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Temple Escape
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Temple Escape is a boss encounter found in the League of Explorers adventure. It is the third and final boss of the adventure's first wing, Temple of Orsis.

Hearthstone's first escape encounter, the Temple Escape hero is Immune and does not have a Health count. Rather than defeating the hero, to win this match you must survive until the "turns to escape" count reaches 0. The boss has no deck, and does not play cards or draw cards at the start of the turn. The boss uses its Hero Power Escape! at the start of every turn to summon a minion or cause an effect. The "turns to escape" count goes down at the end of the boss' turn.

At the start of many turns, the player will be allowed to choose between two different options. The encounters and options are listed below.

Hero Power[]

Normal Heroic

Special cards[]

A Glowing Pool
A Glowing Pool(27335).png
Drink Deeply(27336).png
Wade Through(27337).png
Pit of Spikes
Pit of Spikes(27323).png
Swing Across(27324).png
Walk Across Gingerly(27325).png
The Eye
The Eye(27338).png
Touch It(27339).png
Investigate the Runes(27340).png
The Darkness
The Darkness(27341).png
Take the Shortcut(27342).png
No Way!(27343).png
Animated Statue(27334).png
Rolling Boulder(27494).png


Orsis Guard(27326).png
Giant Insect(27328).png
Anubisath Temple Guard(27330).png
Seething Statue(27332).png


Orsis Guard(27327).png
Giant Insect(27329).png
Anubisath Temple Guard(27331).png
Seething Statue(27333).png


This boss has no deck. Various minions and board effects are produced by the Hero Power Escape!.

In addition to the cards listed above, the encounter features the following minions.

Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Neutral Zombie Chow 1 Neutral Boulderfist Ogre 1
Oasis Snapjaw 1 War Golem 1
War Golem 1 Warrior Obsidian Destroyer 2
Warrior Obsidian Destroyer 1

Event order[]

Turn Normal Heroic
1 Zombie Chow Boulderfist Ogre
Drink Deeply(27336).png
Wade Through(27337).png
2 Oasis Snapjaw Obsidian Destroyer
Swing Across(27324).png
Walk Across Gingerly(27325).png
3 Orsis Guard (Normal) 2x Orsis Guard (Heroic)
Rolling Boulder is summoned on your side of the field
Touch It(27339).png
Investigate the Runes(27340).png
5 Board clear. All minions are destroyed
6 Anubisath Temple Guard (Normal) 2xAnubisath Temple Guard (Heroic)
7 Obsidian Destroyer Obsidian Destroyer
Take the Shortcut(27342).png
No Way!(27343).png
8 Seething Statue (Normal) Seething Statue (Heroic)
Note: If you chose the Shortcut this turn is skipped
9 2xGiant Insect (Normal) 3xGiant Insect (Heroic)
If you survive the next turn you win the match


  • Despite its unusual behaviour, the Temple Escape hero is still a normal boss, simply one that is immune, has no deck, and uses a very unusual Hero Power. If the boss is somehow supplied with cards, a weapon, or a different Hero Power, it will make use of them to the best of its ability.[1][2]Ways to achieve this include Blingtron 3000, Lorewalker Cho, and Mindgames in combination with Majordomo Executus. If the boss turns into a different hero such as Lord Jaraxxus or Ragnaros the Firelord, then the countdown will freeze and the only way to win the encounter will be destroying the replacement hero.
  • This boss has no deck and does not draw cards at the start of the turn. However, forcing it to draw cards will cause it to suffer Fatigue damage, although this normally will be mitigated by the boss' Immune status.


Whether playing Normal or Heroic, be sure not to use the Hunter class, as the Hero Power would be redundant.


This boss can be easily defeated with a Freeze Mage deck, a player should include cards like Frost Nova and Cone of Cold to Freeze the boss minions as much as possible, as well as multiple Taunt minions to prevent attacks to the hero. Bear in mind that at some point Reno will warn that the ceiling is going to fall in the next turn, resulting in a total board clear; knowing this, all that the player needs to do is to freeze the enemy board and wait. This effectively provides the Doomsayer for a classic Freeze/Doomsayer combo.

Research Project and Coldlight Oracle can be used as cheap drawing options since the boss doesn't benefit from drawing itself.

As the game progresses the boss' massive minions will eventually outnumber the player, so it's wise to bring Mind Control Tech, Big Game Hunter and minions with Poison to reduce the threat.

Since the boss' deck is empty, you will win any Joust as long as you have at least 1 minion left in your deck. This makes cards like Armored Warhorse, Master Jouster, Tuskarr Jouster and Healing Wave extremely efficient. You can also combine these cards with Brann Bronzebeard for guaranteed extra effects, although this is only useful for some Jousts. For the same reason you may consider using cards that have negative side effect like Deathlord, Jungle Moonkin or Coldlight Oracle.

The boss seems to focus on the face whenever possible, so another possible strategy is to bring Animated Armor to the fight, and play it after the ceiling collapses. It will not attack the Animated Armor if the face is a viable target.


Guides and decklists[]


Rumbling Elemental(27244).png
Sacred Trial(27217).png

Wing completion[]

As the final boss of the Temple or Orsis, defeating Temple Escape also unlocks the following cards:

Reno Jackson(27228).png
Ancient Shade(27245).png


Before match

Reno Jackson
We’ve got the first piece! Now we gotta out of here before we get squished!

Turn 1

Reno Jackson
Collapsing ceiling and monsters everywhere! Hurry up!

Turn 2

Reno Jackson
Hey hey! A glowing pool. Want to check it out?
Elise Starseeker
You don’t have time for that!

Turn 3 - Pit of Spikes

Reno Jackson
Hey hey! A pit of spikes!
Ok... You're crawling through the spikes. Will you hurry it up! (Walk Across Gingerly)
Ho ho ho! That did not look like fun. (Swing Across and take 10 damage)
Hey, nice! Almost as smooth as me. (Swing Across without damage)

Turn 4 - Rolling Boulder

Reno Jackson
That boulder's huge! Get out of the way!

Opponent's Turn 4

Reno Jackson
Ok...The rumbling's getting worse. I bet the whole ceiling collapses next turn!

Turn 5 - The Eye

Reno Jackson
That's a nice statue. Oh, and such a shiny ruby...

Animated Statue appears

Reno Jackson
Uh oh, he doesn’t look happy. I think he wants his gem back!

Turn 6

Reno Jackson
Look out! The ceiling's collapsing!
That was close! Glad I could get you out of the way. You're welcome.

Turn 8 - The Darkness

Reno Jackson
It's pretty dark in there, but I'm sure this'll get us out faster. Let's go!
Elise Starseeker
On my map it just says "DON’T GO HERE".

Opponent's Turn 8 - Seething Statue

Reno Jackson
Whew! It's getting hot. We need to hurry!

Opponent's Turn 9 - Giant Insect

Reno Jackson
Ugh. Why's it always bugs?

Turn 10

Reno Jackson
Almost there! I can see the sun!

Emote Response

Reno Jackson
Hurry up!


Reno Jackson
We made it! I never thought I’d be happy to see this dessert! Desert. Oh, I think I need water!


Temple Escape is original to Hearthstone.


Temple Escape, full art

File:Open the Doorways full.jpeg

Temple Escape turn 3, full art

Temple Escape turn 4, full art, by Eric Braddock

Temple Escape turn 10, full art, by Justin Kunz

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