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This is a helper template for writing Cargo where statements for templates such as {{Cards}} or {{Custom card table}}, among others. The where statements are a more powerful alternative for choosing what cards to display as compared to the other parameters of these templates. Unfortunately, the current state of the Cargo extension as of this writing requires some ugly workarounds be used. This template is intended to provide a more user-friendly way to construct the complex, workaround-laden wikitext.

Usage (when you need to check for a single value in a field):


Though the real power is in the ability to string these together with combinations of "AND", "OR", and parentheses, such as:

|where=( {{Holds|field1|value1}} OR {{Holds|field2|value2}} ) AND {{Holds|field3|value3}}

Typical, the other parameters of the templates providing a where automatically place "AND" between each specified field. This provides more options.

Technically, this can also be used to query for multiple values in a field, using "AND" and "OR" as the third parameter, but using {{Holds any of}} and {{Holds all of}} are recommended instead for being a little more readable.