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The Lich King
Set:Knights of the Frozen ThroneKnights of the Frozen Throne
Health:30 Health
Health:30 Armor.png
Artist:Glenn Rane
Flavor text

Pay close attention to his unorthodox strategies. (He's a cheat.)

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For other appearances of The Lich King, see The Lich King (disambiguation).
For other appearances of Arthas Menethil, see Arthas Menethil (disambiguation).

The Lich King is a boss found in the Knights of the Frozen Throne mission. He is the final boss of the mission.

Hero powers[]

The Scourge(63151).png
Harvest of Souls(63168).png
Remorseless Winter(63167).png
Passive Auto-cast

Special cards[]

Looming Presence(27480).png
Skeletal Knight(63177).png
Trapped Soul(63169).png
Val'kyr Shadowguard(63153).png
Fallen Champions(63156).png
Necrotic Plague(63159).png
Purge the Weak(63162).png
Shut up, Priest(63166).png
Soul Reaper(63163).png
The Hunted(63161).png
The True King(63164).png
The True Lich(63155).png
The Price of Power(63165).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Class Card Quantity
Boss Skeletal Knight 2
Looming Presence 2
Val'kyr Shadowguard 2
Frostmourne* 1
Death Knight Obliterate 2
Anti-Magic Shell 2
Mage Shatter 1
Coldwraith 3
Water Elemental 2
Blizzard 2
Neutral Glacial Shard 2
Grim Necromancer 2
Saronite Chain Gang 2
Sludge Belcher 2
Maexxna 1
The Black Knight 1
Bonemare 2
  • Frostmourne is not technically part of the deck. This card will be added to the top of the Lich King's deck on turn 7.

Class Challenges[]

  • The Lich King has a challenge card for each class, making the encounter more challenging. These cards cost 1 Mana, and do not start in his deck. When the game begins, the appropriate card will be added to his hand, and one of his starting cards will be shuffled into his deck. He will always play the challenge card on turn 1.
Lich Card Effect Class Played Against
Fallen Champions Whenever an enemy dies this game, take control of it. Paladin
Necrotic Plague Set minions in your opponent's hand and deck to 1/1. Shaman
Purge the Weak Destroy all enemy minions that cost (3) or less, wherever they are Druid
Shut up, Priest Your opponent can't emote. Priest
Soul Reaper Deal 2 damage for each duplicate in opponent's deck. Warlock
The Hunted Deal 2 damage to your opponent for each minion in their deck. Hunter
The True King Gain 100 Armor. Warrior
The True Lich Set the enemy hero's remaining health to 1. Mage
The Price of Power Destroy every spell in your opponent's hand and deck. Rogue

Note: Due to being added to the game after Knights of the Frozen Throne, Demon Hunter does not have a specific challenge and cannot be selected against the Lich King, but using the Whizbang the Wonderful deck, the Demon Hunter deck can be selected by it. Maestra of the Masquerade also can set the player as a Demon Hunter, since the card takes effect from the very start of the game. While the encounter is beatable, it's not properly implemented; the Lich King won't play any cheat cards, and the win screen defaults to Mage, but without any class-specific dialogue or epilogue text.[1]



  • A full murloc deck can be used to rush down the Lich King before he can even play his Frostmourne, or at the very least get him down low enough to kill him on the 3rd phase. This strategy is effective with all classes except Hunter and Druid and difficult with Paladin. For Warrior, you must also use Platebreaker
  • Hunters, Mages, and Warlocks can play two Molten Giants on the second turn, which, if left standing, deal enough damage to win before Turn 7. Use Sunfury Protector to protect yourself. Combine with murlocs for an early rushdown.
  • Another possible way to win this fight is using Alarm-o-Bot, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound and gang of big minions. Construct a deck with two Alarm-o-Bot, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound and a few 1 to 2 mana cards that can protect your Alarm-o-Bot (e.g. Stubborn Gastropod or any taunt minions, Mirror Image, Freezing Trap and Snipe). After that, pick all the big taunt minions you have. For the remaining slots, choose minions with high stats, or good utilities, such as Ysera. Mulligan and reset until you have Alarm-o-Bot and a 1- or 2-mana card to protect it, and Y'Shaarj. Cast the 1- or 2-mana card on your first two turns, followed by Alarm-o-Bot on the third turn. At the start of your turn 4, the Alarm-o-Bot summons Y'Shaarj for you, which in turn summons more big minions. As long as you have taunt minions on board to protect the Alarm-o-Bot, keep summoning it again. This works for all classes except Druid, Paladin and Shaman. [2]
  • You can indefinitely stall the 2nd phase by leaving a single Trapped Soul alive and then having Kel'Thuzad and a Public Defender, Target Dummy, or Annoy-o-Tron out at the same time. You can then summon Scaled Nightmare and wait until its Attack reaches lethal levels (but make sure you have a way to remove any Taunts remaining from the 1st phase). This is the easiest way for slower classes like Warrior and Priest to win the game. (Waiting for 160 Fatigue damage is not as option due to the 60-turn limit) Other classes can do this, although clearing all but one soul is more difficult for them.
  • Play Doomsayer on Turn 7 right before the Lich King equips Frostmourne. He has no way to destroy it and it clears the board. Mossy Horror can also clear the Trapped Souls instantly, and can be combined with Abusive Sergeant to leave one alive if you wish to stall out the second phase.
  • It seems the Lich King trades minions with yours based mostly on next turn's stats min/max. For example, if he controls 2/2 and 2/3 minions, and you control Gadgetzan Auctioneer and 2 Jade Golems with 1/1 and 2/2, he'll kill your jades leaving his minions alive, although killing Auctioneer is obviously better choice in this case.
  • Druids and Rogues can fill their deck with cards which the Lich King is going to burn to obtain a smaller starting deck with better cards.
  • Note that the Lich King's Frostmourne is Immune, so it can not be destroyed by cards such as Acidic Swamp Ooze.
  • Do not use Kobold Stickyfinger to steal the Lich King's Frostmourne, since it will prevent the Lich King from going into his third phase and brick the fight.
    • However, Kobold Stickyfinger provides an easy winning for Mecha'thun or Uther of the Ebon Blade decks. Usually the most cards of these decklists are removals and spells to keep a space for destroying The Lich King via The Four Horsemen or Mecha'thun's deathrattle.
    • Alternatively, you can use Silas Darkmoon to give him Majordomo Executus. As breaking a stolen Frostmourne will give the player access to Remorseless Winter, finishing off Ragnaros's 8 health should be easy, especially since you can build up the hero power's damage on the Lich King while he's stuck in his second phase.
  • As with all boss fights, the Lich King's hero power is not affected by Grizzled Wizard, Mindbreaker, or Sideshow Spelleater.



  • A combination of Scavenging Hyena and a multitude of spells to summon beasts (such as Unleash the Hounds, Snake Trap, Venomstrike Trap, Animal Companion, etc.) can end this match quickly. Even a few minions such as Springpaw that allow for multiple procs on your Hyenas may be acceptable damage to take. Combine this with Vicious Fledgling and use spells to protect these key minions will provide a good win rate against the boss.
  • If you have the patience to restart many games, the Molten Giant strategy would work with Hunter. Build a deck with exactly 10 minions and restart until you start with 2 Molten Giants on Turn 2. Hit face until victory.
  • Spell Hunter is capable of beating the Lich King, which does well to counter his cheat card. Mulligan for Lesser Emerald Spellstone (2 is better) and play for board before turn 7. Be prepared to remove the Trapped Souls as soon as possible to save your health, then push for as much damage as possible on his third phase. If you are having a lot of difficulty, you can include a few minions to help with some of the phases, like Doomsayer for his second phase.
  • Deathstalker Rexxar deals damage across all of the Trapped Souls in his second phase and can generate Zombeasts to contest them without costing you card advantage; a Poisonous Dreadscale, for example, will instantly destroy all of them, though any Zombeast with more than 5 health will be able to trade effectively. In the final phase, look for Beasts with damaging effects like Dispatch Kodo and Knuckles to combine with Lifesteal effects (ideally Vicious Scalehide) for surviving Remorseless Winter.
  • To easily clear the Trapped Souls, use Void Ripper with Explosive Trap set up.



  • Whenever your own minion dies, the Lich King summons a same minion on his side of the board. Using minions with strong Battlecries and Buff spells helps fight through this disadvantage.
  • Play a deck that mainly consists of removal, weapons, healing, and buffs. Young Dragonhawk with Blessing of Wisdom is a great minion to invest buff spells on. Avoid using your Hero Power, because Silver Hand Recruit is not a very good minion to invest buff spells on. Sir Finley Mrrgglton is recommended. Paragon of Light is a very good source of healing, especially during the second phase.
  • If you are using a stalling strategy, use Hand of Protection on a Trapped Soul, then Equality/Shrink Ray and Wild Pyromancer/Consecration to leave one alive.
  • Uther of the Ebon Blade's Four Horsemen can kill the Lich King. If you have Auctionmaster Beardo and Emperor Thaurissan, you can set up an OTK.
  • A single Doomsayer can clear the board twice. If you play it on turn 7, not only does it skip his second phase, it also removes all the minions he had on the first phase.
  • Majordomo Executus can be used to transform the Lich King into the Ragnaros. Summoning it by Barnes at 4th turn with Avenge and Redemption active and any sufficient removal is in your hand gives you a big chance to win at turn 5. Be wary that the Lich King will kill off his own Majordomo then use DIE, INSECT! if it would guarantee lethal.
  • Immortal Prelate along with a deck using many buffs and ways to tutor for the Prelate, such as Call to Arms or Call to Adventure will lead you to an easy win if you can set up the Prelate. Giving him Lifesteal through Lightforged Blessing and Taunt with Bonemare or Spikeridged Steed will allow you to survive long enough to overwhelm the Lich King. Eventually, when the Prelate dies, the boss' deck will be filled with 1/3 copies, giving you a much easier time with the fight. Do note that the boss can use his own Bonemare to buff one of his Prelates.
  • Oh My Yogg! can be played turn 1 to counter his cheat card. Mulligan for the secret (you can run Desperate Measures for a an extra chance to generate the secret), then play an otherwise good deck that can counter the board on turn 7 and the board that is re-summoned after Frostmourne breaks.


  • Priests do not have a true handicap in this mission, making them one of the easiest classes to clear with.
  • An Un'goro Standard Silence Priest deck can rapidly build up giant minions with Divine Spirit, Purify/Silence, and Inner Fire on Humongous Razorleaf and Ancient Watcher. The high health values also make Obliterating your minions much more costly for the Lich King.
  • Shadow Word: Horror can be used to wipe out the Trapped Souls as soon as they're summoned. If you want to stall this phase, use Abusive Sergeant on a Trapped Soul to keep one alive. Psychic Scream can also be used for a full clear.
  • You can steal the cheat card with Mind Vision and use it against the Lich King. This is more for amusement than anything else, although copying Looming Presence helps.
  • A Test Subject Boar OTK deck can be used to destroy the Lich King in the third phase. The tricky part comes in surviving the first two phases. On the plus side, since it's single player you have all the time to perform your combo.



  • Only the minions in your hand and deck at the start turn into 1/1s. To counter this, use token-generating cards like Feral Spirit or Big-Time Racketeer, return-to-hand effects like Spirit Echo, revival effects like Ancestral Spirit, and transformation effects like Evolve.
  • Reincarnate can be used to trigger a minion's Deathrattle, then resummon it with full stats.
  • Alternatively, Quest Shaman can be used. Murlocs aren't hit too hard by the cheat card, and Megafin reloads your hand with full-stat murlocs.
  • Note that 0-Attack minions will turn into 1/1s, allowing them to attack. This makes Nerubian Egg and Devilsaur Egg especially effective.
  • Also, the player can use Lightning Bloom on turn one and then play Lorewalker Cho to steal a copy of his spell, turning his minions into 1/1s.


  • Because you are damaged for each duplicate in deck, Renolock (a.k.a. Highlander Warlock) is the perfect deck to play. Consider adding Youthful Brewmaster to re-use Zephrys, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza or Reno. A Highlander Galakrond Zoolock build with Invoke and Plague of Flames to clear the 2/6 trapped souls board can win the game pretty easily.
  • Mal'Ganis is highly useful in Phase 3 as long as you can keep him alive throughout the match (do not play him before soaking both copies of Obliterate, and be mindful of his other hard removal and buffs).
  • Alternatively, a murloc deck with Molten Giants works.


  • Platebreaker will immediately destroy the Lich King's massive armor as soon as turn 5. With Zephrys the Great and a wide board of minions, it's possible to finish off the boss on turn 6 with Bloodlust; Or, alternatively, use Brawl or Plague of Wrath to remove Trapped Souls after turn 7, and then build a board to use Zephrys to find lethal.
  • Without using Platebreaker, the key to whittling down the Lich King's massive armor is to outlast him. He can be milled with 2 Dead Man's Hand, Coldlight Oracles, and enough armor-generating cards to outlast the 3rd phase.
  • The Lich King won't play cards while he has Frostmourne equipped, so extend the 2nd phase as long as possible. Brawl to leave one Trapped Soul alive, then ward him off with 0 or 1-Attack Taunts like Shieldbearer and Public Defender to leave his Trapped Soul alive while building up armor and board and milling him during this phase.
  • If you don't have Kel'Thuzad to indefinitely stall, two Obsidian Destroyers can be used instead, although it's not indefinite. Hozen Healer can be used stall even further.
  • Bring It On! is a good card for not just gaining armor, but also for baiting out his minions to destroy with Brawl.
  • Alternatively, C'Thun with Taunt from Twilight Geomancer can be used to wall him during the 2nd phase. Include Ancient Shieldbearer to shuffle in for armor and later on shuffle in Doomcaller and C'Thun for an endless army of C'Thuns.
  • A Grim Patron deck featuring many Whirlwind effects such as Blood Razor and Ravaging Ghoul can make short work of The Lich King regardless of his massive health total. Frothing Berserker and Armorsmith are key cards in this deck.
  • Odd Warrior can live a long time during the second phase. Build up as much armor as you can, cast Brawl as soon as phase 2 starts, then throw down Stonehill Defender to try to generate low-power taunt minions. Play cards conservatively to make sure you don't give the Lich King a way to kill his last Trapped Soul; if this leaves you without a play, just use your hero power and pass. You'll gain 4 armor and take 7 damage, which you can sustain for a while. When he is out of cards, throw down Archivist Elysiana, which he'll use to end phase 2. Then look to use Magnetic abilities to get a high-power lifesteal minion on the field to stay ahead of his hero power.

Boss completion[]

As the final boss of the Frozen Throne, defeating The Lich King rewards the player with a Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack, while defeating him 8 more times (with the remaining classes) rewards the player with the Arthas Menethil paladin hero.


  • The player gets the first turn, so it's possible to steal / counter some Challenge cards.
  • The Lich King can be "silenced" with Shut up, Priest, if Mind Vision copied it. The challenge card is an allusion to the "silence priest" deck utilizing many silence options.
  • The Lich King has an invisible trigger responsible for creating Frostmourne at the start of turn seven. Its behavior can be interpreted as thus: "At the start of the turn when you have 7 or more mana, if your hand is not full, create Frostmourne on top of the deck and disable this trigger. Otherwise, transform the rightmost card in your hand into Frostmourne." Consequently, it is not possible to have him overdraw Frostmourne through conventional means.
  • Due to a flaw in the above trigger, if it has to transform a card, the trigger will not be deactivated. If his hand was full turn 7, on turn 8 he will once again attempt to generate and draw Frostmourne properly, leading to him having two.
  • Because the Frostmourne trigger is a normal start of turn effect, it is possible to prevent him from drawing the weapon if his deck is shuffled in the window between the trigger and the card draw. For example, a combination of Doomsayer, Treachery, and Weasel Tunneler can be used to shuffle a Weasel into his deck at the start of his turn, which also shuffles the sword.
  • Contrary to the description, the Lich King's second Hero Power Harvest of Souls does not actually interact with the Trapped Souls on his board. Instead, Frostmourne has a trigger tied to it that destroys the weapon and replaces its controller's hero power with Remorseless Winter once all Trapped Souls are gone. This can be seen if Frostmourne is stolen with Kobold Stickyfinger; once all Trapped Souls are destroyed, Frostmourne destroys itself and gives the player Remorseless Winter while the Lich King will be stuck in his second phase, unable to play cards or take damage.[4] This can allow you to drag the game and finish him off with Mecha'thun.


The Lich King


Unlocking The Frozen Throne

Shall I lay down Frostmourne and throw myself at your mercy? Spoiler: I will NOT.

Before match

You will beg for my mercy. You will press the "concede" button, and I will deny you.

Rematch after first victory

Look at your hand, champion. Look at what you've become. Are we really so different, you and I?

After winning with all heroes

Now I stand, a lion before lambs...and they do not fear.



Is that your deck? It looks like a plea for help.
You call that wretched pile of cards a deck?
Your anguished cries will be a testament to my legend-level play.
You think I'll have mercy on the likes of you?
I am the beginning and the end - I AM THE NEW META.
You suffering will be legendary. Your rank will not.
Is it truly righteousness that drives you? I wonder...

Greeting against Arthas Menethil

I hate mirror matches.

Emote response

No one orders me around!

Boss cards

Fallen Champions
The Light won't protect you here, Paladin. Nothing will protect you!
Necrotic Plague
Your minions cower in terror before me, Shaman!
Purge the Weak
I will dismantle your deck, and then... YOUR SOUL.
Shut up, Priest
Silence, Priest! The Light will be deaf to your cries for mercy.
Soul Reaper
Warlock, set aside your pitiful hand. The terrors you command will soon serve ME.
The Hunted
Lonely Hunter. Strip away your little friends, and what is left to oppose me, hm?
The True King
Warrior. You will make a marvelous Death Knight once I have broken you.
The True Lich
Mage! I alone hold sway over the bitter chill of death!
The Price of Power
Come out of the shadows, Rogue. Where would you be without your "tricks"?

The Lich King gets a horseman of Uther of the Ebon Blade

If I get all four, this is going to be so embarassing for you.


Frostmourne Hungers.
Frostmourne Hungers. Did you want anything?
Behold the power of Frostmourne!

Counterspell counters The True Lich

How did this get past QA!?

Mana Bind copies The True Lich / the player casts the other challenge cards

MADNESS! Who tests these adventures!?

Using a copied Shut up, Priest

But wait you can't- *silence*

Emotes after the Lich King uses Shut up, Priest

Priest Hero (When using Anduin)
Greetings: Mmpphh!
Well Played: Mmpphh...
Thanks: Mmphmm.
Wow: Mmpphh...
Oops: Mmpphh?
Threaten: Mmpphhhhhh!!!

Emote Responses after the Lich King uses Shut up, Priest

The Lich King
Zip it.
All right zip it.

Emote Responses after using a copied Shut up, Priest

The Lich King
Mppmph Mmmphm!

Taunting the player

No card can forestall my inevitable triumph.
Each card you play brings you closer to oblivion.
You play cards the way my Father ran his kingdom. Weakly.
That was your most pathetic turn, and you've had some bad ones.
Your demise is inevitable, and no emote can express your shame.
How do you shuffle those cards without feeling sorry for yourself?
Who built that deck for you? Did they think you were fighting Hogger?

Player's cards

Snowflipper Penguin
I... I love him.
My power is not so easily eclipsed.
Bad dog!
Professor Putricide
I knew I never liked you.
Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Your betrayal does not surprise me, Lana'thel.
Bolvar Fordragon
Bolvar Fordragon
The Lich King
The breaking of this one has been taxing.
Bolvar, Fireblood
The breaking of this one has been taxing.
Illidan Stormrage
The Frozen Throne is mine, demon. Step aside.
Sylvanas Windrunner
After all you've put me through, the last thing I'll give you is the peace of death.
Archmage Antonidas
I finished you once, old man. I'll do it again!
She was MY finisher! Give her back!
Tirion Fordring
I'll keep you alive to witness the end, Fordring.
Becoming a death knight
Yes... Embrace your new power... I have already won...
Kel'Thuzad (alternate summon)
Glory to the Lich King!
The Lich King
Kel'Thuzad! You're in the wrong adventure!
The Lich King
The Lich King
Well hello handsome.
The Lich King
I look good.
Summoning Darion Mograine (from The Four Horsemen)
Mograine! I can't even keep track if you're a good guy or bad guy anymore.
Gluttonous Ooze or Acidic Swamp Ooze against his Frostmourne
A pathetic attempt...
Frostmourne phase, second turn
Trapped Soul
...help us...
Frostmourne phase, third turn (skipped if the Lich King controls 2 Trapped Souls or less)
Trapped Soul 1
There is no escape...
Trapped Soul 2
...there might be some escape...
Trapped Soul 3
Frostmourne phase, fourth turn
Trapped Soul
...save us...
Destroying Frostmourne by defeating all Trapped Souls
Did someone nerf my weapon?

Remorseless Winter

Face now your tragic end.

Damaging The Lich King below 10 health

Impossible... IMPOSSIBLE!


I see... only darkness before me...


Join me in the darkness...


Tirion Fordring
You did it, champion!
There must always be... (changes into death knight) ...a LICH KING!

After first completion

The Lich King
Impossible... IMPOSSIBLE!! What do you say, best of nine?


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
The Lich King is the demigod ruler of the Scourge, a massive, ravenous army of undead monstrosities, insidious spirits and mortal cultists. The first Lich King was created when the orc shaman Ner'zhul (former mentor of Gul'dan) was captured by the demon lord Kil'jaeden, transformed into a spectral entity and encased in a block of ice called the Frozen Throne, which was then hurled to Azeroth and landed in the wastes of Northrend. The Lich King's task was to create a Plague of Undeath to wreak havoc on Azeroth's inhabitans, weakening the world and preparing it for the invasion of the demonic Burning Legion.
When the Plague began affecting the human kingdom of Lordaeron, the young prince Arthas Menethil set out with his mentor, Uther Lightbringer, and romantic interest, Lady Jaina Proudmoore, to investigate. However, Arthas' determination to stop the plague led him to commit increasingly desperate acts, such as purging the city of Stratholme in the belief that its inhabitants were infected by the plague, an act which caused him to sever ties with Uther and Jaina. During the Culling of Stratholme, Arthas encountered the demon Mal'Ganis, who presented himself as the leader of the undead and invited the prince to pursue him to the frozen continent of Northrend. Arthas did so, and once in the icy wastes he picked up the cursed runeblade Frostmourne despite the warnings of his old friend, Muradin Bronzebeard (brother of Magni and Brann). Although Frostmourne allowed Arthas to defeat Mal'Ganis, the blade consumed his soul and he became a death knight of the Lich King. Returning to Lordaeron, Arthas murdered his royal father and led the Scourge in its devastation of the kingdoms of Lordaeron, Dalaran and Quel'Thalas. Eventually, Arthas returned to Northrend to merge with the Lich King into a single entity, after which he was encased in the Frozen Throne and lapsed into dormancy for years. Meanwhile, his Scourge minions constructed Icecrown Citadel around the Frozen Throne, and his various servants continued carrying out his will across Azeroth.
Years later, the Scourge rose up once more to threaten Azeroth. The Alliance and Horde, as well as the Argent Crusade — a paladin organization led by Tirion Fordring — and the Knights of the Ebon Blade — a faction of death knights who had broken away from the Lich King's control — launched armies into Northrend to combat the Lich King's forces. After a long and grueling campaign, the Argent Crusade and the Ebon Blade launched an assault upon Icecrown Citadel, with Tirion and the heroes of Azeroth confronting the Lich King at the Frozen Throne at the citadel's pinnacle. However, just as the heroes began their assault, Arthas froze Tirion in a block of ice, forcing him to watch the battle helplessly. Eventually, the Lich King effortlessly killed all of the adventurers with a single devastating attack and began raising them as death knights of the Scourge, proclaiming that:
"No questions remain unanswered. No doubts linger. You ARE Azeroth's greatest champions. You overcame every challenge I laid before you. My mightiest servants have fallen before your relentless onslaught... your unbridled fury... Is it truly righteousness that drives you? I wonder... You trained them well, Fordring. You delivered the greatest fighting force this world has ever known... right into my hands - exactly as I intended! You shall be rewarded for your unwitting sacrifice. Watch now as I raise them from the dead to become masters of the Scourge. They will shroud this world in chaos and destruction. Azeroth's fall will come at their hands -- and you will be the first to die. *laughs* I delight in the irony."
Tirion beseeched the Light for one final blessing, breaking free from his bonds and leaping forward to shatter Frostmourne with his sword, the Ashbringer. The spirits who had been trapped within Frostmourne attacked their former jailer, while the spirit of Arthas' father, King Terenas, resurrected the heroes, allowing them to finish off the Lord of the Scourge. Arthas expired in his father's arms, saying that he saw "only darkness" before him. However, as the Scourge would become an even greater threat and rampage across the world if they were not held in check by a ruler, Bolvar Fordragon took up the mantle of the Lich King in order to keep the Scourge contained.


The Lich King, full art

Patch changes[]