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Rise of Shadows's The Dalaran Heist.

The Dalaran Heist is a single-player game mode added with the Rise of Shadows expansion. The mode released on May 16, 2019, 5 weeks after the expansion's launch.

The Dalaran Heist uses a format like the previous single-player campaigns, but with some elements from Adventures as well. The game mode includes five chapters containing eight bosses each. The first chapter is free to play. Additional chapters cost 700 gold or $6.99 USD each, or players can unlock the entire adventure for $19.99 USD.[1]

Reaching the fifth boss of each chapter gives the player 3 Rise of Shadows card packs, and completing all five wings grants a Golden Classic pack, a total of 16 card packs. Players also earn a collectible golden Zayle, Shadow Cloak and two unique card backs for completing all five chapters on both normal or Heroic difficulties.[2]


  • The objective of the Dalaran Heist is to defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty to win the run.
  • The player plays as one of nine heroes, starting with a deck of ten cards, which differs for each hero.
  • When selecting a hero, the player can choose a Hero Power and starting deck for the hero. New Hero Powers are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions between games, and additional starting decks are unlocked by defeating a specified number of bosses.
    • Unlocks are kept separate between regular and Heroic modes.
  • The player starts with 10 Health, and gains an additional 5 Health per defeated boss, up to 45 Health for the eighth, and final boss.
  • The player always goes first. The enemy also does not get The Coin. On round 6, the boss starts with 1 mana crystal, on round 7 the boss starts with 2 mana crystals, and on round 8 the boss starts with 3.
  • After each round, the player is offered three bundles of three cards each. (listed below) The player can only select one of these three bundles. This allows the player to increase their deck size in tandem with the boss' decks increasing in size.
  • Should a game end in a tie, the player will be given the chance to try the round again instead of restarting the run.
  • Each chapter starts with a Twist, adding a special condition to every battle. In Anomaly Mode, a random Twist will be used.
  • After rounds 1 and 5, the player receives a Passive buff, selected from one of three random passive buffs from the pool of Passives. (listed below)
  • These passives give a permanent effect to the player for the rest of the run. These are applied at the start of the match, meaning some buffs that affect cards will not affect cards added to your hand or deck later in the game.
  • After rounds 3 and 7, the player receives a Treasure card, selected from one of three random cards from the pool of Treasure cards. (listed below) These are very powerful cards, and often have low mana costs.
  • Between rounds 3-4 and 5-6, the player will enter a Friendly Encounter. During this section, the player can spend "gold" to modify their deck in various ways offered, such as adding or removing minions from your deck or giving them a permanent buff.


Each chapter of the adventure has a unique Twist that affects the game.

Twist - The Coffers(91143).png
Twist - The Prisons(91149).png
Twist - The Carts(91151).png
Twist - The Stench(91146).png
Twist - The Finale(91145).png
  • Coin-Filled Coffers: (Chapter 1) The enemy always starts with a 0/3 Cache of Cash in play. When destroyed, two Coins will be added to both players' hands.
  • Imprisoned Minions: (Chapter 2) Each player always starts with a Violet Prison in play. The prisons are dormant, and they each contain a random minion. The prison will be replaced with the aforementioned minion after a number of turns equal to the minion's mana cost. The minion cannot attack on the turn it is summoned unless it has Rush or Charge.
  • Crowded Streets: (Chapter 3) Each player always starts with three random Carts in play, they can either be a Dessert Cart, a Fish Cart, a Meat Cart, or a Fruit Cart. They are dormant and cannot be removed. Their primary purpose is to take up space on the board so that both players can only have up to four minions in play at any time.
  • Swapped Attack and Health: (Chapter 4) The Health and Attack of all minions are swapped.
  • Four Additional Encounters: (Chapter 5) There are four additional bosses in the fifth chapter, for a total of twelve bosses. The last four bosses are always the same for every run. The player picks a Treasure card after rounds 8-11.

Anomaly Mode[]

Anomaly Mode is unlocked when the player has all five chapters of The Dalaran Heist unlocked. It can be activated by clicking the button above the "Start" button before each chapter. Anomaly Mode adds an additional Twist to the selected chapter. The Twist is rolled before chapter selection and can be seen when selecting it.

Anomaly - Arcane(91156).png
Anomaly - Crying(91160).png
Anomaly - Dragon Soul(91177).png
Anomaly - Explosive(91188).png
Anomaly - Fishy(91174).png
Anomaly - Glittering(91172).png
Anomaly - Gorged(91176).png
Anomaly - Growing(91185).png
Anomaly - Hallucinating(91184).png
Anomaly - Infused(91193).png
Anomaly - Nesting(91164).png
Anomaly - Ogreish(91179).png
Anomaly - Rattling(91162).png
Anomaly - Reductive(91182).png
Anomaly - Refreshing(91168).png
Anomaly - Rejuvenating(91191).png
Anomaly - Summons(91158).png
Anomaly - Wild Magic(91170).png

Friendly Encounter[]

Main article: Bartender Bob

"Welcome to my tavern, friends. Enjoy your stay!"

Between rounds 3 and 4 and rounds 5 and 6, the player will enter a Friendly Encounter with Bartender Bob in one of his many taverns (or on rare occasions, Bartendotron). Inside his tavern, 4 minions from the player's deck will be placed on the board, and 4 random minions will be placed on Bob's side of the board. The player will receive 3-5 cards from Bob that can modify the player's Adventure Deck, with effects such as adding or removing minions on the board or permanently buffing a specific card. Each of Bob's cards costs 0 or 1 "Gold" (mana), and the player has 2 Gold to spend in the tavern.

You're All Fired!(91207).png
Good Food(91199).png
Recruit a Veteran(91204).png
Right Hand Man(91200).png
Round of Drinks(91202).png
Take a Chance(91197).png
Tall Tales(91211).png
Tell a Story(91205).png
The Gang's All Here!(91208).png
The Upper Hand(91213).png


Hero Unlocks at Alternate Hero Powers

Icon Mage 48.png Mage
Available at start
Burning Wit(91526).png

Unlock: Summon 25 Elementals

Unlock: Freeze 25 Minions

Icon Shaman 48.png Shaman
Chapter 2

Unlock: Summon 25 Totems

Unlock: Overload 25 Mana
Ol' Barkeye(91215).png

Icon Hunter 48.png Hunter
Chapter 2

Unlock: Play 15 Secrets
Pet Training(91509).png

Unlock: Summon 50 Beasts

Icon Priest 48.png Priest
Chapter 3

Unlock: Restore 50 Health

Unlock: Cast 50 Spells
Captain Eudora(91493).png

Icon Rogue 48.png Rogue
Chapter 3

Unlock: Summon 25 Pirates

Unlock: Draw 100 cards
Mr. Chu(91476).png

Icon Warrior 48.png Warrior
Chapter 4
Invigorating Brew(91624).png

Unlock: Damage 100 Minions

Unlock: Gain 50 Armor

Icon Druid 48.png Druid
Chapter 4

Unlock: Play 15 Choose One Cards
Touch of Bark(91490).png

Unlock: Gain Attack 25 times

Icon Warlock 48.png Warlock
Chapter 5
Pain Split(91608).png

Unlock: Use Hero Power 25 times
The Pact(91609).png

Unlock: Summon 50 Demons
George the Fallen(91494).png

Icon Paladin 48.png Paladin
Chapter 5

Unlock: Equip 10 Weapons
Boon of Light(91543).png

Unlock: Lose Divine Shield 25 times

Starting Cards[]

Hero Available at start Unlock: Defeat 5 Bosses Unlock: Defeat 10 Bosses

Icon Mage 48.png Mage

Kindling Apprentice The Elements BURN!
Arcane Anomaly Fire Fly Kabal Lackey
Magic Trick Amani Berserker Saronite Taskmaster
Faerie Dragon Frostbolt Flame Juggler
Flame Geyser Magic Dart Frog Kobold Geomancer
Sorcerer's Apprentice Primordial Glyph Cinderstorm
Earthen Ring Farseer Blackwald Pixie Explosive Runes
Messenger Raven Igneous Elemental Mirror Entity
Polymorph Kobold Apprentice Twilight Flamecaller
Water Elemental Dark Iron Dwarf Unexpected Results
Rotten Applebaum Scorch Cosmic Anomaly

Icon Shaman 48.png Shaman

Carve and Curse Primal Storms The Swamp
Air Elemental Fire Fly Mutate
Earth Shock Lightning Bolt Dire Mole
Knife Juggler Likkim Sludge Slurper
Loot Hoarder Totem Golem Ghost Light Angler
Rockbiter Weapon Whirling Zap-o-matic Underbelly Angler
Stormforged Axe Witch's Brew Flesheating Ghoul
Earthen Ring Farseer Hot Spring Guardian Spirit Echo
Feral Spirit Lightning Storm Infested Tauren
Flametongue Totem Unbound Elemental Tidal Surge
Windspeaker Lifedrinker Hagatha's Scheme
Ol' Barkeye(91215).png

Icon Hunter 48.png Hunter

Beast Within Locked and Loaded Tech and Death
Arcane Shot On the Hunt Clockwork Gnome
Springpaw Rapid Fire Mecharoo
Explosive Trap Shimmerfly Webspinner
Scavenging Hyena Hunting Mastiff Fireworks Tech
Animal Companion Lock and Load Glaivezooka
Cave Hydra Spellzerker Plated Beetle
Eaglehorn Bow Banana Buffoon Nightmare Amalgam
Ironfur Grizzly Carrion Grub Nine Lives
Houndmaster Flanking Strike Spider Bomb
Multi-Shot Marked Shot Infested Wolf

Icon Priest 48.png Priest

Disciplined Shadows Visions
Arcane Anomaly Crystallizer Forbidden Shaping
Inner Fire Potion of Madness Forbidden Words
Northshire Cleric Shadow Ascendant Leper Gnome
Divine Spirit Shadow Visions EVIL Conscripter
Squashling Spirit Lash Museum Curator
Extra Arms Sand Drudge Resurrect
Kabal Talonpriest Shadow Word: Death Acolyte of Agony
Nightmare Amalgam Shadowfiend Dark Cultist
Shifting Shade Twilight Drake Chillwind Yeti
Holy Nova Faceless Manipulator Convincing Infiltrator
Captain Eudora(91493).png

Icon Rogue 48.png Rogue

Skulker Dead Man's Tale Kobold's Desire
Backstab Buccaneer Pogo-Hopper
Pit Snake Journey Below Swashburglar
Southsea Deckhand Pilfer Togwaggle's Scheme
Defias Ringleader Serrated Tooth Cutpurse
Eviscerate Goblin Auto-Barber Lab Recruiter
Gilblin Stalker Underbelly Fence Augmented Elekk
Deadly Fork Blink Fox Beneath the Grounds
Fan of Knives Violet Illusionist EVIL Miscreant
Shade of Naxxramas Hench-Clan Burglar Waggle Pick
Shadow Sensei Tomb Pillager Dark Iron Skulker
Mr. Chu(91476).png

Icon Warrior 48.png Warrior

Tough Crowd Burning Fury Boomin'
Improve Morale Lowly Squire Eternium Rover
N'Zoth's First Mate Town Crier Omega Assembly
Amani Berserker Dragon Roar Mad Bomber
Rampage Faerie Dragon Slam
Bash Woodcutter's Axe Vicious Scraphound
Bloodsail Cultist Blackwald Pixie Clockwork Goblin
Fiery War Axe Rabid Worgen Dark Iron Dwarf
Axe Flinger Hoarding Dragon Piloted Shredder
Bloodhoof Brave Militia Commander Wrenchcalibur
Brawl Mortal Strike Bomb Squad

Icon Druid 48.png Druid

Ferocity Two Paths Nature's Boon
Acornbearer Dire Mole Claw
Earthen Scales Raven Idol Enchanted Raven
Feral Gibberer Anodized Robo Cub Dendrologist
Dreamway Guardians Power of the Wild Gadgetzan Socialite
Plated Beetle Greedy Sprite Healing Touch
Tortollan Forager Mark of Nature Landscaping
Addled Grizzly Shade of Naxxramas Lifeweaver
Blessing of the Ancients Mire Keeper Poison Seeds
Astral Tiger Portal Keeper Savage Combatant
Oaken Summons Starfall Crystal Stag

Icon Warlock 48.png Warlock

Sacrificial Seeker Imp-ressive
Possessed Villager Fire Fly Flame Imp
Spirit Bomb Kobold Librarian Witchwood Imp
Voidwalker Mortal Coil Curse of Rafaam
Defile Dark Peddler Queen of Pain
Gnomeferatu Sunfury Protector Darkshire Councilman
Plated Beetle Reckless Diretroll Demonwrath
Duskbat Shadow Bolt Imp Master
Earthen Ring Farseer Portal Keeper Impferno
Eager Underling Bane of Doom Rafaam's Scheme
Hellfire Floating Watcher Despicable Dreadlord
George the Fallen(91494).png

Icon Paladin 48.png Paladin

Old Hero Adventure Holy Flames
Blessing of Might Avenge Desperate Measures
Noble Sacrifice Lost in the Jungle Never Surrender!
Selfless Hero Dark Conviction Faerie Dragon
Hydrologist Immortal Prelate Mysterious Blade
Shielded Minibot Stonesplinter Trogg Sunreaver Spy
Sound the Bells! Call to Adventure Benevolent Djinn
Lone Champion Paragon of Light Bronze Herald
Annoy-o-Module Unidentified Maul Consecration
Hammer of Wrath Defender of Argus Twilight Drake
Truesilver Champion Grimestreet Enforcer Dragon Speaker

Loot Cards[]



A Prince's Ring(91105).png
DALA 739.png
Dr. Boom's Remote(91120).png
PVPDR SW Passive 18.png
DALA 748.png
Elixir of Vim(91130).png
DALA 733.png
PVPDR SW Passive21.png
DALA 735.png
DALA 731.png
DALA 736.png
The Hand of Rafaam(91126).png
Togwaggle's Dice(91117).png
Wondrous Wisdomball(91108).png


LOOTA 846.png
LOOTA 828.png

Card not found.png

Crystal Gem(77168).png

Card not found.png

Glyph of Warding(77203).png
LOOTA 833.png
LOOTA 825.png
Potion of Vitality(77167).png
LOOTA 803.png
PVPDR AV Passive37.png
LOOTA 845.png


The Box(91047).png
DALA 715.png
Case Study(91070).png
Loyal Henchman(91055).png
Untold Splendor(91057).png
Banana Split(91081).png
Big Boomba(91078).png
Swampqueen's Call(91073).png
Dagwik Stickytoe(91089).png
Elder Taggawag(91061).png
Elistra the Immortal(91071).png
DALA 705.png
Master Scheme(91083).png
THE... Candles(91062).png
DALA 700.png
Golden Candle(91058).png
Orb of the Untold(91060).png
The Muscle(91051).png
DALA 702.png
Soulreaper's Scythe(91072).png
DALA 727.png
DALA 704.png
Annoy-o Horn(91075).png
DALA 711.png
EVIL Propaganda(91054).png

Card Bundles[]

After each win, the player gets to choose three cards to add to their deck. The three cards chosen belong to the same bundle, being selected from it randomly; the player then chooses one selection of three cards from three options. Each selection may contain multiple copies of the same card.

Rakanishu (Mage)[]

BURN! Coldsnap Elements Fate's Hand Go Big Inspired Legends Multi-Cast Powered Up Summoning Technology Trade Secrets
Forbidden Flame Breath of Sindragosa Elemental Evocation Shifting Scroll Polymorph Daring Fire-Eater Archmage Arugal Babbling Book Arcane Blast Mirror Image Clockwork Gnome Kabal Lackey
Fire Fly Glacial Shard Arcane Artificer Arcane Missiles Cabalist's Tome Lowly Squire Stargazer Luna Magic Trick Bloodmage Thalnos Khadgar Annoy-o-Tron Secretkeeper
Flame Geyser Ray of Frost Fire Fly Babbling Book Dragon's Fury Fallen Hero Archmage Vargoth Ray of Frost Celestial Emissary Conjurer's Calling Flamecannon Arcanologist
Flamecannon Frostbolt Flame Geyser Open the Waygate Luna's Pocket Galaxy Garrison Commander Nexus-Champion Saraad Tome of Intellect Sorcerer's Apprentice Effigy Galvanizer Mad Scientist
Pyros Snap Freeze Lesser Ruby Spellstone Astral Rift Sunreaver Warmage Spirit of the Dragonhawk Emperor Thaurissan Bloodmage Thalnos Spellbook Binder Messenger Raven Mechwarper Medivh's Valet
Cinderstorm Snowchugger Pyros Mana Cyclone Arcane Dynamo Waterboy Sylvanas Windrunner Magic Dart Frog Tuskarr Fisherman Mirror Entity Snowchugger Counterspell
Explosive Runes Coldwraith Cosmic Anomaly Primordial Glyph Blizzard Auctionmaster Beardo Toki, Time-Tinker Mana Cyclone Arcane Watcher Splitting Image Soot Spewer Duplicate
Flamewaker Frost Nova Scorch Shimmering Tempest Meteor Blackwald Pixie Archmage Antonidas Primordial Glyph Soot Spewer Unexpected Results Goblin Blastmage Ice Barrier
Forgotten Torch Frozen Clone Steam Surger Unstable Portal Meteorologist Fencing Coach Baron Geddon Research Project Unexpected Results Molten Reflection Piloted Shredder Ice Block
Soot Spewer Ice Barrier Water Elemental Spellslinger Astromancer Pyromaniac Dr. Boom Arcane Intellect Ancient Mage Vex Crow Replicating Menace Illuminator
Vaporize Ice Block Azerite Elemental Unexpected Results Firelands Portal Dalaran Aspirant Hex Lord Malacrass Coldlight Oracle Cosmic Anomaly Faceless Summoner Mimiron's Head Kirin Tor Mage
Volcanic Potion Cone of Cold Bonfire Elemental Griftah Flamestrike Maiden of the Lake Medivh, the Guardian Conjurer's Calling Dalaran Aspirant Astromancer Wargear Mana Bind
Fireball Demented Frostcaller Servant of Kalimos Leyline Manipulator Greater Arcane Missiles Kvaldir Raider Ragnaros the Firelord Stargazer Luna Kirin Tor Tricaster Firelands Portal Zilliax Masked Contender
Molten Reflection Water Elemental Arcanosaur Cabalist's Tome Spiteful Summoner Mukla's Champion Rhonin Curio Collector Azerite Elemental Power of Creation Gazlowe Mirror Entity
Blast Wave Blizzard Baron Geddon Deck of Wonders Grand Archivist Nexus-Champion Saraad Sindragosa Ethereal Conjurer Azure Drake Sneed's Old Shredder Mechanical Whelp Spellbender
Meteor Frost Elemental Blazecaller Toki, Time-Tinker Power of Creation Kodorider Sneed's Old Shredder Aluneth Aluneth Mekgineer Thermaplugg Piloted Sky Golem Arcane Keysmith
Archmage Antonidas Frost Lich Jaina Anomalus Archmage Antonidas Dragoncaller Alanna Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk The Lich King Archmage Antonidas Violet Warden Big Bad Archmage Flame Leviathan Ethereal Arcanist
Flamestrike Ragnaros the Firelord Firelands Portal Kalecgos Frost Giant Malygos Hex Lord Malacrass Malygos Giggling Inventor Subject 9
Pyroblast Ozruk Greater Arcane Missiles Pyroblast Ysera Kalecgos Sneed's Old Shredder Kabal Crystal Runner
Big Bad Archmage Yogg-Saron, Hope's End
Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

Vessina (Shaman)[]

Battlecry Big Shaman Carvings Elemental Wrath Fishy Flood Legends Overload Regeneration Shifting Scales Spirits Sssspells
Blazing Invocation Windfury Primal Fusion Fire Fly Toxfin Totemic Smash Electra Stormsurge Finders Keepers Mistress of Mixtures Mutate Ancestral Spirit Earth Shock
Brrrloc Corpsetaker Totemic Smash Elementary Reaction Unite the Murlocs Voltaic Burst Zentimo Sludge Slurper Potion Vendor Evolve Loot Hoarder Lightning Bolt
Murmuring Elemental Muckmorpher Kobold Hermit Fire Plume Harbinger Ghost Light Angler Maelstrom Portal Barista Lynchen Tunnel Trogg Witch's Brew Shifter Zerus Nerubian Egg Witch's Apprentice
Brann Bronzebeard White Eyes Primalfin Totem Menacing Nimbus Ice Fishing Primalfin Totem Hallazeal the Ascended Ancestral Knowledge Earthen Ring Farseer Unstable Evolution Reincarnate Crackle
Zola the Gorgon Zilliax Totem Golem Sandbinder Murloc Tidehunter Feral Spirit White Eyes Crushing Hand Healing Rain Big Bad Voodoo Shallow Gravedigger Maelstrom Portal
Rumbling Elemental Eureka! Flametongue Totem Tol'vir Stoneshaper Primalfin Totem Flametongue Totem Zilliax Eternal Sentinel Healing Wave Devolve Spirit Echo Electra Stormsurge
Saronite Chain Gang Al'Akir the Windlord Mana Tide Totem Earth Elemental Rockpool Hunter Spirit Echo Emperor Thaurissan Lava Shock Hot Spring Guardian Spirit Echo Arfus Haunting Visions
Barista Lynchen Ragnaros the Firelord Nightmare Amalgam Servant of Kalimos Soul of the Murloc Tuskarr Totemic Grumble, Worldshaker Likkim Jinyu Waterspeaker Tinkmaster Overspark Baron Rivendare Lava Burst
Corpse Raiser Splitting Festeroot Primal Talismans Fire Elemental Underbelly Angler Call in the Finishers Krag'wa, the Frog Stormforged Axe Lifedrinker Zentimo Piloted Shredder Lightning Storm
Doppelgangster The Lich King Tuskarr Totemic Baron Geddon Coldlight Seer Bloodlust Sylvanas Windrunner Drakkari Defender Shroom Brewer Hex Spiritsinger Umbra Wicked Witchdoctor
Fungalmancer Walking Fountain Totem Cruncher Blazecaller Murloc Warleader Fungalmancer The Mistcaller Elemental Destruction Tidal Surge Lotus Illusionist Abomination Azure Drake
Loatheb Malygos Draenei Totemcarver Stone Sentinel Primalfin Lookout Eccentric Scribe Swampqueen Hagatha Feral Spirit Antique Healbot Djinni of Zephyrs Carnivorous Cube Hagatha's Scheme
Grumble, Worldshaker Ysera Wicked Witchdoctor Al'Akir the Windlord Call in the Finishers Necrotic Geist Kel'Thuzad Unbound Elemental Hallazeal the Ascended Doppelgangster Corpse Raiser Bogshaper
The Mistcaller Big Bad Archmage Thunder Bluff Valiant Kalimos, Primal Lord Gentle Megasaur Rain of Toads Marin the Fox Flamewreathed Faceless Rotten Applebaum Faceless Manipulator Feugen Hagatha the Witch
Swampqueen Hagatha Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Windshear Stormcaller Ragnaros the Firelord Murloc Tastyfin Spark Drill Medivh, the Guardian Volcano Deranged Doctor Muckmorpher Stalagg The Runespear
Primordial Drake Thing from Below Walking Fountain Old Murk-Eye Wobbling Runts Ragnaros the Firelord Lesser Sapphire Spellstone Thrall, Deathseer White Eyes Malygos
Shudderwock Ozruk Scargil Sated Threshadon The Lich King Snowfury Giant Azalina Soulthief Cairne Bloodhoof Yogg-Saron, Hope's End
Siltfin Spiritwalker Stormwind Champion Ysera Swampqueen Hagatha Sylvanas Windrunner
Finja, the Flying Star Onyxia Da Undatakah
Corrupted Seer N'Zoth, the Corruptor
Everyfin is Awesome

Ol' Barkeye (Hunter)[]

Aggression Battlecry Big Beasts Deathrattle Empowering Legends Overwhelm Professional Secretive Spells Technological Tiny Trouble
Springpaw Alleycat Dire Frenzy Leper Gnome Crackling Razormaw Dreadscale Alleycat Candleshot Secret Plan Rapid Fire Faithful Lumi Acherus Veteran
The Beast Within Jeweled Macaw Hunting Party Play Dead Explorer's Hat Houndmaster Shaw Springpaw Doomsayer Secretkeeper Shimmerfly Bomb Toss Alleycat
Glaivezooka Springpaw Knuckles Explorer's Hat Headhunter's Hatchet Knuckles Haunted Creeper Flare Bear Trap Tracking Cybertech Chip Dire Mole
Goblin Prank Crackling Razormaw Deathstalker Rexxar Feign Death Scavenging Hyena Emperor Thaurissan Scavenging Hyena Glaivezooka Cat Trick Grievous Bite Explosive Sheep Fiery Bat
Hunting Mastiff King's Elekk Savannah Highmane Forlorn Stalker Trogg Beastrager The Beast Snake Trap Bloodscalp Strategist Explosive Trap Lock and Load Fireworks Tech Fire Fly
Vicious Scalehide Trogg Beastrager Abominable Bowman Infest Kill Command Azalina Soulthief Moroes Deadly Shot Freezing Trap Quick Shot Galvanizer Helpless Hatchling
Unleash the Hounds Brann Bronzebeard Amani War Bear Nine Lives Master's Call Gahz'rilla Rat Pack Eaglehorn Bow Mad Scientist Animal Companion Mechwarper Jeweled Macaw
Houndmaster Shaw Stitched Tracker Gahz'rilla Rat Pack Stablemaster Swamp King Dred Spirit of the Lynx Spider Bomb Misdirection Deadly Shot Venomizer On the Hunt
Halazzi, the Lynx Stonehill Defender Grotesque Dragonhawk Exploding Bloatbat Stoneskin Basilisk Troggzor the Earthinator Unleash the Hounds Baited Arrow Rat Trap Arcane Fletcher Metaltooth Leaper Shimmerfly
Leeroy Jenkins Dispatch Kodo Swamp King Dred Infested Wolf Vicious Fledgling Vereesa Windrunner Infested Wolf Big Game Hunter Snipe Flanking Strike Spider Bomb Springpaw
Tundra Rhino Barista Lynchen Flark's Boom-Zooka Necromechanic Arfus Kel'Thuzad Halazzi, the Lynx Blingtron 3000 Sunreaver Spy Marked Shot Ursatron Stampede
Vilebrood Skitterer Carrion Drake Giant Sand Worm Spiritsinger Umbra Dire Frenzy Ragnaros the Firelord Piranha Launcher Explosive Shot Wandering Monster Multi-Shot Piloted Shredder The Marsh Queen
Spark Drill Fungalmancer Kathrena Winterwisp Carnivorous Cube Dispatch Kodo Sneed's Old Shredder Sightless Ranger Piranha Launcher Cloaked Huntress Baited Arrow Wargear Timber Wolf
Unleash the Beast Loatheb Violet Wurm Corpse Widow Houndmaster The Lich King Starving Buzzard The Black Knight Eaglehorn Bow Unleash the Beast Zilliax Webspinner
Amani War Bear Ram Wrangler King Krush Princess Huhuran Night Prowler King Krush Ball of Spiders Acidmaw Illuminator Rhok'delar Mechanical Whelp Snake Trap
Batterhead Don Han'Cho North Sea Kraken Savannah Highmane Tomb Spider Malygos Eccentric Scribe Crushing Walls Masked Contender Vereesa Windrunner Oblivitron Arcane Fletcher
Charged Devilsaur Bonemare Oondasta Seeping Oozeling Mukla's Champion Oondasta Mad Summoner Gladiator's Longbow Professor Putricide Call of the Wild Boommaster Flark Toxmonger
King Krush Kathrena Winterwisp Emeriss Da Undatakah Ram Wrangler Ysera Violet Wurm Subject 9 Zul'jin Sneed's Old Shredder Halazzi, the Lynx
Oondasta Primordial Drake Kathrena Winterwisp Abominable Bowman Emeriss Lesser Emerald Spellstone Arcane Giant Tol'vir Warden
Emeriss N'Zoth, the Corruptor N'Zoth, the Corruptor

Kriziki (Priest)[]

Afterlife Curatives Dragonfire From the Graves Legends Miracles Old God Pint-Sized Shadows Strength Within Twisted What's Mind is Mine
Awaken the Makers Circle of Healing Circle of Healing Resurrect Bloodmage Thalnos Power Word: Shield Beckoner of Evil Fire Fly Forbidden Shaping Inner Fire Silence Chameleos
Dead Ringer Regenerate Twilight Whelp Shadow Visions Brann Bronzebeard Test Subject Twilight Geomancer Potion Vendor Forbidden Words Test Subject Pint-Size Potion Cloning Device
EVIl Conscripter Binding Heal Wyrmrest Agent Eternal Servitude Zola the Gorgon Extra Arms Disciple of C'Thun Spirit of the Dead Lazul's Scheme Divine Spirit Ancient Watcher Crystalline Oracle
Museum Curator Light of the Naaru Dragon Soul Unsleeping Soul Arfus Mana Addict Twilight Elder Zombie Chow Potion of Madness Extra Arms Confuse Mind Vision
Shadowy Figure Mistress of Mixtures Twilight Acolyte Lyra the Sunshard Harrison Jones Radiant Elemental C'Thun's Chosen Shadowy Figure Shadowbomber Fallen Sun Cleric Dalaran Librarian Psionic Probe
Gilded Gargoyle Northshire Cleric Duskbreaker Onyx Bishop Loatheb Shadow Visions Hooded Acolyte Magic Carpet Auchenai Phantasm Shadow Ascendant Purify Seance
Shallow Gravedigger Power Word: Glory Dragonmaw Scorcher Shadow Essence Lyra the Sunshard Spirit Lash Crazed Worshipper Mirage Caller Mind Blast Dark Cultist Radiant Elemental Madame Lazul
Twilight's Call Divine Hymn Drakonid Operative Confessor Paletress Cairne Bloodhoof Wild Pyromancer Twilight Darkmender Ravencaller Shadow Ascendant Fjola Lightbane Shrinkmeister Thoughtsteal
Hench-Clan Shadequill Mana Geode Dragonfire Potion Lesser Diamond Spellstone Emperor Thaurissan Dragon Soul Skeram Cultist Sand Drudge Shadow Visions Kabal Talonpriest Arcane Watcher Mindgames
Spiritsinger Umbra Shadowboxer Lightbomb Prophet Velen Xavius Questing Adventurer Twin Emperor Vek'lor Shrieking Shroom Shadow Word: Pain Spawn of N'Zoth Humongous Razorleaf Shadow Madness
Tortollan Shellraiser Soup Vendor Crowd Roaster Catrina Muerte Mojomaster Zihi Sand Drudge Doomcaller Unidentified Elixir Shadowy Figure Surrender to Madness Eerie Statue Shifting Shade
Convincing Infiltrator Earthen Ring Farseer Nightscale Matriarch Kel'Thuzad The Black Knight Unidentified Elixir C'Thun Vivid Nightmare Acolyte of Agony Unidentified Elixir Mass Dispel Devour Mind
Reckless Experimenter Omega Medic Temporus Ragnaros the Firelord Confessor Paletress Priest of the Feast Barnes Shadow Word: Death Velen's Chosen Spellbreaker Holy Water
Coffin Crasher Greater Healing Potion Chromaggus The Lich King Prophet Velen Violet Teacher Violet Teacher Shadowfiend Dragonkin Sorcerer Excavated Evil Cabal Shadow Priest
Sylvanas Windrunner Holy Champion Primordial Drake Malygos Troggzor the Earthinator Lyra the Sunshard Dollmaster Dorian Surrender to Madness Tortollan Shellraiser Kabal Songstealer Sylvanas Windrunner
Tunnel Blaster Darkshire Alchemist Dragonhatcher Mass Resurrection Gruul Power Word: Replicate Herald Volazj Auchenai Soulpriest Power Word: Tentacles Mass Hysteria Archbishop Benedictus
Da Undatakah Holy Nova Malygos Obsidian Statue Marin the Fox Gadgetzan Auctioneer Bwonsamdi, the Dead Shadow Madness Lady in White Vol'jin Princess Talanji
Sneed's Old Shredder Quartz Elemental Nefarian Zerek's Cloning Gallery Medivh, the Guardian Zerek, Master Cloner Dr. Boom Shadow Essence Zerek, Master Cloner Entomb Mind Control
Obsidian Statue Holy Fire Sleepy Dragon Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Ragnaros the Firelord Grave Horror Zerek's Cloning Gallery Shadowreaper Anduin Bonemare Psychic Scream
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Ysera Arch-Thief Rafaam
Hakkar, the Soulflayer

Captain Eudora (Rogue)[]

Battlecry Cogs and Gears Combo Cutthroat Deathrattle Draw! Kingslayer Legends Scallywags Spellslinger Thief Trickery
Shadowstep Pogo-Hopper Bladed Cultist Abusive Sergeant Journey Below Preparation Deadly Poison Edwin VanCleef Serrated Tooth Backstab Hallucination Togwaggle's Scheme
Daring Escape Galvanizer Cold Blood Argent Squire Jade Swarmer Bloodmage Thalnos Doomerang Face Collector Southsea Deckhand Preparation Swashburglar EVIL Cable Rat
Pogo-Hopper Mechwarper Defias Ringleader Cold Blood Violet Haze Loot Hoarder Kingsbane Leeroy Jenkins Swashburglar Bloodmage Thalnos Underbelly Fence Lab Recruiter
Togwaggle's Scheme Harvest Golem Eviscerate Dire Wolf Alpha Necrium Blade Shiv Leeching Poison Loatheb Bloodsail Howler Cheap Shot Undercity Huckster Sap
Blink Fox Iron Sensei Jade Shuriken Eviscerate Unearthed Raptor Acolyte of Pain Bloodsail Raider Myra Rotspring Ship's Cannon Eviscerate Blink Fox Augmented Elekk
Brann Bronzebeard Blightnozzle Crawler Edwin VanCleef Argent Horserider Baron Rivendare Coldlight Oracle Cavern Shinyfinder Cairne Bloodhoof Shady Dealer Jade Shuriken Face Collector Beneath the Grounds
Sonya Shadowdancer Mechanical Yeti EVIL Miscreant Vicious Fledgling Tomb Pillager Fan of Knives Goblin Auto-Barber Emperor Thaurissan Southsea Captain Razorpetal Lasher Shaku, the Collector EVIL Miscreant
Enhance-o Mechano Piloted Shredder SI:7 Agent Dark Iron Dwarf Lesser Onyx Spellstone Mimic Pod Toxicologist Maexxna Raiding Party Shiv Hench-Clan Burglar Sonya Shadowdancer
Fal'dorei Strider Zilliax Elven Minstrel Tinker's Sharpsword Oil Myra Rotspring Elven Minstrel Envenom Weapon Sylvanas Windrunner Southsea Squidface Fan of Knives Lilian Voss Academic Espionage
Hench-Clan Burglar Mechanical Whelp Spirit of the Shark Cobalt Scalebane Necrium Vial Portal Keeper Hench-Clan Thug Dr. Boom Ticket Scalper Questing Adventurer Spectral Cutlass Fal'dorei Strider
Spirit of the Shark Sneed's Old Shredder Vilespine Slayer Leeroy Jenkins Recurring Villain Myra's Unstable Element Blade Flurry Marin the Fox Walk the Plank Shadow Strike Vendetta Kobold Illusionist
Xaril, Poisoned Mind Mekgineer Thermaplugg Cursed Castaway Recurring Villain Tunnel Blaster Portal Overfiend Tinker's Sharpsword Oil Ragnaros the Firelord WANTED! Violet Spellsword Ethereal Peddler Waggle Pick
Corpse Raiser Mecha'thun Batterhead Da Undatakah Thistle Tea Captain Greenskin Sneed's Old Shredder Captain Greenskin Violet Teacher Trade Prince Gallywix Heistbaron Togwaggle
Gral, the Shark Anub'arak Sprint The Lich King Cannon Barrage Azure Drake Tess Greymane Thistle Tea
Shadowcaster N'Zoth, the Corruptor Chromaggus Anub'arak Skycap'n Kragg Gadgetzan Auctioneer Nefarian Unidentified Contract
Vanish Malygos Captain Hooktusk Malygos Tak Nozwhisker
Gurubashi Hypemon Ysera Yogg-Saron, Hope's End Valeera the Hollow
Bonemare Hakkar, the Soulflayer
Primordial Drake

Mr. Chu (Warrior)[]

All Might Armored Up Arsenal Big Minions Bombs Away! Damaged Dragon Iron and Steel Legends Mercenaries Rush Taunt
Devastate Crystallizer Molten Blade Gather Your Party Baleful Banker Inner Rage Alexstrasza's Champion Omega Assembly Darius Crowley N'Zoth's First Mate Spirit of the Rhino Fire Plume's Heart
Cleave Eternium Rover Southsea Deckhand Obsidian Destroyer Dead Man's Hand Blood to Ichor Dragon Roar Warbot Loatheb Patches the Pirate Town Crier I Know a Guy
Doomsayer Shield Slam Upgrade! Tar Lord Mad Bomber Improve Morale Smolderthorn Lancer Annoy-o-Tron Emperor Thaurissan Southsea Deckhand Commanding Shout Bolster
Execute Armorsmith Bloodsail Raider Grommash Hellscream Whirliglider Whirlwind War Master Voone Galvanizer Iron Juggernaut Bloodsail Raider Heroic Strike Dirty Rat
Rampage Bring It On! Hobart Grapplehammer Ragnaros the Firelord Augmented Elekk Armorsmith Azure Drake Mechwarper Sylvanas Windrunner Sharkfin Fan Redband Wasp Sparring Partner
Slam Drywhisker Armorer Toxicologist Rotface Brann Bronzebeard Battle Rage Blackwing Corruptor Vicious Scraphound Baron Geddon Ship's Cannon Sweeping Strikes Stubborn Gastropod
Sleep with the Fishes Plated Beetle Grimestreet Pawnbroker Splitting Festeroot Clockwork Goblin Cruel Taskmaster Cobalt Scalebane Bouncing Blade Dr. Boom Bloodsail Cultist Woodcutter's Axe Fierce Monkey
Ogre Warmaul Vicious Scraphound Orgrimmar Aspirant The Lich King Coldlight Oracle Execute Emberscale Drake Clockwork Goblin Malkorok Fiery War Axe Rabid Worgen King's Defender
Brawl Weapons Project Arathi Weaponsmith Violet Wurm Explodinator Warpath Bone Drake Omega Devastator Troggzor the Earthinator Nightmare Amalgam Kor'kron Elite Phantom Militia
Stampeding Kodo Bash Blood Razor Woecleaver Wrenchcalibur Frothing Berserker Chillmaw Replicating Menace Foe Reaper 4000 Southsea Captain Militia Commander Stonehill Defender
Mossy Horror Mountainfire Armor Brass Knuckles Blood of The Ancient One Bomb Lobber Overlord's Whip Crowd Roaster Dyn-o-matic Grommash Hellscream Brass Knuckles Darius Crowley Tar Creeper
Sea Reaver Reckless Flurry Death's Bite Bull Dozer Bomb Squad Ravaging Ghoul Wyrmguard Supercollider Kel'Thuzad Death's Bite Leeroy Jenkins Alley Armorsmith
The Black Knight Shield Block Arcanite Reaper The Boomship Madder Bomber Val'kyr Soulclaimer Chromaggus Wargear Ragnaros the Firelord Dread Corsair Argent Commander Direhorn Hatchling
Crush Dr. Boom's Scheme Captain Greenskin Dimensional Ripper Seaforium Bomber Axe Flinger Primordial Drake Zilliax Rotface Naga Corsair Amani War Bear Rotten Applebaum
King Mosh Alley Armorsmith Supercollider The Boom Reaver Iron Juggernaut Bloodhoof Brave Dragonhatcher Iron Juggernaut The Lich King Ticket Scalper Akali, the Rhino Sludge Belcher
Deathwing Ironforge Portal Deadly Arsenal Varian Wrynn Blastmaster Boom Death's Bite Malygos Missile Launcher King Mosh Arcanite Reaper Gilnean Royal Guard Zilliax
Mecha'thun Gemstudded Golem Sul'thraze Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Dr. Boom Sudden Genesis Onyxia Security Rover Nefarian Captain Greenskin Grommash Hellscream Ornery Direhorn
Shieldmaiden Gorehowl Molten Giant Security Rover Sleepy Dragon Beryllium Nullifier Ysera Fool's Bane The Boomship Safeguard
Unidentified Shield Lesser Mithril Spellstone Blackhowl Gunspire Ysera Dr. Boom, Mad Genius Hakkar, the Soulflayer Salty Dog The Boom Reaver Tar Lord
Geosculptor Yip Malkorok Rotface Deathwing Sneed's Old Shredder Varian Wrynn Skycap'n Kragg Primordial Drake
Scourgelord Garrosh Deathwing, Dragonlord The Boom Reaver Soggoth the Slitherer

Squeamlish (Druid)[]

All Bark Beasts and Buffs Big Friends Choices, Choices Feral Bite Legends Nature's Wrath Nurture and Grow Protectors Recovery Roar! Swarm
Dendrologist Dire Mole Jungle Giants Crystal Power Pounce Wardruid Loti Living Roots Biology Project Mark of the Wild Crystal Power Witching Hour Abusive Sergeant
Witchwood Apple Enchanted Raven Tortollan Forager Jade Idol Claw Flobbidinous Floop Naturalize Floop's Glorious Gloop Stonehill Defender Mistress of Mixtures Predatory Instincts Acornbearer
Landscaping Helpless Hatchling Elder Longneck Living Roots Earthen Scales Ixlid, Fungal Lord Bloodmage Thalnos Darnassus Aspirant Defender of Argus Potion Vendor Bittertide Hydra Living Roots
Mulch Swamp Leech Cursed Disciple Raven Idol Lesser Jasper Spellstone Loatheb Crystalsong Portal Loot Hoarder Saronite Chain Gang Dreamway Guardians Druid of the Fang Mark of the Lotus
Poison Seeds Haunted Creeper Ancient of Lore Druid of the Saber Spirit of the Raptor Aya Blackpaw Dreamway Guardians Coldlight Oracle Strongshell Scavenger Earthen Ring Farseer Menagerie Magician Dreamway Guardians
Soul of the Forest Jeweled Scarab Ancient of War Druid of the Swarm Savage Striker Cairne Bloodhoof Wrath Greedy Sprite Sludge Belcher Fungal Enchanter Witchwood Grizzly Echoing Ooze
Twig of the World Tree Mark of the Wild Giant Anaconda Keeper Stalladris Feral Rage Emperor Thaurissan Swipe Grove Tender Witchwood Grizzly Healing Touch Stampeding Roar Haunted Creeper
Force of Nature Mark of Y'Shaarj Gloop Sprayer Wrath Ferocious Howl Sylvanas Windrunner Azure Drake Jade Blossom Hungry Ettin Lifeweaver Amani War Bear Power of the Wild
Living Mana Vicious Scalehide Ironhide Direhorn Druid of the Scythe Bite Dr. Boom Nexus-Champion Saraad Forest Guide Jade Behemoth Lifedrinker Dreampetal Florist Addled Grizzly
Treespeaker Addled Grizzly Linecracker Wardruid Loti Branching Paths Malorne Starfall Mire Keeper Spreading Plague Antique Healbot Giant Anaconda Blessing of the Ancients
Tending Tauren Mark of Nature Star Aligner Fandral Staghelm Ironwood Golem Troggzor the Earthinator Gadgetzan Auctioneer Azure Drake Heroic Innkeeper Crystal Stag Ironhide Direhorn Crypt Lord
Ancient of Lore Mounted Raptor Bonemare Druid of the Claw Savage Combatant Kel'Thuzad Starfire Nourish Lucentbark Rotten Applebaum Malorne Hobgoblin
Ancient of War Vicious Fledgling Chromaggus Dark Wispers Swipe Ragnaros the Firelord Exotic Mountseller Ancient of Lore Primordial Drake Moonglade Portal Charged Devilsaur Imp Master
The Forest's Aid Evolving Spores Gruul Ancient of War Leeroy Jenkins Sneed's Old Shredder The Forest's Aid Chromaggus The Lich King Ancient of Lore Violet Wurm Moroes
Cenarius Mark of the Loa Ironbark Protector Malfurion the Pestilent Gonk, the Raptor The Lich King Malygos Ultimate Infestation Hadronox Lucentbark Oondasta Savage Roar
Mulchmuncher Wildwalker Blood of The Ancient One Wisps of the Old Gods Cenarius Ultimate Infestation Tree of Life Tyrantus Wisps of the Old Gods
Virmen Sensei Aviana Kun the Forgotten King Ysera Yogg-Saron, Hope's End The Forest's Aid
Dark Wispers Big Bad Archmage Aviana Arcane Giant
Kun the Forgotten King

Tekahn (Warlock)[]

Big Demons Curatives Destruction Discard Draw Empowering In Control Legends Lil' Demons Pain Sacrifice Swarming
Voidcaller Dark Pact Darkbomb Lakkari Sacrifice Kobold Librarian Acherus Veteran Bloodmage Thalnos Loatheb Blood Imp Crystallizer Sacrificial Pact Forbidden Ritual
Bane of Doom Mistress of Mixtures Doomsayer Malchezaar's Imp Mortal Coil Grim Rally Defile Dr. Morrigan Flame Imp Dark Possession Corruption Kobold Librarian
Demonheart Swamp Leech Shadow Bolt Shriek The Soularium Soul Infusion Doomsayer Emperor Thaurissan Grim Rally Flame Imp Grim Rally Possessed Villager
Despicable Dreadlord Drain Soul Voodoo Doll Soulfire Baleful Banker Young Priestess Sunfury Protector Glinda Crowskin Malchezaar's Imp Kobold Librarian Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming
Doomguard Queen of Pain Cataclysm The Soularium Darkshire Librarian Fallen Sun Cleric Faceless Shambler Rin, the First Disciple Soul Infusion Spirit Bomb Sanguine Reveler Reliquary Seeker
Skull of the Man'ari Renounce Darkness Hellfire Clutchmother Zavas Plot Twist Spirit of the Bat Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Sylvanas Windrunner Voidwalker Vulgar Homunculus Corrupting Mist Sanguine Reveler
Aranasi Broodmother Vicious Scalehide Shadowflame Darkshire Librarian Augmented Elekk Bloodfury Potion Shadowflame Arch-Villain Rafaam Demonfire Chittering Tunneler Curse of Rafaam Dark Peddler
Dread Infernal Drain Life Carnivorous Cube Tiny Knight of Evil Coldlight Oracle Doubling Imp Twilight Drake Dr. Boom Queen of Pain Duskbat Demonic Project EVIL Genius
Ectomancy Earthen Ring Farseer Dark Bargain Reckless Diretroll Elise Starseeker Spawn of N'Zoth Despicable Dreadlord Lord Godfrey Void Analyst Nethersoul Buster EVIL Genius Spirit of the Bat
Xavius High Priestess Jeklik Darkest Hour Silverware Golem Portal Keeper Arena Fanatic Emperor Thaurissan Chromaggus Vulgar Homunculus Blood Witch Felguard Chittering Tunneler
Kabal Trafficker Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Felfire Potion Cataclysm The Darkness Defender of Argus Glinda Crowskin Fel Lord Betrug Demonwrath Hellfire Ratcatcher Darkshire Councilman
Possessed Lackey Lifedrinker Siphon Soul Fist of Jaraxxus Azure Drake Eager Underling Mossy Horror Kel'Thuzad Doubling Imp Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Unwilling Sacrifice Imp Gang Boss
Void Crusher Bloodworm The Black Knight High Priestess Jeklik Elise the Trailblazer Cobalt Scalebane Rin, the First Disciple Medivh, the Guardian Imp Gang Boss Pit Lord Void Terror Dreadsteed
Abyssal Enforcer Deathweb Spider Void Crusher Lakkari Felhound Aranasi Broodmother Doppelgangster Siphon Soul Ragnaros the Firelord Impferno Deathweb Spider Blastcrystal Potion Fiendish Circle
Fel Lord Betrug Rotten Applebaum Twisting Nether Blood-Queen Lana'thel Portal Overfiend Fungalmancer Abyssal Enforcer The Lich King Rafaam's Scheme Floating Watcher Ravenous Pterrordax Ravenous Pterrordax
Lord Jaraxxus Zilliax Void Contract Doomguard Fel Lord Betrug Mukla's Champion Lord Godfrey Arch-Thief Rafaam Crystalweaver Dread Infernal Shadowflame Kara Kazham!
Mal'Ganis Aranasi Broodmother DOOM! Cruel Dinomancer DOOM! Omega Agent The Lich King Mal'Ganis Imp-losion Felfire Potion Carnivorous Cube Blood Troll Sapper
Voidlord Siphon Soul Soulwarden Hakkar, the Soulflayer Hir'eek, the Bat Voidlord Voidlord Mad Summoner Abyssal Enforcer Darkest Hour Demonbolt
Bloodreaver Gul'dan Deathwing Mountain Giant Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Jumbo Imp Molten Giant
Jumbo Imp Molten Giant Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

George the Fallen (Paladin)[]

Dragons Handbuff Healing Hands Holy Infusion Judgment Legends Murglgglgl Protectors Robotic Secret Whispers Small Army The Silver Hand
Cathedral Gargoyle Meanstreet Marshal Forbidden Healing Blessing of Might Bloodmage Thalnos Crystalsmith Kangor Grimscale Chum Autodefense Matrix Glow-Tron Avenge Argent Squire Competitive Spirit
Bronze Herald Smuggler's Run Potion Vendor Blessing of Wisdom Tainted Zealot Wickerflame Burnbristle Murloc Tidecaller Righteous Protector Annoy-o-Tron Desperate Measures Bloodclaw Lost in the Jungle
Nightbane Templar A Light in the Darkness Crystalsmith Kangor The Last Kaleidosaur Wild Pyromancer Prince Liam Toxfin Argent Protector Mechwarper Eye for an Eye Competitive Spirit Drygulch Jailor
Hungry Dragon Grimestreet Outfitter Flash of Light Desperate Stand Consecration Sunkeeper Tarim Bilefin Tidehunter Potion of Heroism Shielded Minibot Getaway Kodo Crystology Muster for Battle
Prismatic Lens Brann Bronzebeard Lesser Pearl Spellstone Immortal Prelate Equality Sylvanas Windrunner Bluegill Warrior Shielded Minibot Annoy-o-Module Hidden Wisdom Righteous Protector Silver Hand Regent
Cobalt Scalebane Call to Adventure Benevolent Djinn Lightforged Blessing Hammer of Wrath Eadric the Pure Hydrologist Coghammer Piloted Shredder Never Surrender! Drygulch Jailor Unidentified Maul
Dragon Consort Grimestreet Smuggler High Priest Thekal Primalfin Champion Azerite Elemental Gruul Primalfin Champion Lone Champion Cobalt Guardian Noble Sacrifice Echoing Ooze Warhorse Trainer
Dragon Speaker Paragon of Light The Glass Knight Sound the Bells! Duel! Medivh, the Guardian Rockpool Hunter Time Out! Mimiron's Head Redemption Stubborn Gastropod Lightfused Stegodon
Dragonmaw Scorcher Arena Fanatic Truesilver Champion Seal of Champions Holy Wrath Ragnaros, Lightlord Coldlight Oracle Wickerflame Burnbristle Shrink Ray Sacred Trial Call to Adventure Quartermaster
Duel! Doppelgangster Zandalari Templar Blessing of Kings Nexus-Champion Saraad The Lich King Murloc Warleader Light's Sorrow Wargear Secretkeeper Divine Favor Stand Against Darkness
Bone Drake Farraki Battleaxe Blackguard Dragonkin Sorcerer Avenging Wrath Tirion Fordring Nightmare Amalgam Bolvar, Fireblood Zilliax Hydrologist Hobgoblin Crystal Lion
Scaled Nightmare Glowstone Technician Ivory Knight Silvermoon Portal Ivory Knight Mekgineer Thermaplugg Primalfin Lookout Sludge Belcher Piloted Sky Golem Mad Scientist Steward of Darkshire Level Up!
Crowd Roaster Grimestreet Enforcer Guardian of Kings Spirit of the Tiger Spikeridged Steed Nefarian Murloc Knight Zilliax Giggling Inventor Mysterious Blade Stoneskin Basilisk Sunkeeper Tarim
Primordial Drake Emperor Thaurissan Lay on Hands Blessed Champion Malygos Deathwing Murloc Tastyfin Argent Commander Kangor's Endless Army Sunreaver Spy Sword of Justice Vinecleaver
Malygos Val'anyr Ragnaros, Lightlord Spikeridged Steed Uther of the Ebon Blade Hakkar, the Soulflayer Old Murk-Eye Sunwalker Foe Reaper 4000 Commander Rhyssa Call to Arms Silver Sword
Onyxia Don Han'Cho Nozari Val'anyr Shirvallah, the Tiger Nozari Finja, the Flying Star A New Challenger... Sneed's Old Shredder Bellringer Sentry Sunkeeper Tarim Tirion Fordring
Ysera Shirvallah, the Tiger Lynessa Sunsorrow Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Anyfin Can Happen Tirion Fordring Mekgineer Thermaplugg Mysterious Challenger
Nozari Shirvallah, the Tiger Clockwork Giant



The Dalaran Heist is set in Dalaran, a magocratic city that players can also find in World of Warcraft.

In Hearthstone, Dalaran is being watched over by members of the Kirin Tor, who are Vargoth, Kalec and Khadgar. Numerous characters from World of Warcraft's Dalaran make an appearance in The Dalaran Heist as well, along with many other faces that are exclusive to Hearthstone.

Arch-Villain Rafaam gathered villans from previous expansions and recruited miscreants from all around Azeroth, formed the League of E.V.I.L., and attacked Dalaran with the aim of claiming the city for himself and his new comrades.


Most of the dialogue in the adventure happens within the chapters themselves, but some of the dialogue is also heard outside the levels.

General quotes[]

Arch-Villain Rafaam

Selecting The Dalaran Heist adventure

Join me... for the greatest criminal undertaking in the history of villainy!

Entering Normal Mode (first time)

Dalaran! A splendid, floating city of magic. I think we will take it!

Entering Heroic Mode (first time)

Heroic mode increases the difficulty of all the bosses... as well as our ability to gloat when triumphant.

Start of Chapter 1

Everyone, split up. For this plan to work, we must each do our part.

Selecting a hero (first time)

We have recruited an elite band of disenfranchised miscreants. Each have their own strengths.

Selecting a hero power (first time)

As we plunder the riches of Dalaran, we will gail ever greater kleptomaniacal skills.

Selecting a deck (first time)

You will begin with a modest deck. The rest of our cards... we will take! (mwahahah)

Henchmen's turn 2 on a first boss

Heistbaron Togwaggle
Rakanishu! Be stepping from my lamp for the skulking about and burny-burning!
Swampqueen Hagatha
Vessina, your cold-blooded magics warm my black heart. Unleash havoc!
A kobold druid? The most magical of vermin. Slay them.
Madame Lazul
Eudora, my favorite mercenary. Great fortune will be yours, should you out-fox our foes.
Kriziki, your talents were wasted in the Kabal. With us, I promise you will fly again.
Blastmaster Boom
They laughed when I gave a sniper rifle to a gnoll. Aim for the laughter! Shoot!
Oh good! The muscle's here. You be the brawn, I'll do the thinky-stuff!
Arch-Villain Rafaam
Tekahn, if all you've told me is true, you are an instrumental part of our master plan.
Your adventurer friends abandoned you, George, but you can always believe in me.

First boss revealed

The guards and citizens of Dalaran will rise against us. Play dirty. Defeat them.

Second boss revealed

The city's defenders grow more difficult as we progress. I recommend you start cheating.

First selection of card bundles

With each victory, our E.V.I.L. organization grows in power. Choose wisely to enhance your deck.

First selection of treasure

Grab what you can! Dalaran is littered with powerful artifacts, soon to be ours!

First completion of adventure

Our E.V.I.L. plan comes together! Check in with the others to see what’s happening elsewhere in the city.

First defeat

This organization does NOT tolerate FAILURE! But... we are a smidge shorthanded so feel free to try again.

Dalaran Bank[]

Heistbaron Togwaggle

Entering the Dalaran Bank

The bank of Dalaran! YOU be distracting all the guards. WE be taking ALL the loots!

Turn 1 on a first boss

Bank guards... adventurers... bah!
Nobody is wanting us to be stealing loots for some reason.

Generic phrase before encounter

Adventurers! I am smelling adventurers! Not forgiving them after dungeon diving!
Townsfolk of Dalaran being angry at looting and mayhem. Always fun-spoiling.

Dr. Boom's Remote

Ah, Dr. Boom's Remote! Be pushing shiny button, and keep pushing it!

The Box

Random loot is best loot! Always useful every time.

Untold Splendor

Ohhh! Untold Splendor is random. Otherwise it be TOLD.

Dagwik Stickytoe

Oh Stickytoe! He bestest good times kobold prankster!

Elder Taggawag

I am remembering younger Taggawag, before the legend.

Golden Candle

Take Golden Candle. Take. Take. TAAAAKKKKE! TAKE CANDLE.


Ours, ours, ours! More gold is being here than all of kobold catacombs!

The Violet Hold[]

Swampqueen Hagatha

Entering the Violet Hold

Magical beasts fill these prison cells. Such beautiful creatures... We must unleash them.

Turn 1 on a first boss

We won't know who - or what - awaits within these prison cells.

Generic phrase before encounter

Azeroth's so-called "Heroes" are trying to stop us. Send them to the Spirit Healer!
The townspeople stand against us. But this is not my first torch-wielding mob.

Elixir of Vile

The Elixir of Vile! It was Blood Witch Gretta's favorite.

The Hand of Rafaam

The Hand of Rafaam is cursed. It was even worse when it was attached.


Take the murloc. Always go murloc.

Soulreaper's Scythe

Such a beautiful weapon... it reaps. And sows havoc.

Sow the Seeds

I grew a whole Witchwood with just a handful of chaos seeds.


It is done! As we speak magical fiends flood the streets of Dalaran!

The Streets of Dalaran[]

Madame Lazul

Entering the Streets of Dalaran

I've promised Rafaam dat we will win over de merchant district. By any means...

Turn 1 on a first boss

De streets are narrow. But, skulking in dark alleys is our specialty.

Generic phrase before encounter

Adventurers try to stop us! All dey do is run around, stopping evil. Find a hobby!
De townspeople ignored me when I read their fortunes. "Doom..." "Doom..." "Doom..." I wasn't wrong.

A Prince's Ring

De Prince's Ring calls to you from de grave. Take it...

Togwaggle's Dice

Togwaggle's dice are loaded. With bad mojo.

Elixir of Vim

Ahh, de Elixir of Vim! It is so good... until it is not.

Elistra the Immortal

We have found... de Immortal! What is overpowered may never die!

Grimmer Patron

Bring de Grimmer Patron with you. He brings friends.

Orb of the Untold

An orb of de purest void! It is like a fun-size Old God.


De markets are ours! We will re-open dem with merchants friendly to de cause.


Blastmaster Boom

Entering the Underbelly

Okay here's the deal: You gotta keep these sewers clear while I wire up the rockets.

Turn 1 on a first boss

So I might've accidentally sliced into a toxic sewer gas line... You'll be fine as long as you don't move. Or breathe.

Generic phrase before encounter

Khadgar sent adventurers to stop us. They'll do anything for money! And WE'RE the “bad guys.”
The citizens of Dalaran are trying to stop us! Maybe calling our group “E.V.I.L.” was bad PR.

Rocket Backpacks

Take the Rocket Backpack! Everything's better with rockets. I put rockets in my rockets.

Swampqueen's Call

One of these treasures is Hagatha's! You can tell by the smell.


The Hyperblaster! We took an ordinary blaster and loaded it with caffeine.


Hey take the Fly-By! The Kadoom Bot guarantees a win. (For somebody.)

Gnomish Army Knife

You call that gnomish garbage a knife? THIS is a knife! No wait that's a bomb.

Super Simian Sphere

These wizard guys put a monkey in a bubble? GENIUS!

Annoy-o Horn

Hey, hey, take the Annoy-o horn! Rafaam loves it!


Rockets are ready! The city almost definitely won't explode and fall from the sky.

Kirin Tor Citadel[]

Arch-Villain Rafaam

Entering the Kirin Tor Citadel

The city will never be ours until the Kirin-Tor is dealt with. Come with me.

Turn 1 on a first boss

Atop this citadel await the most powerful mages in Azeroth. Prepare for a long fight.

Generic phrase before encounter

Adventurers are trying to defeat us! Do not let them complete their quest!

Elixir of Vigor

With the Elixir of Vigor, your supply of pathetic henchmen will be infinite!


Don't like your cards? Recycle them. It's good for the environment and also very slightly evil.

Robes of Gaudiness

The Robes of Gaudiness are excellent to wear while making bombastic speeches to heroes.

Big Boomba

Do you find your lackeys lacking? Two words: Big. Boomba.

Master Scheme

The different between a "Plan" and a "Master Plan" is the menace of the laughter. (laughs)

EVIL Propaganda

Our propaganda has been more effective since we made the posters mustache-proof.


The Kirin Tor is on the run. Without their leaders, we control the City! Ha-haha-Muwahahaha!

Adventure is completed

Mine... Mine! This city is all mine! I mean, "ours." The first part of our E.V.I.L. plan is complete!

Release schedule[]

The Dalaran Heist launched on May 16, 2019.[3] It consists of five chapters, with the first two chapters unlocked on release day, and the rest of the chapters being unlocked every seven days over the following weeks. The first chapter is free to play. Additional chapters cost 700 gold or $6.99 USD each, or players can unlock the entire adventure for $19.99 USD.[1]

Chapter Day
Chapter 1: Dalaran Bank May 16
Chapter 2: The Violet Hold May 16
Chapter 3: Streets of Dalaran May 23
Chapter 4: The Underbelly May 30
Chapter 5: Kirin Tor Citadel June 6


  • Using a friendly encounter to alter the stats of a minion in your deck (such as via Tell a Story or Tall Tales) will alter the base stats of the card. This means that if the card has echo or is returned to your hand, any changes to its cost, attack, and health will persist, whereas such changes caused by a traditional handbuff would only affect the first time the card is played. However, despite this, one cannot use The Gang's All Here to add multiple copies of a buffed minion to your deck; The Gang's All Here adds copies of the most basic form of the selected minion.
  • Adding Whizbang the Wonderful or Zayle, Shadow Cloak to your deck via means such as Bartender Bob or through the random deck feature will not replace the player's deck.[4]


For all loading screen tips for The Dalaran Heist, see Tips#The Dalaran Heist.



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