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This template is an alternate version of {{List cards}} with tons of new supports and different use of parameters.


{{Card query


  • layout: Choose one of these layouts: table, image, or count. Default is table.
  • where: Where clauses, pretty much like SQL functions.
  • orderBy: Order to sort the results. Default is Cards.cost ASC, Cards.name ASC.
  • collapsed: If true (default), the table/card image list will be collapsed after the page is reloaded, and vice versa if false.
  • limit: Maximum number of cards to display. If the limit number and the results number are too high, it will display error: "The time allocated for running scripts has expired." Default is 500
  • offset: the number of initial cards to skip. This combines with limit for separating lists whose the number of results are very high into individual pages/articles.

Where clauses


Abyssal Wave Warlock Spell EpicEpic 6Deal 4 damage to all minions. Give your opponent an Abyssal Curse.
Anetheron Warlock Minion LegendaryLegendary 686Costs (1) if your hand is full.
Balinda Stonehearth Mage Minion LegendaryLegendary 655Battlecry: Draw 2 spells. Swap their Costs with this minion's stats.
Barbaric Sorceress Neutral Minion CommonCommon 637Taunt. Battlecry: Swap the Cost of a random spell in each player's hand.
Barrens Scavenger Warlock Minion EpicEpic 666Taunt Costs (1) while your deck has 10 or fewer cards.
Battleground Battlemaster Neutral Minion CommonCommon 655Adjacent minions have Windfury.
Beaststalker Tavish Hunter Hero LegendaryLegendary 6305Battlecry: Discover and cast 2 Improved Secrets.
Best in Shell Druid Spell CommonCommon 6Tradeable Summon two 2/7  Turtles with Taunt.
Blizzard Mage Spell RareRare 6Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions and Freeze them.
Blood in the Water Rogue Spell CommonCommon 6Deal 3 damage to an enemy. Summon a 5/5 Shark with Rush.
Cairne Bloodhoof Neutral Minion LegendaryLegendary 655Deathrattle: Summon a 5/5 Baine Bloodhoof.
Captain Galvangar Warrior Minion LegendaryLegendary 666Battlecry: If you have gained 15 or more Armor this game, gain +3/+3 and Charge.@ ({0} left!)@ (Ready!)
City Architect Neutral Minion CommonCommon 644Battlecry: Summon two 0/5 Castle Walls with Taunt.
Coilskar Commander Demon Hunter Minion EpicEpic 626Taunt. Battlecry: If you've cast three spells while holding this, summon two   copies of this.@ ({0} left!)@ (Ready!)
Cornelius Roame Neutral Minion LegendaryLegendary 645At the start and end  of each player's turn, draw a card.
Cowardly Grunt Warrior Minion RareRare 662Deathrattle: Summon a minion from your deck.
Crabatoa Rogue Minion LegendaryLegendary 665Colossal +2 Your Crabatoa Claws have +2 Attack.
Dreadlich Tamsin Warlock Hero LegendaryLegendary 6305Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to all minions. Shuffle 3 Rifts into your deck. Draw 3 cards.
Entitled Customer Warlock Minion EpicEpic 632Battlecry: Deal damage equal to your hand size to all other minions.
Felwalker Warlock Minion CommonCommon 637Taunt. Battlecry: Cast the highest Cost Fel spell from your hand.
Fire Elemental Shaman Minion CommonCommon 665Battlecry: Deal 4 damage.
Floecaster Mage Minion CommonCommon 655Costs (2) less for each Frozen enemy.
Gadgetzan Auctioneer Neutral Minion RareRare 644Whenever you cast a spell, draw a card.
Glaciate Shaman Spell RareRare 6Discover an 8-Cost minion. Summon and Freeze it.
Green-Thumb Gardener Druid Minion RareRare 655Battlecry: Refresh empty Mana Crystals equal to the Cost of the most expensive spell in your hand.
Grey Sage Parrot Mage Minion CommonCommon 645Battlecry: Repeat the last spell you've cast that costs (5) or more.
Highlord Fordragon Paladin Minion LegendaryLegendary 655Divine Shield After a friendly minion loses Divine Shield, give a minion   in your hand +5/+5.
Icehoof Protector Neutral Minion CommonCommon 6210Taunt Freeze any character damaged by this minion.
Impfestation Warlock Spell RareRare 6Summon a 3/3 Dread Imp to attack each enemy minion.
Krag'wa, the Frog Shaman Minion LegendaryLegendary 646Battlecry: Return all spells you played last turn to your hand.
Kresh, Lord of Turtling Warrior Minion LegendaryLegendary 639Frenzy: Gain 8 Armor. Deathrattle: Equip a 2/5 Turtle Spike.
Kurtrus, Demon-Render Demon Hunter Hero LegendaryLegendary 6305Battlecry: Summon two 1/4 Demons with Rush. (Improved by your hero attacks this game.)
Lady Anacondra Druid Minion LegendaryLegendary 637Your Nature spells cost (2) less.
Lady Prestor Neutral Minion LegendaryLegendary 667Battlecry: Transform minions in your deck into random Dragons. (They keep their   original stats and Cost.)
Legionnaire Neutral Minion CommonCommon 693Deathrattle: Give all minions in your hand +2/+2.
Lightbomb Priest Spell EpicEpic 6Deal damage to each minion equal to its Attack.
Lightshower Elemental Priest Minion RareRare 666Taunt Deathrattle: Restore 8 Health to all friendly characters.
Mi'da, Pure Light Priest Minion LegendaryLegendary 646Divine Shield, Lifesteal Deathrattle: Shuffle a Fragment into your deck that resummons Mi'da when drawn.
Mossy Horror Neutral Minion EpicEpic 627Battlecry: Destroy all other minions with 2 or less Attack.
Mothership Neutral Minion RareRare 654Rush Deathrattle: Summon two random Mechs that cost (3) or less.
Proving Grounds Demon Hunter Spell RareRare 6Summon two minions from your deck. They fight!
Rats of Extraordinary Size Hunter Spell EpicEpic 6Summon seven 1/1 Rats. Any that can't fit on the battlefield go to your hand with +4/+4.
Reno Jackson Neutral Minion LegendaryLegendary 646Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, fully heal your hero.
Savannah Highmane Hunter Minion RareRare 665Deathrattle: Summon two 2/2 Hyenas.
Snowfall Guardian Shaman Minion CommonCommon 633Battlecry: Freeze all other minions. Gain +1/+1 for each Frozen minion.
Sprint Rogue Spell RareRare 6Draw 4 cards.
Stealer of Souls Warlock Minion RareRare 646After you draw a card, change its Cost to Health instead of Mana.
Taurajo Brave Neutral Minion RareRare 648Frenzy: Destroy a random enemy minion.
Tiny Toys Shaman Spell EpicEpic 6Summon four random 5-Cost minions. Make them 2/2.
Undying Disciple Priest Minion RareRare 637Taunt Deathrattle: Deal damage equal to this minion's Attack to all enemy minions.