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Test Subject
Flavor text

It's time to clone! Match minions on the opposing side of the battlefield exactly.

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For the minion card of the same name, see Test Subject.

Test Subject is the first boss of the Mirror lab in the Puzzle Lab.

Hero Power[]



No. Title Description Solution Notes
1 First Steps Mirror by playing two minions
  1. Play Wisp
  2. Play River Crocolisk to the right of Wisp
2 Smoldering Shield Mirror by Fireballing a Sen'jin Shieldmasta
  1. Cast Fireball on Sen'jin Shieldmasta
  2. Play Wisp to the left of River Crocolisk
  3. Play Chillwind Yeti to the right of River Crocolisk
3 In a Flash Mirror by clearing Chargers
  1. Attack Wolfrider with Stonetusk Boar
  2. Cast Flash Heal on the friendly Chillwind Yeti
  3. Use the Hero Power Lesser Heal on the friendly River Crocolisk
4 Adorable Sacrifice Mirror by sacrificing Murloc Tinyfin
  1. Attack the right-most Wisp with Murloc Tinyfin
  2. Play Bloodfen Raptor to the right of Wisp


  1. Attack Bloodfen Raptor with Murloc Tinyfin
  2. Use the Hero Power Fireblast on Bloodfen Raptor
  3. Play Wisp
5 Pursuit of Knowledge Mirror by drawing cards
  1. Play Novice Engineer to the left of Spider Tank
  2. Cast Frostbolt on Dire Mole


  1. Cast Arcane Intellect
  2. Play Dire Mole to the right of Spider Tank
  3. Use the Hero Power Fireblast on Novice Engineer


  1. Cast Arcane Intellect
  2. Play Novice Engineer to the left of Spider Tank
  3. Play Dire Mole to the right of Spider Tank
6 Brazed Pork Mirror by Fireballing a Stonetusk Boar
  1. Cast Fireball on the right-most enemy Stonetusk Boar
  2. Attack Chillwind Yeti with Stonetusk Boar
  3. Use the Hero Power Fireblast on the enemy Chillwind Yeti
7 Shields Up! Mirror with Defender of Argus
  1. Play Stonetusk Boar on the far left
  2. Play Defender of Argus between Stonetusk Boars
  3. Attack Frostwolf Grunt with the right-most Stonetusk Boar
8 Three Odd Yetis Mirror the Health of three Chillwind Yetis
  1. Attack the undamaged enemy Chillwind Yeti with the left-most River Crocolisk
  2. Attack the enemy River Crocolisk with the remaining River Crocolisk
  3. Use the Hero Power Lesser Heal on the right-most enemy Yeti
  4. Cast Holy Smite on the friendly River Crocolisk


Before match

Zerek, Master Cloner
Have you got an eye for perfection? Cloning IS an exact science.


Test Subject
Here we go again. I'll ready the minions, sir.

Emote Response

Test Subject
Can you talk and clone at the same time?
Don't worry, you don't have to duplicate what I say.
Science has gotten so impersonal these days.
You know, it's nice to have someone to talk to.


Test Subject
Ah... Are you SURE you wanna try that?
Eh, it's a living. Plus, it's got GREAT health benefits.
Hope that'll work...
I hope you know what you're doing.
Let's think about this. Carefully.
Let's think about this, heheh carefully.
Listen, buddy, pal...
Why did I sign up for this?
Yehehe hehehheeee.
Yehehe yehehmmmm yeheh.
You're thinking about trying THAT? Oof.


Test Subject
Be careful! I'm delicate.
Oh ho! Watch the goods!
Whew, thanks. Something didn't feel quite right.

Puzzle 1

Zerek, Master Cloner
Very good. Now, try to make an exact duplicate of my test subject's minions.

Puzzle 2

Test Subject
Watch the fire on this one!

Puzzle 3

Zerek, Master Cloner
Some minions may be able to attack right away. Be watchful.

Puzzle 4

Zerek, Master Cloner
Not all your tools are used in every situation. Some may lead you astray.

Puzzle 5

Zerek, Master Cloner
Sometimes the solution may be hidden. Keep an open mind.

Puzzle 6

Zerek, Master Cloner
Nice work! Cloning Gnomes is easy. Mostly.
Test Subject
Not half bad! Make sure you clone all my devilish charm.

Return after leaving

Test Subject
There you are! I've kept the minions nice and warm.


Zerek, Master Cloner
Bravo! You're a quick learner. Let's see what you can REALLY do.


Test Subject, full art

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