Party Soot Spewer Octosari Dark Iron Skulker Twin Emperor Vek'lor Southsea Captain Polymorph Sunreaver Spy Manic Soulcaster Frostbolt Fan of Knives Edwin VanCleef Shimmering Tempest Molten Reflection
Arcane Keysmith Sprint Perdition's Blade Blightnozzle Crawler Hench-Clan Burglar Steam Surger Nexus-Champion Saraad Hench-Clan Burglar Animated Armor Echo of Medivh Ragnaros the Firelord Blizzard Doomcaller Splitting Image Antique Healbot Counterspell Stargazer Luna Mana Cyclone Shadow Strike Flamewaker Spellslinger Shadow of Death
Lifedrinker Medivh, the Guardian SI:7 Agent Xaril, Poisoned Mind Ethereal Conjurer Water Elemental Kodorider Leyline Manipulator Blade Flurry Goblin Blastmage Sindragosa Meteor Blade of C'Thun Echo of Medivh Blizzard Duplicate Academic Espionage Pick Pocket Soot Spewer Vex Crow Ghastly Conjurer Faceless Summoner
Spirit of the Shark Power of Creation Elven Minstrel Anka, the Buried Myra Rotspring Azerite Elemental Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk Spectral Cutlass Southsea Squidface Mechanical Yeti The Lich King Vanish C'Thun Hench-Clan Burglar Vanish Explosive Runes Elven Minstrel Razorpetal Volley Unexpected Results Gadgetzan Auctioneer Hench-Clan Burglar Kodorider
Waggle Pick Kalecgos Spirit of the Shark Corpse Raiser Arcane Dynamo Bonfire Elemental Frost Lich Jaina Vendetta Tinker's Sharpsword Oil Piloted Shredder Anub'arak Baron Geddon Sahket Sapper Frost Lich Jaina Flame Ward Fal'dorei Strider Sap Cosmic Anomaly Archmage Antonidas Xaril, Poisoned Mind Astromancer
Barista Lynchen King Phaoris Vilespine Slayer Lesser Onyx Spellstone Gurubashi Hypemon Servant of Kalimos Bazaar Mugger Captain Greenskin Antique Healbot Malygos Flamestrike Cannon Barrage Valeera the Hollow Ice Block Shadow of Death Shiv Dalaran Aspirant Exotic Mountseller Blast Wave Firelands Portal
Bazaar Mugger Pyroblast Cursed Castaway Myra Rotspring Power of Creation Arcanosaur Ethereal Peddler Zilliax Colossus of the Moon Cursed Castaway Illuminator Aluneth Sorcerer's Apprentice Kirin Tor Tricaster Arcane Devourer Cabalist's Tome Power of Creation
Ethereal Conjurer Sludge Belcher Tortollan Pilgrim Baron Geddon Tess Greymane Mechanical Whelp Kalecgos Skycap'n Kragg Kirin Tor Mage Sprint Forgotten Torch Azerite Elemental Arcane Giant Trade Prince Gallywix Big Bad Archmage
Shadowcaster Khartut Defender Kalecgos Blazecaller Sneed's Old Shredder Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Captain Hooktusk Arcane Keysmith Tak Nozwhisker Questing Adventurer Azure Drake Archmage Antonidas
Faceless Summoner Sylvanas Windrunner Ragnaros the Firelord Molten Giant Ethereal Arcanist Mountain Giant Vex Crow Blast Wave Rhonin
Toki, Time-Tinker Da Undatakah Frost Lich Jaina Cloud Prince Malygos
Marin the Fox Rhonin Subject 9
Sindragosa Kabal Crystal Runner
N'Zoth, the Corruptor

Sir Finley (Paladin / Shaman)[]

Battlecry Big Bad Spells Dead or Alive Discovery Divine Shield Draw Family Tree Feeble Squires Harness the Elements Healing Legends March of the Mechs Mighty Champions Mutual Destruction Noble Weaponry Overloaded Protectors Sharing Strength Small Army Strike at Thee Superior Subjugation Transformations
Corrupt the Waters Electra Stormsurge Getaway Kodo Blazing Invocation Righteous Protector Blessing of Wisdom Grimscale Chum Air Elemental Air Elemental Forbidden Healing Electra Stormsurge Glow-Tron Far Sight Beakered Lightning Bloodsail Raider Finders Keepers Righteous Protector Adaptation Evolve Lightning Bolt Earth Shock Mutate
Blazing Invocation Elemental Destruction Making Mummies A Light in the Darkness Selfless Hero Ancestral Knowledge Murmy Brazen Zealot Fire Fly Bloodclaw High Priest Thekal Galvanizer Flamewreathed Faceless Doomsayer Rockbiter Weapon Lightning Bolt Witch's Apprentice Blessing of Might Lost in the Jungle Crackle Humility Adaptation
Grimestreet Outfitter Haunting Visions Redemption Dwarven Archaeologist Argent Protector Flash of Light Toxfin Evolve Earthen Might Crystallizer Wickerflame Burnbristle Mechwarper Prismatic Lens Elemental Destruction Seal of Light Tunnel Trogg Coghammer Divine Strength Totemic Smash Lava Shock Dark Conviction Evolve
Hydrologist Archmage Vargoth Ancestral Spirit Kobold Hermit Crystalsmith Kangor Potion of Heroism Brrrloc Righteous Protector Elementary Reaction Crystalsmith Kangor Zentimo Micro Mummy Duel! Plague of Murlocs Muster for Battle Voltaic Burst Drakkari Defender The Last Kaleidosaur Knife Juggler Rockbiter Weapon Devolve Unstable Evolution
Murmuring Elemental Consecration Desperate Stand Golden Scarab Shielded Minibot Call to Adventure Ghost Light Angler Sludge Slurper Fire Plume Harbinger Flash of Light Vessina Shielded Minibot Muckmorpher Equality Sword of Justice Ancestral Knowledge Feral Spirit Ancestral Spirit Kobold Hermit Argent Horserider Rebuke Big Bad Voodoo
Sandstorm Elemental Spirit of the Tiger Micro Mummy Haunting Visions Blood Knight Divine Favor Hydrologist Unstable Evolution Menacing Nimbus Lesser Pearl Spellstone Bolvar Fordragon Whirling Zap-o-matic Emperor Thaurissan Duel! Unidentified Maul Crushing Hand Hot Spring Guardian Cryostasis Totem Golem Lava Burst Subdue Devolve
Sandwasp Queen Storm Chaser Reincarnate Stonehill Defender Coghammer Far Sight Primalfin Champion Voltaic Burst Murmuring Elemental Lightforged Blessing Hallazeal the Ascended Nightmare Amalgam Eureka! Hagatha's Scheme Dread Corsair Eternal Sentinel Wickerflame Burnbristle Immortal Prelate Flametongue Totem Chillblade Champion Aldor Peacekeeper Recombobulator
Aldor Peacekeeper Azure Drake Temple Berserker Vulpera Scoundrel Howling Commander Mana Tide Totem Primalfin Totem Bloodmage Thalnos Sandstorm Elemental Soup Vendor White Eyes Powermace Al'Akir the Windlord Shrink Ray Truesilver Champion Lava Shock Annoy-o-Module Lightforged Blessing Muster for Battle Hammer of Wrath Equality Aldor Peacekeeper
Brann Bronzebeard Hallazeal the Ascended Candletaker Body Wrapper Rallying Blade Spirit of the Frog Underbelly Angler Kobold Hermit Benevolent Djinn Vitality Totem Grumble, Worldshaker SN1P-SN4P Ragnaros the Firelord Volcano Captain Greenskin Likkim Earth Elemental Primalfin Champion Primal Talismans Lifedrinker Hex Equality
Hot Spring Guardian Holy Wrath Spirit Echo Arcane Dynamo Wickerflame Burnbristle Cult Master Coldlight Seer Lost Spirit Unbound Elemental Witch's Brew Krag'wa, the Frog Annoy-o-Module Ragnaros, Lightlord Enter the Coliseum Doomhammer Sandstorm Elemental Phalanx Commander Sound the Bells! Raid Leader Blessed Champion Keeper of Uldaman Hex
Keeper of Uldaman Volcano Ancestral Guardian Ivory Knight The Glass Knight Hammer of Wrath Murloc Warleader Sandwasp Queen Rumbling Elemental Benevolent Djinn The Mistcaller Cobalt Guardian Tirion Fordring Earthquake Farraki Battleaxe Stormcrack Voodoo Hexxer Windfury Steward of Darkshire Bloodlust Loatheb Shrink Ray
Zandalari Templar Arcane Dynamo Bone Wraith A New Challenger... Bolvar, Fireblood Prismatic Lens Nightmare Amalgam Soul of the Murloc Thunderhead Healing Rain The Storm Bringer Mechano-Egg Walking Fountain Tunnel Blaster Val'anyr Totem Golem White Eyes Eydis Darkbane Tuskarr Totemic Doomhammer Shrink Ray Thrall, Deathseer
Barista Lynchen Avenging Wrath Carnivorous Cube The Runespear Ghostly Charger Call to Arms Plague of Murlocs Divine Favor Fire Elemental Healing Wave Lynessa Sunsorrow Zilliax Colossus of the Moon Deathwing Vinecleaver Drakkari Defender Zilliax Seal of Champions Bloodlust Leeroy Jenkins Voodoo Hexxer The Storm Bringer
Corpse Raiser Enter the Coliseum Corpse Raiser Tortollan Primalist Sunwalker Solemn Vigil Spirit Echo Salhet's Pride Grumble, Worldshaker High Priest Thekal Siamat Mechanical Whelp Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound The Runespear Elemental Destruction Khartut Defender Zentimo Bolvar Fordragon Argent Commander Sunkeeper Tarim
Glowstone Technician Krag'wa, the Frog Wasteland Assassin Grimestreet Protector Gadgetzan Auctioneer Witch's Cauldron Small-Time Recruits Bogshaper Hot Spring Guardian Swampqueen Hagatha Kangor's Endless Army Shirvallah, the Tiger Feral Spirit Pharaoh's Blessing Blessing of Kings Solemn Vigil Avenging Wrath Eadric the Pure
Fire Elemental Earthquake Khartut Defender Al'Akir the Windlord Bogshaper Call in the Finishers Steward of Darkshire Siamat Wickerflame Burnbristle Shudderwock Lightning Storm Rain of Toads The Voraxx Stand Against Darkness Al'Akir the Windlord
Grumble, Worldshaker Malygos Val'anyr Tirion Fordring Chromaggus Murloc Knight Bloodlust Stone Sentinel Chillblade Champion Unbound Elemental Spikeridged Steed Krag'wa, the Frog Sunkeeper Tarim
Ivory Knight King Phaoris Colossus of the Moon Lay on Hands Old Murk-Eye Call to Arms Kalimos, Primal Lord Jinyu Waterspeaker Flamewreathed Faceless Sunkeeper Tarim Pharaoh's Blessing The Storm Bringer
Sunkeeper Tarim Shirvallah, the Tiger Octosari Scargil Solemn Vigil Ragnaros, Lightlord The Glass Knight Thunderhead A New Challenger... Spikeridged Steed Mogu Fleshshaper
The Mistcaller Siltfin Spiritwalker Thrall, Deathseer Walking Fountain Tidal Surge Vessina The Mistcaller Vinecleaver
Swampqueen Hagatha Finja, the Flying Star Ozruk Zandalari Templar Volcano Val'anyr Silver Sword
Shudderwock Corrupted Seer Hallazeal the Ascended Lesser Sapphire Spellstone Lynessa Sunsorrow Sea Giant
Everyfin is Awesome Blackguard Snowfury Giant Dinosize
Tip the Scales Ivory Knight
Anyfin Can Happen Guardian of Kings
Lay on Hands
Ragnaros, Lightlord

Elise Starseeker (Druid / Priest)[]

Auchenai's Touch Big Minions Big Spell Damage Buff Card Draw Choose the Outcome Copy Minions Discovery Dragons! Embrace the Beyond Inspiring Minions Legends Let's Taunt Life Bringing Mana Miniature Army Old God Plaguebringer Removal Resurrection Silence Yourself Spell Generation
Circle of Healing Juicy Psychmelon Moonfire Power Word: Shield Power Word: Shield Crystal Power Spirit of the Dead Raven Idol Twilight Whelp Awaken the Makers Boneguard Lieutenant Brightwing Injured Tol'vir Crystal Power Innervate Floop's Glorious Gloop Beckoner of Evil Lazul's Scheme Shadow Word: Death Embalming Ritual Silence Power Word: Shield
Activate the Obelisk Giant Anaconda Holy Smite Barkskin Northshire Cleric Living Roots Seance Worthy Expedition Firetree Witchdoctor Dead Ringer Garrison Commander Eydis Darkbane Mark of the Wild Light of the Naaru Biology Project Mark of the Lotus Brann Bronzebeard Pint-Size Potion Shadow Word: Pain Resurrect Ancient Watcher Crystal Power
Crystal Power Catrina Muerte Living Roots Earthen Scales Bloodmage Thalnos Raven Idol Mirage Caller Dwarven Archaeologist Brightwing Grandmummy Maiden of the Lake Wardruid Loti Mark of Nature Northshire Cleric Untapped Potential Northshire Cleric Disciple of C'Thun Potion of Madness Mulch Eternal Servitude Darnassus Aspirant Raven Idol
Light of the Naaru Kel'Thuzad Bloodmage Thalnos Embalming Ritual Crystal Merchant Worthy Expedition Vivid Nightmare Museum Curator Nightmare Amalgam Shadowy Figure Savage Combatant Archmage Vargoth Stonehill Defender Dreamway Guardians Crystal Merchant Dreamway Guardians Twilight Elder Doomsayer Shadow Word: Horror Psychopomp Purify Radiant Elemental
Zombie Chow Ragnaros the Firelord Mind Blast Inner Fire Loot Hoarder Keeper Stalladris Flobbidinous Floop Shadow Visions Duskbreaker Greedy Sprite Tournament Medic Ixlid, Fungal Lord Bone Wraith Penance Gilded Gargoyle Knife Juggler C'Thun's Chosen Penance Swipe Onyx Bishop Arcane Watcher Shadow Visions
Auchenai Phantasm Cenarius Radiant Elemental Test Subject Soup Vendor Power of the Wild Dollmaster Dorian Madame Lazul Azure Drake Twilight's Call Clockwork Automaton Loatheb Strongshell Scavenger Spirit Lash Grove Tender Power of the Wild Hooded Acolyte Spirit Lash Excavated Evil Zerek, Master Cloner Humongous Razorleaf Banana Buffoon
Auchenai Soulpriest Ysera Spellzerker Divine Spirit Wrath Wrath Faceless Manipulator Stonehill Defender Cobalt Scalebane Wretched Reclaimer Kvaldir Raider Lyra the Sunshard Tortollan Shellraiser Squashling Jade Blossom Addled Grizzly Klaxxi Amber-Weaver Shadow Madness Mass Hysteria High Inquisitor Whitemane Eerie Statue Dragon Soul
Hench-Clan Shadequill Aviana Velen's Chosen Radiant Elemental Acolyte of Pain Druid of the Scythe Holy Water Vulpera Scoundrel Drakonid Operative Astral Tiger Mukla's Champion Nexus-Champion Saraad Anubisath Defender Lifeweaver Omega Medic BEEEES!!! Crazed Worshipper Shadow Word: Horror Entomb Lesser Diamond Spellstone Hench-Clan Shadequill Lifeweaver
Corrupted Healbot Colossus of the Moon Swipe Extra Arms Ferocious Howl Wardruid Loti Ixlid, Fungal Lord Body Wrapper Bone Drake Psychopomp Nexus-Champion Saraad Vol'jin Convincing Infiltrator Holy Nova Surrender to Madness Blessing of the Ancients Twilight Darkmender Cabal Shadow Priest Lightbomb Catrina Muerte Keeper of the Grove Priest of the Feast
Hidden Oasis Tyrantus Azerite Elemental Eydis Darkbane Branching Paths Branching Paths Power Word: Replicate Eternal Servitude Dragonfire Potion Carnivorous Cube Kodorider Zilliax Phalanx Commander Priest of the Feast Mire Keeper Landscaping Dark Arakkoa Spreading Plague Psychic Scream Kel'Thuzad Mass Dispel Lyra the Sunshard
Prophet Velen Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Azure Drake Unidentified Elixir Azure Drake Fandral Staghelm Herald Volazj Arcane Dynamo Wrathion Convincing Infiltrator Confessor Paletress Cairne Bloodhoof Rotten Applebaum Crystal Stag Emperor Thaurissan Sand Drudge Twin Emperor Vek'lor Malfurion the Pestilent Shadowreaper Anduin Mass Resurrection Unsleeping Soul Nexus-Champion Saraad
Prophet Velen Velen's Chosen Gadgetzan Auctioneer Keeper of the Grove Shadow Essence Free From Amber Crowd Roaster Cairne Bloodhoof Emperor Thaurissan Sludge Belcher Sandhoof Waterbearer Nourish Savage Roar Doomcaller Shadowreaper Anduin Plague of Death Obsidian Statue Kabal Songstealer Mech-Bear-Cat
Malygos High Priest Amet Nourish Mark of the Loa Gloop Sprayer Nightscale Matriarch Coffin Crasher Sylvanas Windrunner Hidden Oasis Zilliax Archmage Vargoth C'Thun The Lich King Quartz Elemental Exotic Mountseller
Ultimate Infestation Mark of the Loa Overflow Oasis Surger Splintergraft Chromaggus Sylvanas Windrunner Archbishop Benedictus Khartut Defender Hidden Oasis High Priest Amet Plague of Death Icehowl Grave Horror
Lyra the Sunshard Chromaggus Hidden Oasis Zerek's Cloning Gallery Primordial Drake Zerek, Master Cloner Confessor Paletress Spreading Plague Overflow Soul of the Forest Ultimate Infestation
Zerek, Master Cloner Ultimate Infestation Cenarius Malygos Giant Anaconda Dr. Boom Violet Warden Prophet Velen Violet Teacher
Kun the Forgotten King Deathwing Da Undatakah High Inquisitor Whitemane Gift of the Wild Lucentbark Wispering Woods
Deathwing, Dragonlord Sneed's Old Shredder Malorne Lucentbark Force of Nature
Obsidian Statue Prophet Velen Primordial Drake Living Mana
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Siamat The Lich King Spreading Plague
Troggzor the Earthinator Hadronox Tending Tauren
Catrina Muerte Gift of the Wild
Chromaggus The Forest's Aid
Kel'Thuzad Volcanic Lumberer
Marin the Fox Sea Giant
Ragnaros the Firelord
Sneed's Old Shredder
The Lich King
Zerek's Cloning Gallery
Colossus of the Moon
Hakkar, the Soulflayer
Kun the Forgotten King
Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound
Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

Brann Bronzebeard (Hunter / Warrior)[]

Armor Up! Big Beasties Bombs Away! Callin' Fer Help Combat Ready Deathrattle Dino Tamin' Dire Rush Direct Hit Discover Dragons Draw Keep Swingin' Legendary Pain Gains Protectors Pump It Up! Rust Buckets Swarming Beasts Take 'Em Down Tricky Traps Wee Minions
Crystallizer Call Pet Clockwork Gnome Omega Assembly Spirit of the Rhino Fiery Bat Helpless Hatchling Town Crier Devastate I Know a Guy Alexstrasza's Champion Tracking Hack the System Houndmaster Shaw Animated Berserker Fire Plume's Heart Smuggler's Crate Eternium Rover Alleycat Execute Cat Trick Alleycat
Eternium Rover King's Elekk Bomb Toss Cleave Springpaw Explorer's Hat Iron Hide Tracking Improve Morale Omega Assembly Dragon Roar Battle Rage Commanding Shout Darius Crowley Blood To Ichor Into the Fray Explorer's Hat Omega Assembly Stampede Hunter's Mark Explosive Trap Crystallizer
Shield Slam Direhorn Hatchling Augmented Elekk Dead Man's Hand Town Crier Feign Death Raptor Hatchling Dead Man's Hand Rapid Fire Secret Plan Brightwing Bloodmage Thalnos Heroic Strike Knuckles Warbot Bear Trap Hidden Cache Warbot Timber Wolf Pressure Plate Freezing Trap Eternium Rover
Armorsmith Tundra Rhino Clockwork Goblin Dragon Roar Commanding Shout Nerubian Egg Crackling Razormaw Redband Wasp Bloodmage Thalnos Dwarven Archaeologist Smolderthorn Lancer Commanding Shout Sweeping Strikes Armagedillo Armorsmith Bolster Rampage Cybertech Chip Commanding Shout Toxic Arrow Pressure Plate Fire Fly
Bring It On! Deathstalker Rexxar Wrenchcalibur Animal Companion Hunting Mastiff Mountainfire Armor Dinomancy Vicious Scalehide Grievous Bite Explore Un'Goro War Master Voone Flare Cave Hydra Deathstalker Rexxar Battle Rage Frightened Flunky Sweeping Strikes Fireworks Tech Hunting Mastiff Venomizer Rat Trap Helpless Hatchling
Weapons Project Ornery Direhorn Seaforium Bomber Deadly Shot Redband Wasp Nine Lives Grievous Bite Augmented Elekk Quick Shot Frightened Flunky Carrion Drake Rocket Boots Hench-Clan Thug Iron Juggernaut Cruel Taskmaster Stolen Goods Cave Hydra Venomizer Redband Wasp Venomstrike Trap Snake Trap Jar Dealer
Bash Savannah Highmane Blastmaster Boom Hunter's Pack Desert Spear Spider Bomb Ravasaur Runt Master's Call Slam Grimestreet Informant Cobalt Scalebane Slam Violet Illusionist Acidmaw Rampage Fierce Monkey History Buff Clockwork Goblin Revenge of the Wild Giant Wasp Snipe N'Zoth's First Mate
Mountainfire Armor Scarlet Webweaver Boommaster Flark Shield Block Rabid Worgen Terrorscale Stalker Direhorn Hatchling Stitched Tracker Spellzerker Bloodscalp Strategist Emberscale Drake Acolyte of Pain Festeroot Hulk Gahz'rilla Redband Wasp Infested Goblin Ramkahen Wildtamer Metaltooth Leaper Scavenging Hyena Spider Bomb Venomstrike Trap Shimmerfly
Shield Block Wild Bloodstinger Hakkar, the Soulflayer Archmage Vargoth Unleash the Hounds Blood Razor Sudden Genesis Dire Frenzy Sleep with the Fishes Master's Call Bone Drake Shield Block Fool's Bane Malkorok Warpath King's Defender Rat Pack SN1P-SN4P Snake Trap Brawl Wandering Monster Springpaw
Alley Armorsmith Abominable Bowman Ironforge Portal Houndmaster Shaw Necromechanic Ornery Direhorn Akali, the Rhino Warpath Stitched Tracker Crowd Roaster Azure Drake Supercollider Vereesa Windrunner Acolyte of Pain Protect the King! Shaky Zipgunner Spider Bomb Eggnapper Plague of Wrath Eaglehorn Bow The Marsh Queen
Ironforge Portal Gahz'rilla Gather Your Party Kor'kron Elite Direhorn Hatchling Gahz'rilla Bash Stonehill Defender Chromaggus Starving Buzzard Sul'thraze Grommash Hellscream Bloodsworn Mercenary Stonehill Defender Vicious Fledgling Ursatron Frothing Berserker Vilebrood Skitterer Hyena Alpha Timber Wolf
Armored Goon Swamp King Dred Swarm of Locusts Militia Commander Mechanical Whelp Swamp King Dred Kill Command Vulpera Scoundrel Primordial Drake Unleash the Beast Kathrena Winterwisp Dreadscale Bloodhoof Brave Arena Fanatic Omega Devastator History Buff Maexxna Lesser Emerald Spellstone Warbot
Gemstudded Golem Wasteland Scorpid Unleash the Beast Restless Mummy Savannah Highmane Volcanosaur Powershot Marked Shot Ysera Wild Bloodstinger Rotface Frothing Berserker Bone Wraith Brass Knuckles Dyn-o-matic Infest Acidmaw Webspinner
Shieldmaiden Akali, the Rhino Crushing Walls Darius Crowley Seeping Oozeling Charged Devilsaur Flanking Strike Tomb Spider Deathwing, Dragonlord Flark's Boom-Zooka Woecleaver Ravaging Ghoul Houndmaster Dire Frenzy Zilliax Spirit of the Lynx Crush Desert Camel
Unidentified Shield Charged Devilsaur Call of the Wild Leeroy Jenkins Sylvanas Windrunner Giant Sand Worm Marked Shot Arcane Dynamo Emeriss Gladiator's Longbow King Krush Axe Flinger Alley Armorsmith Dispatch Kodo Iron Juggernaut Unleash the Hounds Crushing Walls Magic Carpet
Geosculptor Yip Giant Sand Worm The Boomship Vilebrood Skitterer Abominable Bowman King Krush Wing Blast Gorehowl King Mosh Blood Razor Direhorn Hatchling Grimy Gadgeteer Missile Launcher Infested Wolf Wasteland Scorpid Ravencaller
Kathrena Winterwisp King Phaoris Zilliax The Boomship King Mosh Azure Drake Swamp King Dred The Boomship Bloodhoof Brave King of Beasts Houndmaster Oblivitron Halazzi, the Lynx King Mosh Arcane Fletcher
Woecleaver Zul'jin Unleash the Beast N'Zoth, the Corruptor Ultrasaur Baited Arrow Giant Sand Worm Emeriss Death Revenant Phalanx Commander Don Han'Cho Security Rover Mukla's Champion Toxmonger
King Krush Akali, the Rhino Vereesa Windrunner Scourgelord Garrosh The Boom Reaver Sudden Genesis Armagedillo Emeriss Beryllium Nullifier Ball of Spiders Halazzi, the Lynx
King Mosh Batterhead Malygos Woecleaver Varian Wrynn Wild Bloodstinger Khartut Defender Tomb Warden Savannah Highmane Tol'vir Warden
Oondasta Grommash Hellscream Zul'jin Acidmaw Security Rover Swarm of Locusts
King Krush Blackhowl Gunspire Violet Warden Acidmaw
The Boom Reaver Crush Wrapped Golem Stormwind Champion
Gahz'rilla Tomb Warden Call of the Wild
Giant Sand Worm Sea Giant


Players receive 3 Saviors of Uldum card packs for each of the 5 chapters of the Adventure for a total of 15 packs and an additional golden classic pack for conquering the entire Solo Adventure. Completing the Adventure in Normal and Heroic mode each grants a card back.

Release schedule[]

Tombs of Terror launched on September 17, 2019. It consists of four chapters and a finale, with the first two chapters unlocked on release day, and the rest being unlocked every seven days over the following weeks. The first chapter and the Reno Jackson hero are free to play. Additional chapters cost 700 gold or $6.99 USD each, or players can unlock the entire adventure for $14.99 USD.[2]

Day Chapters Heroes
Sep 17 Chapter 1: The Lost City (free)
Chapter 2: Scorching Dunes
Reno Jackson (free)
Sir Finley
Sep 24 Chapter 3: Khartut's Tomb Elise Starseeker
Oct 1 Chapter 4: Halls of Origination
Finale: The Inner Sanctum
Brann Bronzebeard


The adventure takes its setting from Uldum, a desert located in the southern coast of Kalimdor, in the western reaches of Azeroth.


With Dalaran in the possession of the League of E.V.I.L., Rafaam and his lackeys attacked Uldum by unleashing a series of devastating plagues upon it. In the process, they have awakened the ancient Plague Lords, the sources of the plagues themselves...

Plague Lords

However, stepping up to save Uldum from these eldritch abominations is the legendary League of Explorers, who will explore the sands in search of precious artifacts to aid them in their quest to bring the devious Plague Lords to their knees and foil Rafaam's scheme.

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame

But Rafaam also has a few tricks up his sleeve. He has granted Tekahn control over the Plague of Flames, and now he has grown even more powerful as the Plague Lord of Flame.

Should the League of Explorers hope to defeat Rafaam, they will need all the help that they can muster to oppose him.


Selecting Tombs of Terror adventure

Elise Starseeker
Fire, Madness... Murlocs! Rafaam has unleashed the Plagues of Uldum, and only we can stop him. Explorers, to me!

Beginning the adventure

Elise Starseeker
I've collated eyewitness reports to triangulate the origin of the plagues. We'll tackle each one at its source.

Chapter 1 on Screen

Reno Jackson
This city was missing for generations... imagine the loot!

Chapter 1 is unlocked

Elise Starseeker
A plague of murlocs are pouring forth from this ruined city. We need to get to the bottom of this.

Chapter 2 on Screen

Sir Finley
Let's head out to the desert, then!

Chapter 2 is unlocked

Elise Starseeker
Everyone who ventures across this desert has gone mad. I think it might be the source of the second plague!

Chapter 3 on Screen

Elise Starseeker
Khartut's Tomb! According to my research, it's filled with -
Reno Jackson
Elise Starseeker
Death, Reno. It houses the plague of death! We have to be careful.

Chapter 3 is unlocked

Elise Starseeker
We are ready to take on the tomb now. Let's go!

Chapter 4 on Screen

Brann Bronzebeard
Halls of Origination, then. I know that place well!

Finale on screen

Elise Starseeker
The final Plague Lord is Rafaam's right-hand henchman: Tekahn! Our only chance to defeat him is to work together.

Rewards on screen

Reno Jackson
Look! Stuff! I want stuff.

Selecting a hero

Elise Starseeker
We've all trained for this. The four of us are more powerful – and flexible – than ever before.

Selecting a signature treasures

Reno Jackson
Sir Finley, hand me my whip! This is my chance to stock up on treasures.
Sir Finley
I'm off then! Perhaps I shall build up my trophy collection while out and about?
Elise Starseeker
There are artifacts in Uldum that can aid us in our quest. But we must find them!
Brann Bronzebeard
Uldum is filled with ancient wonders... We ought to grab a few while we're here.

Selecting a Hero Power

Reno Jackson
With a little practice I’ll be able to surprise them with some sweet new moves.
Sir Finley
One must never underestimate a murloc armed with... panache.
Elise Starseeker
A true explorer never stops training. There are skills I have yet to learn!
Brann Bronzebeard
I'm not scared o' field work. I might learn a new trick or two.

Selecting a starting deck

Reno Jackson
Time to choose my starting equipment. I'll scavenge more gear in the desert.
Sir Finley
I shall vary my tactics as I learn more about our foes.
Elise Starseeker
Success begins with preparation. Where shall I start?
Brann Bronzebeard
What should I focus on? I'm a skilled hunter but also quite the warrior.

First boss revealed

Reno Jackson
Ah! Bad guys! We'll have to fight our way through, one nasty at a time.
Sir Finley
Right, then. We shall fight our way to those dastardly Plague Lords!
Elise Starseeker
My quest begins here! With each victory, I expect to face more difficult foes.
Brann Bronzebeard
Let's smash some bad guys!

Second boss revealed

Reno Jackson
Is it just me or are these guys getting tougher the farther we go?
Sir Finley
Are these foes getting stronger? Hmmm. Quite.
Elise Starseeker
Our enemies grow stronger. But I'm getting more powerful, as well.
Brann Bronzebeard
The baddies will put up more of a fight as we delve deeper into Uldum.

Selecting a Passive

Reno Jackson
Victory is mine! And so is this sweet, sweet loot. What should I take...?
Sir Finley
Oh I say, adventuring can be quite lucrative.
Elise Starseeker
Uldum is rich with treasures, but I'll need to be smart to take advantage of them.
Brann Bronzebeard
Treasure! There's always room in me pack fer a little extra help...

Selecting the card bundles

Reno Jackson
I've been learning a few new tricks. Magic tricks.
Sir Finley
Now, to flesh out my strategy! Paladin by trade, shaman by nature.
Elise Starseeker
Time to gear up for my next encounter. Should I focus on my druidic skills or priestly magic...?
Brann Bronzebeard
Hunter traps... warrior tricks... DINOSAURS! Hah hah, they won't know what hit 'em.

Defeat before a Plague Lord

Reno Jackson
Run. RUN! Drop everything and run for it! We'll have to start all over again.
Sir Finley
Oh bother! I shall have to begin again.
Elise Starseeker
I was outplayed that time... but I learned a thing or two for my next attempt.
Brann Bronzebeard
Oh, that smarts! Well, back at it. We'll start all over again.

Reaching Plague Lord of any Chapter

Elise Starseeker
There – that's a Plague Lord! One of the sources of all this horror!

Turn 1 of Plague Lord of any Chapter

Reno Jackson
Elise! This thing's a GIANT! How can we hope to defeat it?
Sir Finley
E-GADS! Look at the size of that thing! How can we beat it?
Brann Bronzebeard
Great Grim Guzzler! That thing is HUGE! Elise! Halp!
Elise Starseeker
Stay focused. It can't regenerate - do what damage you can and we will finish it off later!
Elise Starseeker (Player)
This thing is bigger than I thought! I cannot beat it in one battle, but I can weaken it!

Player's defeat on Plague Lord

Elise Starseeker
Everyone, regroup! If we damage the Plague Lord a little every time, we will eventually triumph.

First Plague Lord is defeated

Elise Starseeker
We did it! One Plague Lord is destroyed...but others remain.

Second Plague Lord is defeated

Reno Jackson
Another Plague Lord down! We just might save the world yet.

Third Plague Lord is defeated

Brann Bronzebeard
Three Plague Lords have fallen! But its not over yet.

Fourth Plague Lord is defeated

Elise Starseeker
Great work! Now we finish this...

Adventure is completed

Reno Jackson
We did it! We saved the world! We’re THAT good!
Elise Starseeker
What did Tekahn mean about the “Final Plague"?
Brann Bronzebeard
And where did Rafaam run off to? Dalaran is gone!
Sir Finley
Indeed, my friends. I hazard that this ordeal is not... quite... over.


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Chapter 1 Completed

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