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Terestian Illhoof
39644 • KARA_09_01
KARA 09 01.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
KARA 09 01 Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:One Night in KarazhanOne Night in Karazhan
Health:30 Health
Artist:Matt Cavotta
Voice actor:Jim Cummings
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Terestian Illhoof is a boss found in the One Night in Karazhan adventure. He is the third and final boss of the third wing, The Menagerie.

Hero Power[]

Normal and Heroic
Dark Pact

Special cards[]

Many Imps!
Summon Kil'rek


Icky Imp
Shadow Volley
Steal Life


Icky Imp
Shadow Volley
Steal Life


The below classes are listen purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Icky Imp 8 Boss Icky Imp 6
Many Imps! 2 Many Imps! 2
Summon Kil'rek 2 Summon Kil'rek 2
Shadow Volley 2 Shadow Volley 2
Steal Life 2 Steal Life 2
Warlock Corruption 2 Warlock Corruption 2
Power Overwhelming 2 Power Overwhelming 2
Soulfire 2 Soulfire 2
Voidwalker 2 Voidwalker 2
Imp Gang Boss 2 Demonfire 2
Voidcaller 2 Imp Gang Boss 2
Bane of Doom 2 Voidcaller 2
Doomguard 2


This encounter is fairly simple: Terestian is Immune, and can only be damaged through killing his Icky Imp (Heroic)s. Terestian tends to play pretty aggressively, and has some removal such as Soulfire, Bane of Doom and Corruption, as well as Doomguard to remove any persistent problems. Kil'rek (Heroic) makes an occasional appearance as a fairly substantial Taunt, making it harder to get at the Imps.

AoE damage is the order of the day for this boss. On Normal mode 1-damage effects like Whirlwind and Arcane Explosion will clear the Imps, while on Heroic you'll need something stronger like Blizzard, Consecration or Shadow Word: Horror, or repeated applications of Wild Pyromancer's effect. Aside from obvious AoE spells, minions like Abomination, Flamewaker and Tentacle of N'Zoth work well. Baron Geddon can serve very well as AoE damage, but he is likely to be removed, making him expensive.

Because the Icky Imps are "sticky" (functioning similarly to original Dreadsteed), over time the board will slowly fill up with them. This increases the pace and danger of the match, but also makes it easier to defeat Terestian, and makes AoE effects more rewarding.

Grim Patron works well for repeated trading, especially as most minions is this encounter have 2 or less Attack. Acolyte of Pain can be effective for the same reasons, especially on Normal. Minions like Frothing Berserker can be brought to huge levels during this encounter, but serve little purpose as the boss itself is immune. High-Health minions like Mogu'shan Warden can be effective for repeated trading, especially with healing available. For warriors, Protect the King! works very well, and combos well with Bolster. Fool's Bane can be effective, but can bring the warrior's Health dangerously low, especially on Heroic.

Mind Control Tech or other Mind control effect cards are excellent in this encounter, as the board quickly fills up and a stolen Icky Imp will endlessly respawn for you, while still dealing its damage to Illhoof. This allows the player to trade each stolen Imp into one of Terestian's Imps each turn, for an easy 4 damage per Imp per turn.

Knights of the Frozen Throne's cards Despicable Dreadlord and Defile make this fight particularly easy, because their effect deals exactly 1 damage without hurting the player's hero (unlike most other AoE board clears). Defile will straight up kill Illhoof, if there's more than one Icky Imp on the board (as it triggers 14 times, delivering 14*2*2 = 56 damage).


Priest is an excellent choice for this encounter. As well as a range of AoEs, the class' healing abilities can allow you to repeatedly trade your minions into the Imps and then heal them back up; Holy Nova especially can be massive in this encounter. The priest's range of mind control effects also work extremely well in this encounter. Shadow Madness is the best spell for this - as long as the stolen Imp dies that turn, it will become permanently under the priest's control - while Cabal Shadow Priest also works well. Power Word: Shield works very well with Wild Pyromancer for even more AoE damage. Excavated Evil also works well in this encounter, and Shadow Word: Horror can cause tremendous damage in this fight and should be saved for near the end of the game when numerous Imps are present on the battlefield.

On Heroic mode, to set off the Defile chain reaction described above, you will need to do a single point of damage to an Imp (easily done with Mortal Coil) while a full-health Imp is around, such that there's always an Imp dying during each cast of Defile. Lord Godfrey, whose Battlecry is effectively a 2-damage Defile, will also easily win you the game.



Avian Watcher

Wing completion[]

As the final boss of The Menagerie, defeating Terestian Illhoof also unlocks the following cards:

The Curator
Menagerie Magician


Before match

The demon Illhoof. Most dangerous exhibit. Approach with caution.


Terestian Illhoof
Ah, just in time!

Turn 1

Terestian Illhoof
The ritual begins now!
Summoning rituals are not permitted.

Emote Response

Terestian Illhoof
Your essence feeds the ritual!

Boss cards

Terestian Illhoof
Many Imps!
Come, you dwellers in the dark. Rally to my call!
Summon Kil'rek
Come, Kil'rek. Now we complete the summoning!
What are they trying to summon?
This Curator does not care. Summoning is forbidden.

Player's cards

Sense Demons
Many demons are detected.
Summoning Portal
Terestian Illhoof
A portal without a ritual? That seems so much easier...

Illhoof below 10 HP

Terestian Illhoof
Gather, my pets. The ritual must be completed!


This Curator thanks you. The menagerie will be restored.

Wing completion

Nearly to the top! We need to save Medivh before the party becomes a brawl!


"The demon Illhoof. Most dangerous exhibit. Approach with caution." - The Curator[1]

Terestian Illhoof is a demonic satyr, and formerly one of the most dangerous exhibits in Medivh's menagerie. After being released by the deranged Curator, the player will have to defeat Illhoof in order to progress to the tower's next level.

In World of Warcraft[]

Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Terestian Illhoof is a satyr located in the Repository of Karazhan. He hides in a secret passage behind a bookshelf in the library. Cleansing Karazhan of his presence will halt the respawning of demons directly by the bookshelf. He is an optional boss, but his loot table makes his death profitable to most adventurers.


Terestian Illhoof, full art

Terestian Illhoof in World of Warcraft

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