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Tamsin Roame
74778 • BOM_04_Tamsin_008hb
Tamsin's quest for power has led her to an altar of fire...and another shard of naaru.
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
For other representations of Tamsin Roame, see Tamsin Roame (disambiguation).

Tamsin Roame is the final boss in Kurtrus' Book of Mercenaries chapter.

Hero Power[]

BOM 04 Tamsin 008p.png
Summoned minions
BAR 914t3.png

Player's hero[]

BOM 04 Kurtrus 007hp.png
BOM 04 Kurtrus 001p.png
BOM 04 Kurtrus 001p1.png
BOM 04 Kurtrus 001p2.png
BOM 04 Kurtrus 001p3.png
BOM 04 Kurtrus 001p4.png
Equipped weapons
BOM 04 Glaive1 001w.png
BOM 04 Glaive2 001w.png
BOM 04 Glaive3 001w.png
BOM 04 Glaive4 001w.png

Special cards[]


BAR 914t3.png
BOM 04 Cariel 008t.png
BOM 04 Gizmizzle 008t.png
BOM 04 BurningBladeSummoner 005t.png
BOM 04 TamsinsPerfume 008s.png


BOM 04 HurlGlaive 002s.png
BOM 04 Glaive1 001w.png
BOM 04 Glaive2 001w.png
BOM 04 Glaive3 001w.png
BOM 04 Glaive4 001w.png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Tamsin Roame Kurtrus
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Gizmizzle 1 Boss Hurl Glaive 2
Burning Blade Channeler 1 DH Crimson Sigil Runner 2
Tamsin's Perfume 1 Fury (Rank 1) 1


Hysteria 1 Ur'zul Horror 1
Flesh Giant 1 Kor'vas Bloodthorn 1
Warlock Demonic Studies 1 Razorboar 2
Flame Imp 2 Sigil of Flame 1
Grimoire of Sacrifice 2 Eye Beam 2
Power Overwhelming 1 Felrattler 1
Darkglare 2 Gan'arg Glaivesmith 1
Midway Maniac 1 Line Hopper 1
Unstable Shadow Blast 2 Vile Call 2
Backfire 1 Illidari Felblade 1
Dark Skies 2 Star Student Stelina 1
Fiendish Circle 1 Chaos Nova 1
Man'ari Mosher 1 Imprisoned Antaen 1
Cascading Disaster 2 Skull of Gul'dan 2
Soul Rend 1 Priestess of Fury 1
Siphon Soul 1 Coilfang Warlord 2
Ring Matron 1 Taintheart Tormenter 1
Twisting Nether 2 DH, Hunter Ace Hunter Kreen 1
Warlock, DH Soul Shear 2 Neutral Mo'arg Artificer 1
Waste Warden 1



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Before match

▶️Step aside, Cariel. My mission must be completed. I will not hesitate to strike down ANYONE who gets in my way.
Cariel Roame
▶️My sister is not the warlock you seek. Please, Kurtrus. You are my comrade, but I will fight you if I have to.


Tamsin Roame
▶️Are you two going to fight over me? I'm honored.
▶️Bite your tongue, Forsaken wretch! I will deal with you in a moment.

Emote Response

Tamsin Roame
▶️Ooh. I'm so scared.

Hero Power

Tamsin Roame
▶️Impeccable timing!
▶️Impudent demon hunter.
▶️I am the impresario of pain!
▶️Implement my will!
▶️Me, lose? Impossible!
▶️Prepare for impact!
▶️I grow impatient!
▶️You imposter!
▶️Imp my ride!


Tamsin Roame
▶️Ugch. Another sad-dad-on-a-mission story. How cliché.
▶️So... can you see through the blindfold?
▶️It may surprise you to learn that Cariel was the troublemaker in the family.
▶️Quit looking at me like that!

Turn 2

Cariel Roame
▶️Sister! What has happened to you?
Tamsin Roame
▶️What happened? The Scourge happened. I served the Lich King until Lady Sylvanas liberated us.

Turn 3

▶️Get out of my way.
Cariel Roame
▶️I can't let you hurt her. She's my sister!
▶️She is the warlock I have been after all this time; I am sure of it.

Turn 4

Cariel Roame
▶️Tamsin, speak true – are you allied with the Burning Blade?
Tamsin Roame
▶️Of course not. I despise them. I was merely stealing their shard of naaru for my own ends.

Turn 5

Cariel Roame
▶️Thank goodness. Kurtrus thought you were trying to summon the dreadlord Anetheron.
Tamsin Roame
▶️Oh, well, yes! What do you think I wanted their shard for?

Turn 6

▶️Now do you see? She admits it.
Cariel Roame
▶️Let me fix this. I thought she was dead!
Tamsin Roame
▶️I AM dead!

Turn 7

▶️I do not want to fight you, paladin, but I will not let you stop me.
Cariel Roame
▶️I'm ready. I fight for my family.
Tamsin Roame
▶️You always were a fool, Cariel.

Cariel Roame is destroyed

▶️Now... no one to protect you.
Tamsin Roame
▶️I could vanquish you with a snap of my fingers anytime. I just wanted to see who was going to win that fight.

The second turn after killing Cariel Roame

▶️You speak without honor. She is your sister.
Tamsin Roame

Boss cards

Tamsin Roame
Grimoire of Sacrifice
▶️Thank you for your service.
Soul Rend
▶️<Over-the-top, evil laugh>
Tamsin's Perfume
▶️It's play time!

Player's cards

Tamsin Roame
▶️This is the fight of your life, and your weapon of choice... is pigs?
Vile Call
▶️Aww, little demons! I see we're not so different, you and I.
Glaive (Rank 4)
▶️Oooh. Fancy weapon. Soooo impressive.
Damaging Tamsin with Glaive
▶️So you like getting personal.


▶️At last! Now yield.
Tamsin Roame
▶️Sorry, old man. I have places to be and demons to summon.
▶️No! Warlock – get back here. I'm not finished. No!!!


Tamsin Roame
▶️How tragic. You've come all this way for revenge, only to die. I'm... sorry. I love it so much!


Tamsin Roame is unique to Hearthstone


Tamsin Roame, full art

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