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[[Category:General wiki templates]]
|#default={{#ifexist:File:{{{1}}} icon.png|{{{1}}} icon.png|{{{1}}}.png}}
-->|{{{2|16px}}}|link={{{3|}}}|{{{1|{{{4}}}}}}]]</includeonly></onlyinclude>{{documentation}}[[Category:Icon templates| ]]

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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Icon/doc (edit):

This template is used for displaying an icon inline. It assumes icons are uploaded in PNG format.


{{icon|name|optional size|optional link|tooltip}}
  • Name is the filename of the icon. Usually minus the " icon.png" part.
  • An optional size can be provided in standard MediaWiki syntax. Default: 16px


  • Do not use this template with table templates that involve semantics.