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This is the data page for this card.

This section will contain information on the content pages using this data page.

On an actual card data page, the normal image will appear here if it exists. On an actual card data page, the gold image will appear here if it exists.
Imported from API
Parameter Value Variable
dbfId dbfId
id id
name name
class class
multiclass multiclass
cost cost
attack attack
hp hp
armor armor
rarity rarity
set set
type type
subtype subtype
If desc or flavor show raw html tags like </div>, there is probably a <br> tag inside a <b> or <i> tag (or any other HTML tag, for that matter. The new description format for the tables, which hides all lines but the first until the mouse hovers over, can't properly cope with that. Please close any tags before a <br> and reopen them after if necessary.
Manual parameters
Parameter Value Variable
image image
has_gold has_gold
gold_image gold_image
has_diamond has_diamond
diamond_image diamond_image
abilities abilities
bg_type bg_type
tier tier
costs_gold costs_gold
link link
shows_playhs shows_playhs
original_ver original_ver
core_ver core_ver
classic_ver classic_ver
heroichp heroichp
heroicarmor heroicarmor

This template defines the table "CardDataPages". View table.


This template is used to set up a card data page.

These will be set up as Data namespace pages by periodic automated imports of data extracted from the game client, however editors may need to create data pages while waiting for imports to occur. Editors may also wish to edit the data to correct import errors, or to match updates to the data.

As well as being edited directly, the data found here can also be added to or overridden manually through the appropriate parameters of {{Card infobox}} on the content page itself. This may be desirable when working with temporary data pages, allowing for persistent additions to that data regardless of future imports.

This template shows the data in a display like the one below automatically when used on pages in the Data namespace, but shows nothing when used elsewhere. This is because the data page is transcluded on its content page. The show_data parameter is provided if you want to test data pages in your userspace, though. Setting that to yes will cause it to display the data.


{{Card data
  |show_data=yes or no
  |name=name of the card
  |link=link to the card's Hearthpwn page
  |image=filename of the normal card image
  |has_gold=True if there is a gold version, or False if there isn't (ignored for Battlegrounds cards)
  |gold_image=filename of the gold card image, leave blank if there is none (ignored for Battlegrounds cards)
  |bg_type=regular or gold (leave blank if this is not a Battlegrounds card)
  |tier=Battlegrounds tier (leave blank if this is not a Battlegrounds card)
  |type=the main type of the card, such as spell or minion
  |subtype=subtype of the card, such as beast
  |class=classes that can use the card, separated by commas
  |multiclass=multiclass grouping, if any
  |rarity=the card's rarity
  |cost=the card's mana cost, if any
  |attack=the card's attack power, if any
  |hp=the card's health, if any
  |heroichp=the card's health in heroic mode, if applicable
  |abilities=the card's abilities or mechanics, separated by commas
  |desc=the card's description * see note below
  |flavor=the card's flavor text * see note below

For desc and flavor, when line breaks are needed, please use <br/> specifically to ensure the hover feature recently added to card tables works as intended. For the same reason, please close and reopen <b> and <i> so that the line break does not fall within them. For example, instead of <b>Taunt.<br>Battlecry:</b>, please use <b>Taunt.</b><br/><b>Battlecry:</b> instead.