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Tinkerer Sniggles
71955 • BOM_02_Sniggles_006hb
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:30 Health
Artist:Melvin Chan
Sniggles outfitted the oil rig with the most dangerous security system this side of the Netherstorm.
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The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

Tinkerer Sniggles is the sixth boss in Xyrella's Book of Mercenaries chapter.

Hero Power[]

BOM 02 Sniggles 06p.png

Player's hero[]

BOM 02 Xyrella 01p1.png
BOM 02 Xyrella 01p2.png

Special cards[]

BOM 02 Tavish 01t.png
BOM 02 Scabbs 06t.png
BOM 02 TavishsLoot 01s.png
BOM 02 BabyElekk 02t.png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Tinkerer Sniggles Xyrella
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Hunter Mystery Winner 1 Boss A Mother's Vow 1
Pack Tactics 1 Baby Elekk 1
Pressure Plate 1 Priest Forbidden Words 1
Petting Zoo 1 Binding Heal 1
Lesser Emerald Spellstone 1 Crimson Clergy 1
Mage Apexis Smuggler 1 Flash Heal 1
Arcane Flakmage 1 Holy Smite 1
Game Master 1 Northshire Cleric 1
Explosive Runes 1 Renew 1
Flame Ward 1 Condemn (Rank 1) 1
Oasis Ally 1 Holy Ripple 1
Rigged Faire Game 1 Power Word: Feast 1
Occult Conjurer 1 Apotheosis 1
Ring Toss 1 Devouring Plague 2
Cloud Prince 1 Velen's Chosen 1
Kabal Crystal Runner 1 Holy Nova 1
Paladin Galloping Savior 1 Lightsteed 2
Bellringer Sentry 1 Spirit Healer 1
Mysterious Challenger 1 Priest of An'she 2
Rogue Ambush 1 Holy Fire 1
Bamboozle 1 Lightshower Elemental 2
Dirty Tricks 1 Power Word: Fortitude 1
Plagiarize 1 Mind Control 1
Sparkjoy Cheat 1 Neutral Beaming Sidekick 2
Neutral Darkmoon Dirigible 1 Defender of Argus 1
Inconspicuous Rider 1
Booty Bay Bodyguard 1
Fen Creeper 1
Subject 9 1
Runaway Blackwing 1


  • The player start with Tavish and Scabbs on the board.
    • Tavish and Scabbs die instead of losing the enchantments if they are being silenced.
  • If the player starts a turn with Tavish and Scabbs alive the hero power is Heal. If either Tavish or Scabbs are dead it will switch to Resurrect at the start of next turn.


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Before match

▶️This is the control room. The shard must be nearby.
▶️But first we've gotta get past the security, the traps, that gnome – gnome? What's a gnome doin' here?


▶️There IS a gnome! And he looks... terrifying?
Tinkerer Sniggles
▶️You Alliance types will never get past my defenses!

Emote Response

Tinkerer Sniggles
▶️I've installed the most affordable anti-theft technology.


Tinkerer Sniggles
▶️Are you three really working together?
▶️You gotta make a move sometime!
▶️Get! Off! My! Rig!

Turn 2

▶️Hey, get outta here! I infiltrated this oil rig first – and much more quietly!
▶️We can work together.

Turn 4

▶️Sorry, lady, I work alone.
▶️So did I! Before I met her.

Turn 5

▶️Watch out! The whole control room is trapped.

Turn 6

▶️Not bad! Those are some SI:7 moves.
▶️What do you know about SI:7?

Turn 8

▶️I know they're Stormwind's gaggle of spies... who fight just like you do.
▶️Will you keep your big flapping mouth shut?

Turn 9

▶️If you're both in the Alliance then we should all work together.
▶️Hm. I suppose that IS the definition of "Alliance." Let's do this.


Tinkerer Sniggles
▶️We make a pretty good team.
▶️Then let us see it through together, the rest of the way.


Tinkerer Sniggles
▶️Maybe now I'll get a promotion!


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Tinkerer Sniggles is a goblin located in Northern Barrens.


Tinkerer Sniggles, full art

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