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Below is the list of The Witchwood cards.


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Related cards[]

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Choice cards[]

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Boss cards[]

Caltrops Neutral Spell 0Passive After your opponent plays a minion, deal 1 damage to it.
Double Time Neutral Spell 0Passive After you cast your first spell in a turn, cast a copy of it (targets chosen randomly).
Sticky Fingers Neutral Spell 0Passive Cards that didn't start in your deck cost (1) less.
Gentleman's Top Hat Neutral Spell 1Give a minion +2/+2 and "Deathrattle: Give your Top Hat to another random friendly minion."
Puzzle Box Neutral Spell 1Transform all minions into random ones that cost (3) more.
Hunter's Insight Neutral Spell 3Reduce the cost of all cards in your hand by (3).
Vampiric Fangs Neutral Spell 3Destroy a minion. Restore its Health to your hero.
Gattling Gunner Neutral Minion 453Whenever you play a card, deal damage equal to its Cost to a random enemy minion.
Royal Gift Neutral Spell 4Give a minion +2/+2 for each minion you control.