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United in Stormwind

The below cards are planned for release with United in Stormwind, coming August 3rd, 2021.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Banner of Inspiration Player Enchant Any
Set Mission Event Any
Smuggling (Smuggler's Run) Any
Whizbang the Wonderful Free Hero Any 30
Showing all 4 cards
Whizbang the Wonderful(89956).png

This template checks to see if there are any matching cards in Category:Upcoming card data, and if so creates a section complete with title and introduction, in which {{List cards}} is called to provide a list of all cards matching the parameters supplied. The template functions by passing arguments to {{List cards/Section}}.

The template is generally used following {{List cards}} on card list pages, to automatically show Upcoming cards as soon as they are added to the wiki.

NB: The section title and introduction text needs to be updated manually for each new content release...


The template accepts all parameters used by {{List cards}}, and three additional parameters, level, tableonly and cardsonly.

  • level - This parameter accepts values between 2 and 4 to determine the level of the section header. Default value: 3.
  • tableonly - If this parameter is set to "yes", {{Custom card table}} will be called instead of {{List cards}}, resulting in only a table appearing, without a visual listing.
  • cardsonly - If this parameter is set to "yes", {{Cards}} will be called instead of {{List cards}}, resulting in only a visual listing appearing, without a table.
  • category - This parameter allows the user to specify a different category than Category:Upcoming cards. This can be useful for multiple category card types, such as Category:Upcoming choice cards. Note that while categoryname can be used to add additional categories, it cannot override the default category.