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Throne of the Elements
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:30 Health
Artist:Abe Taraky
Young shaman traditionally visit this landmark to receive the elements' blessings and power.
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Forgotten Warrior
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:30 Health
No one living remembers the leader of Gul'dan's village, but the legacy of his cruelty outlasted him.
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

Throne of the Elements is the second boss in warlock's Book of Heroes chapter.

Hero Powers[]

Throne of the Elements Forgotten Warrior
Fury of the Elements(73926).png
Bully the Weak(73929).png

Player's hero[]

Resist Rank 2(73935).png
Life Tap(300).png

Special cards[]

Throne of the Elements[]

Spirit of Air(73493).png
Spirit of Earth(73499).png
Spirit of Fire(73500).png
Spirit of Water(73502).png

Forgotten Warrior[]

Clan Trainer(389288).png
Clan Warrior(389290).png
Forgotten Clan Fighter(73946).png
Warsong Axe(389336).png
Forgotten Clan Shaman(75046).png


Wretched Elemental(74726).png
Weakened Elemental(74727).png
Primordial Protector(75532).png
Fel Furor(463964).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.


Throne of the Elements (29/30) Forgotten Warrior (21/30)
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Spirit of Air 1 Boss Clan Trainer 2
Spirit of Earth 1 Clan Warrior 2
Spirit of Fire 1 Forgotten Clan Fighter 1
Spirit of Water 1 Warsong Axe 2
Shaman Zap! 1 Warrior Inner Rage 1
Dust Devil 1 Whirlwind 1
Forked Lightning 2 Battle Rage 1
Molten Elemental 1 Commanding Shout 1
Crackle 1 Conditioning (Rank 1) 1
Arid Stormer 2 Execute 1
Lava Burst 1 Slam 2
Lightning Storm 2 Outrider's Axe 1
Avalanche 1 Brawl 1
Earth Revenant 2 Neutral Oasis Thrasher 1
Lilypad Lurker 2 Burrowing Scorpid 1
Fire Elemental 2 Pit Crocolisk 2
Neutral Fire Fly 1
Kindling Elemental 2
Rock Rager 1
Ice Rager 2
Magma Rager 1


Phase 1 Phase 2
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Wretched Elemental 2 Boss Fel Furor 2
Marshspawn 2 Warlock Malchezaar's Imp 2
Weakened Elemental 2 Soulfire 2
Primordial Protector 2 The Soularium 1
Druid, Shaman Lightning Bloom 2 Wicked Whispers 2
Shaman Lightning Bolt 2 Clutchmother Zavas 1
Rockbiter Weapon 2 Felstalker 2
Landslide 2 Midway Maniac 2
Bog Slosher 2 Vulgar Homunculus 2
Hot Spring Guardian 2 Chaos Gazer 1
Stormstrike 2 Howlfiend 2
Dunk Tank 2 Lakkari Felhound 2
Torrent 2 Despicable Dreadlord 2
Shattered Rumbler 2 Doomguard 2
Neutral Stormwatcher 2 Soulwarden 2
Tickatus 1
Voidlord 2


  • The player always gets Lightning Bolt, Torrent, Wretched Elemental on mulligan.
    • These cards can be replaced with Marshspawn, Hot Spring Guardian, Bog Slosher. The replacement takes place from left to right (i.e., if the player replaced one card, they will receive Marshspawn regardless of whether Lightning Bolt or Wretched Elemental was replaced).
  • The player always draws the cards in next order at first ten turns:
  • Throne of the Elements is Immune. The player has to cast eight Shaman spells to win.
  • This is a two-stage battle. After Throne of the Elements is destroyed, it is replaced by Forgotten Warrior. After that:
    • All minions are destroyed.
    • The players' decks are replaced by a new ones.
      • Gul'dan gets 9 copies of random cards of the new deck in hand while the Forgotten Warrior gets a copies of random cards of his deck in the amount equal to the number of cards in hand at the previous stage.
    • Gul'dan fully restores Health.
    • Gul'dan's hero power is changed to Life Tap.
    • Gul'dan's Mana Crystals are refreshed.


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Before match

Gul'dan (present)
▶️I was no stranger to suffering. Since my youth, I was burdened with the misplaced cruelty of my people.
▶️But months of deprivation brought me to the brink of death. Only then did I accept that I needed the safety of a clan.
▶️As the old shaman's words rang through my mind, I used the last of my strength to reach the Throne of the Elements.

Stage 1: Throne of the Elements[]


▶️Spirits of the natural world! I... offer myself... to your service.
Throne of the Elements

Emote Response

Throne of the Elements

Turn 1

▶️I come before you humbled... and broken... lend me your power that I may live.

Turn 4

▶️End my anguish... I beg you!


Throne of the Elements
▶️<crumbling noise>


Throne of the Elements

Stage 2: Forgotten Warrior[]

Throne of the Elements is defeated

▶️What is this?! You deny me?
▶️I can grant you what you seek. And punish those who wronged you... in return for your service.
▶️I... will do anything.
Gul'dan (present)
▶️I was true to my word. And in return, he gave me what he had promised...
Forgotten Warrior
▶️How dare you return here! You may never rejoin your people.
▶️My people? I have no people!

Emote Response

Forgotten Warrior
▶️Is that how you beg for mercy?

Hero Power

Forgotten Warrior
▶️Pathetic wretch!
▶️No one wants you here!


Forgotten Warrior
▶️Your own kin have turned against you.
▶️There is no future for you here.
▶️Our clan lives or dies based on who is the weakest. And I will not die for you.


Forgotten Clan Shaman appears on the enemy board
Forgotten Warrior
▶️<death exertion>
▶️Thank you, shaman. I found my destiny.
Gul'dan kills Forgotten Clan Shaman
▶️Never again will I grovel before the world. Instead, the world will grovel before me!


Forgotten Warrior
▶️We should have left you behind long ago.


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
After months of starvation and wandering alone through the wastes, Gul'dan began to consider that the safety of a clan might be better than endless suffering. He finally heeded the old shaman's words and, dragging himself to the Throne of the Elements, offered himself in the service of whatever would end his anguish. The spirits of fire, earth, water, and air approached him but, sensing the darkness and fury within the orc's heart, violently recoiled from him. However, in the absence of the furies, Kil'jaeden began to whisper to him. The demon lord offered Gul'dan power in return for becoming the harbinger of his fury.
Kil'jaeden needed a public figure to unite the orcs against the draenei, but Gul'dan could not inspire or lead his people by example. Kil'jaeden ordered him to ally with someone who could, but first he would need to eliminate everyone who knew of his past. Gul'dan returned to his village, draped in tattered robes. When the chieftain furiously reminded Gul'dan that he was never allowed to return to his people, Gul'dan roared that he had no people and obliterated the chieftain with fel energy. Gul'dan then went on a rampage, killing all of his former brethren. As the village burned, Gul'dan spotted the village shaman - the only source of any relative kindness in his life. Gul'dan earnestly thanked the shaman, saying that he had found his destiny, then killed him as well. Claiming the shaman's staff and a ring, Gul'dan left the burning ruins of his birthplace behind forever. Its name and existence would be lost to history - just as the vengeful Gul'dan preferred.


Throne of the Elements, full art

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