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Sylvanas Windrunner
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:100 Health
Flavor text

Tensions between the Horde and Alliance have reached the breaking point under the new warchief.

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Varok Saurfang
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:30 Health
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
For other appearances of Sylvanas, see Sylvanas Windrunner (disambiguation).

Sylvanas Windrunner is the final boss in druid's Book of Heroes chapter.

Hero Powers[]

Sylvanas Windrunner Varok Saurfang
Survival of the Horde(71886).png

Player's hero[]

Tranquility Rank 2(71878).png

Special cards[]

Sylvanas Windrunner[]

Undercity Huckster(74922).png
Val'kyr Shadowguard(63153).png
Marked Shot(442200).png
Windrunner's Bow(72679).png
Varok Saurfang(74923).png

Varok Saurfang[]

Horde Armorsmith(389314).png
Terrifying Roar(42148).png
Blackrock Raider(389425).png


Way of the Archdruid(72888).png
Will of the Wisps(72893).png
Sentinel Huntress(72633).png
Tyrande Whisperwind(71980).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Sylvanas Windrunner Varok Saurfang Malfurion
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Undercity Huckster 1 Boss Horde Armorsmith 2 Boss Gibberling 2
Hopelessness 2 Terrifying Roar 2 Guidance 2
Val'kyr Shadowguard 1 Blackrock Raider 2 Powershifting 2
Marked Shot 2 Warrior Warsong Envoy 2 Way of the Archdruid 1
Windrunner's Bow 2 Whirlwind 2 Will of the Wisps 1
DH, Hunter Blood Herald 2 Cleave 2 Sentinel Huntress 2
Hunter Deadly Shot 2 Cruel Taskmaster 2 Druid Tyrande Whisperwind 1
Explosive Shot 2 Feat of Strength 2 Innervate 1
Unleash the Beast 2 Frothing Berserker 2 Crystal Power 2
Amani War Bear 2 Mortal Strike 2 Dreamway Guardians 2
Crushing Walls 2 Rancor 2 Lunar Eclipse 2
Priest Coffin Crasher 2 Arcanite Reaper 2 Power of the Wild 1
Rogue Plaguebringer 2 Armored Goon 2 Rising Winds 2
Warrior Orgrimmar Aspirant 1 Neutral Frostwolf Grunt 2 Solar Eclipse 2
Neutral Bloodmage Thalnos 1 Strongman 1 Fungal Fortunes 2
Raid Leader 2 Batterhead 1 Soul of the Forest 1
Linecracker 2 Arbor Up 2
Druid, Shaman Lightning Bloom 2


  • This is a two-stage battle. After Sylvanas' health reaches 30 or less, she is replaced by Varok Saurfang.
  • When the stage is changed, Sylvanas' deck is replaced by Varok Saurfang's. Varok also gets a copies of random cards of his deck in the amount equal to the number of cards in hand at the previous stage.
    • During the stage change Varok Saurfang minion appears on the enemy board and deals 3 damage to the player's hero. If Sylvanas' board is full at this moment Varok Saurfang does not appear and 3 damage is dealt by Sylvanas.
  • The player always gets Rising Winds, Lightning Bloom, Innervate on mulligan.
    • These cards can be replaced with Lunar Eclipse, Dreamway Guardians, Solar Eclipse. The replacement takes place from left to right (i.e., if the player replaced one card, they will receive Lunar Eclipse regardless of whether Rising Winds or Innervate was replaced).
  • The player always draws the cards in next order at first six turns:
  • Boss always draws the cards on first seven turns in next order (or has them in hand at the specified turn)


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Before match

Malfurion (present)
▶️Our triumph in Hyjal bought us years of peace as we tended the forests and protected the wild...
▶️But war was again a visitor. It came first in Ashenvale, led by Warchief Sylvanas, who pressed the battle ever closer to our home in Teldrassil.

Sylvanas Windrunner[]


Sylvanas Windrunner
▶️You waste my time!
▶️Begone from these lands!

Emote Response

Sylvanas Windrunner
▶️You underestimate me. Now you'll pay.


Sylvanas Windrunner
▶️I also fought to protect my land… It did not go as planned.
▶️Do not grieve. Your loved ones will always be with you.
▶️War always ends the same way.

Turn 1

Sylvanas Windrunner
▶️This battle cannot be won with wisps, Archdruid.

Turn 2

Sylvanas Windrunner
▶️Keep trying to defy me. My power has far outgrown yours.


Sylvanas Windrunner
▶️All will serve me... in time.

Varok Saurfang[]

Varok Saurfang appears on the board and deals 3 damage to Malfurion

Varok Saurfang
▶️You do not fight alone, my lady.
Varok Saurfang
▶️A dishonorable blow... I regret it.
Sylvanas Windrunner
▶️Finish him.
Varok Saurfang (minion) leaves the board, Sylvanas Windrunner is replaced by Varok Saurfang

Emote Response

Varok Saurfang
What would have happened if I let you kill the Dark Lady? I wonder...
▶️There is nothing without honor. I must never forget that.
▶️Even I do not know how far our Warchief will go in this war.
▶️We all have to make our choices in this war.
▶️I spill blood so that the Horde may endure. That is my sole purpose.


Varok Saurfang
▶️I yield. Leave these lands, and you may survive.
Tyrande Whisperwind
▶️I could say the same to you, orc.
▶️The war is lost. Teldrassil will soon fall. But this defeat is not forever.
▶️So long as we live, the seeds of faith can yet be sown.
Malfurion (present)
▶️Our people have watched the world change... charred by destruction only to regrow more glorious than ever before...
▶️And we shall bear witness to it again. That is what I believe.


Varok Saurfang
▶️A bad death in an unfair battle... I would take it back, if I could.


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, styled variously as "the Dark Lady" and "the Banshee Queen," is the former Warchief of the {{wow|Horde]] and the former supreme ruler of the Forsaken, one of the most powerful factions of undead on Azeroth. In life, Sylvanas was the ranger-general of Silvermoon, whose leadership acumen and martial prowess were without equal. During the Third War, she bravely defended Quel'Thalas from a Scourge invasion led by the death knight Arthas Menethil. Ultimately, however, Sylvanas fell in battle. Rather than honor the ranger-general with a quick death, Arthas ripped out her soul and transformed it into a banshee: a cunning and vengeful agent of the Lich King empowered by hate.
When the Lich King's control over his minions weakened, Sylvanas broke away from her tyrannical master's control and reclaimed her body. Vowing to avenge her death, Sylvanas gathered other renegade undead and set out to wage war against the Scourge. Thus it was that the Forsaken came to be, with Sylvanas as their queen. Under Sylvanas' command, the Forsaken joined the Horde and later helped bring about the Lich King's fall in the frozen wastes of Northrend.
Yet many challenges still lay ahead for Sylvanas. After an uprising within her ranks that killed other members of the Horde, the banshee queen is now mistrusted by many of her allies. While Sylvanas maintains that her loyalty to the Horde is undiminished, some of the faction's members are uncertain about her true intentions.
After the fall of the Lich King, Sylvanas came to the shocking realization that she, like Arthas before her, was damned to an eternity of darkness and torture in the afterlife. After entering into a pact with the Val'kyr, Sylvanas was able to regain her place in the realm of the living for as long as her Val'kyr survive. Knowing the dark fate that will inevitably befall her, Sylvanas considers her people a bulwark against the horrifying darkness that awaits her in the end. Following this, Sylvanas has launched an aggressive attack into the regions of Lordaeron and the greater Eastern Kingdoms not directly under her control, in an attempt to conquer the continent and secure it for the Forsaken.
After being mortally wounded during the battle for the Broken Shore, Warchief Vol'jin declared Sylvanas as his successor with his dying breath, leaving her to lead the Horde against the invading forces of the Burning Legion. Following the Legion's defeat, Sylvanas now leads the Horde against the Alliance in a war that spans all of Azeroth.
After being challenged to mak'gora by defector Varok Saurfang, Sylvanas managed to overcome him in combat, but in the process revealed to the rest of her Horde loyalists that they truly meant nothing to her. Ultimately, Sylvanas fled from Orgrimmar and abandoned the Horde to pursue her own agenda alongside those still loyal to her cause.


Sylvanas Windrunner, full art

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