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Thoras Trollbane met his end when he was assassinated under mysterious circumstances following the Third War. This was merely the beginning of Stromgarde's darkest hour. Without the leadership of their feared warrior king, the armies of Stromgarde could not stop the Syndicate and Boulderfist and they now managed to occupy much of its terrain, including most of the capital city.

Thoras Trollbane is a minion for the paladin class. He was introduced with the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.


ManaCrystalIcon Low ● Attack value back / Weapon attack bonus value back Low ● Health value back / Weapon defense bonus value back Low

This card has no abilities.



  • If all allied Horsemen are present on the board at once, the paladin instantly kills the enemy hero.

Notable dialogue

  • Played: The time has come. I return.
  • Attacking: Enough words!

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