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Thaddius(7759) Gold.png
Set: Naxxramas
Type: Minion
Cost: 10 Mana icon.png
Attack: 11 Attack icon.png
Health: 11 Health
Artist: Matt Dixon

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Thaddius, full art
For the boss of the same name, see Thaddius (boss)

Thaddius is an uncollectible neutral minion card, from the Naxxramas set. It is summoned by the Deathrattle of Feugen and Stalagg, provided the other has died during the game.

For more information, and details regarding how Thaddius is summoned, see Feugen.

Summoned by[edit | edit source]


Quotes[edit | edit source]

Now you feel pain!
You die now!
Thank you...

Lore[edit | edit source]

Thaddius is a raid boss in the Naxxramas raid.

Curse of Naxxramas[edit | edit source]

The final hulking horror that stands within the Construct Quarter is Thaddius. Pieced together from the flesh of the innocent, this massive abomination dwells in one of Naxxramas’ experimental laboratories, flanked by two huge wights—Stalagg and Feugen. Powerful bolts of electricity arc through the laboratory, supercharging Thaddius and his wight minions.[1]

In World of Warcraft[edit | edit source]

In order to confront Thaddius in the Naxxramas raid, players had to first kill Feugen and Stalagg. If they were not killed within 5 seconds of each other they would resurrect each other with full health, forcing raids to down them almost simultaneously.

"Thaddius, built from the flesh of women and children, it is said that their souls are fused together - eternally bound within that foul prison of flesh."
- Commander Eligor Dawnbringer

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Thaddius in World of Warcraft
Thaddius in the Curse of Naxxramas promotional art

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