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Tavern Brawl game mode.

The Outlandish Burndown.png

"It's the Burndown, Felfire style! Get a deck, hero power and treasure. Keep 'em if you win!"

The Outlandish Burndown is a Tavern Brawl. It debuted on June 24, 2020. For exact times, see the schedule. It is a Felfire Festival-themed spinoff of the earlier The Burndown!.


Tavern Brawl Start End
263 June 24, 2020 July 1, 2020


The basic rules of this brawl are identical to The Burndown!. The first time players play this Brawl, they are given a random class and unique randomly-generated deck. Each deck has a name (a rough descriptor of the deck type followed by a number) which replaces the player's username. At the end of each game, the loser gains a copy of their opponent's deck, while the winner retains theirs. Decks last for the entire duration of the brawl and are only removed upon losing, causing the stronger decks to slowly spread.

However, each deck begins with a random Passive treasure, and players have special hero powers from either Play mode or the adventures and missions The Dalaran Heist, Tombs of Terror, Galakrond's Awakening, or Trial by Felfire.


  • Decks appear to be randomly-generated, but based on the Dalaran Heist bucket system.
  • Decks can break normal deck-building rules in regards to duplicates.


Battle Totem(77224).png
Book of Wonders(91107).png
Captured Flag(77197).png
Crystal Gem(77168).png
Dr. Boom's Remote(91120).png
Elixir of Vigor(91127).png
Elixir of Vile(91132).png
Elixir of Vim(91130).png
First Aid Kit(89521).png
Khadgar's Scrying Orb(77191).png
Potion of Vitality(77167).png
Robe of the Magi(77193).png
Rocket Backpacks(91091).png
Small Backpacks(77173).png
Totem of the Dead(77223).png

Hero Powers[]

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Class Hero Powers
Icon Demon Hunter 64.png
Burning Rage(211311).png
Combination Strike(211237).png
Demon's Bite(60483).png
Icon Druid 64.png
Ossirian Tear(90700).png
Icon Hunter 64.png
Ballista Shot(2738).png
Gronnic Strength(184822).png
Pet Training(91509).png
Trusty Whip(184724).png
Icon Mage 64.png
Burning Wit(91526).png
Fireblast Rank 2(2739).png
Gatling Magic(184700).png
Summon Elemental(91422).png
Icon Paladin 64.png
Boon of Light(91543).png
Lead the Charge(184715).png
Power Up!(92847).png
Reliquary's Relics(92660).png
The Silver Hand(2740).png
Icon Priest 64.png
Death's Gaze(92609).png
Wings of Rebirth(184785).png
Icon Rogue 64.png
E.V.I.L. Conscription(92680).png
Poisoned Daggers(2743).png
Wax Effigy(184855).png
Icon Shaman 64.png
Fel Lightning(211282).png
Pillaged Relics(92590).png
Totemic Slam(2742).png
Icon Warlock 64.png
Forbidden Power(92701).png
Pain Split(91608).png
Soul Tap(2744).png
Spoil the Ending(92655).png
The Pact(91609).png
Icon Warrior 64.png
Arena Expert(92667).png
Invigorating Brew(91624).png
Well Equipped(92215).png


  • Multi-Cast + BURN 356 - A Mage deck utilizing Summon Elemental and Elixir of Vile. All doubled spells do not cost health. With the right hand, the Mage can almost infinitely cast spells by generating them through Magic Trick and Primordial Glyph to create more spell-generation and burn, allowing for simple one-turn kills. Many kills can be accomplished on the first turn if going second. This deck is prone to bad draws however, since the majority of the deck is useless minions.
  • Swarm 216 - A Druid deck utilizing Ossirian Tear and Elixir of Vile. The deck has strong openers with either The Forest's Aid or Wisps of the Old Gods, filling the board with 2/2 or 3/3 minions. This can be followed up with Savage Roar next turn or stall with Mark of Nature. Like Multi-Cast + BURN, the rest of the deck is extremely underwhelming and unsynergistic if one of the flooding cards isn't drawn.
  • Aggression 61 - A Hunter deck utilizing Gronnic Strength and Stargazing. All of the Hunter's minions gain +2/+2 for free every turn wherever they are, and the deck is filled with cheap minions to flood the board. This deck will very quickly catch any combo deck that fails its highroll, but is too slow to beat them head-on.
  • Beasts and Buffs + Big Friends 440 - A Druid deck that uses Dragonflame and Stargazing for 6 damage for free each turn. Kills very quickly.


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Known bugs[]

  • If a Demon Hunter with the Burning Rage Hero Power (such as Glaives of Fury 104) either dies or reaches their tenth turn, they will transform into Demonic Illidan and end the game instantly. This is because it is coded to work the same way as Illidan's boss fight in the Trial by Felfire story, where he transforms the same way, but since there is no cutscene like in the adventure the game immediately ends. This bug has been scheduled for a hotfix.[1]