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For information on summoning minions, see Minion#Summoning.

Summon is an ability which summons one or more minions.

Distinct from regular summoning, a minion generated by the summon ability does not consume or come from an existing card, is usually uncollectible, and does not incur its mana cost. The ability is found on hero powers, spells and minions, and is often triggered by a Battlecry or Deathrattle. Transform effects function similarly to summon effects in that they bring new minions into play, but do so by replacing an existing minion with another, and therefore do not trigger summoning-related effects.


  • Minions summoned by a summon effect are not played directly from the hand, and therefore will not trigger Battlecries or Overload. However, they will work with triggered effects which respond to the summoning of minions.
  • All minions are considered to be "summoned". However, only minions played directly from the hand are considered to have been "played". Card text which states "plays a minion" therefore refers only to the direct playing of a minion from the hand, while "summons a minion" can refer to a minion being summoned by any means. For example, using LegacyReinforce to summon a LegacySilver Hand Recruit will not trigger LegacyMirror Entity, but will trigger LegacySword of Justice.
  • Unlike when directly summoning minions, the placement of minions summoned by summon effects is not controlled by the player. As a rule, summon effects tend to place minions to the right. In the case of minion summon effects such as LegacyViolet Teacher's triggered effect, the minion is placed immediately to the right of the summoning minion; while for all other sources of summon effects, including Hero Powers such as LegacyTotemic Call and spells such as LegacyAnimal Companion, the minion is placed at the far right of the battlefield.
    • One notable exception: Minions that summon multiple minions at once frequently place the minions symmetrically on both sides. For example, summoning LegacyOnyxia will evenly distribute Whelps to LegacyOnyxia's left and right. Goblins vs GnomesDr. Boom will similarly attempt to place a Goblins vs GnomesBoom Bot to each side of himself.
  • Cards with effects that summon random minions can summon even class-inappropriate ones.

Cards with summon[]


For Wild format listings, see Summon/Wild format

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WC 022.png
BAR 550.png
AV 137.png
CORE AT 037.png
CORE EX1 130.png
TSC 925.png
SW 422.png
BAR 751.png
DED 504.png
ONY 016.png
BAR 801.png
AV 118.png
TSC 929.png
TSC 941.png
BAR 914.png
CORE KAR 073.png
CORE EX1 506.png
CORE FP1 007.png
SW 316.png
CORE EX1 160.png
WC 003.png
CORE EX1 554.png
BAR 871.png
BAR 034.png
BAR 533.png
DED 512.png
CORE NEW1 031.png
AV 282.png
SW 035.png
CORE BT 036.png
AV 315.png
AV 657.png
WC 027.png
AV 124.png
AV 711.png
SW 087.png
CORE EX1 248.png
CORE GIL 191.png
SW 079.png
WC 805.png
AV 360.png
BAR 060.png
ONY 017.png
CORE BRM 006.png
BAR 035.png
BAR 076.png
CORE LOE 050.png
TSC 947.png
BAR 812.png
SW 419.png
AV 309.png
SW 458.png
TSC 640.png
AV 333.png
BAR 888.png
TSC 646.png
ONY 030.png
TSC 960.png
BAR 327.png
TSC 775.png
UPCOMING 76985.png
SW 085.png
SW 088.png
AV 211.png
AV 269.png
CORE ICC 026.png
BAR 070.png
SW 432.png
AV 143.png
BAR 540.png
SW 455.png
WC 008.png
CORE EX1 158.png
SW 026.png
SW 006.png
TID 003.png
BAR 878.png
CORE NEW1 026.png
AV 268.png
AV 293.png
DED 517.png
TSC 912.png
BAR 072.png
BAR 879.png
TID 005.png
TSC 648.png
TSC 650.png
CORE EX1 571.png
SW 463.png
TSC 649.png
BAR 846.png
BAR 919.png
ONY 001.png
AV 342.png
CORE OG 273.png
SW 429.png
TSC 932.png
CORE EX1 110.png
SW 076.png
TSC 609.png
AV 107.png
ONY 033.png
AV 204.png
TSC 645.png
SW 320.png
CORE EX1 534.png
SW 034.png
AV 257.png
TSC 917.png
SW 443.png
TSC 658.png
TSC 076.png
BAR 077.png
AV 337.png
BAR 334.png
WC 034.png
ONY 021.png
CORE GIL 598.png
AV 258.png
CORE EX1 573.png
WC 036.png
TSC 962.png
TSC 656.png
CORE DRG 090.png
BAR 042.png
AV 203.png
AV 339.png
CS3 032.png
ONY 029.png


For Wild format listings, see Summon/Wild format

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SW 439t.png
SW 097t.png
SW 422a.png
SW 031t.png
ONY 016t.png
ONY 016t2.png
AV 258pt.png
TSC 950t.png
TSC 950t2.png
TSC 929t.png
AV 113t8.png
AV 113t7.png
AV 113t3.png
AV 113p.png
ONY 005tb7.png
AV 316t4.png
ONY 005ta12.png
BAR 721t.png
TSC 644t.png
ONY 005tb13.png
ONY 005tb8.png
ONY 005tb12.png
TSC 775t.png
SW 087t.png
ONY 005tb9.png
ONY 005ta5.png
SW 028t5.png
TSC 650a.png
TSC 650d.png
ONY 005tb5.png
TSC 912t.png
SW 028t6.png
AV 282t2.png
ONY 028t.png
ONY 005tc3.png
ONY 005ta6.png
AV 282t4.png

Related cards[]

For Wild format listings, see Summon/Wild format

These cards have effects related to the summoning of minions. For a list of cards related to the playing of minions from the hand, see Minion#Playing-related.

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CORE EX1 509.png
TSC 922.png
TSC 928.png
CORE LOOT 101.png
TSC 054.png
AV 344.png
AV 291.png
TSC 934.png

Patch changes[]

  • Alpha patch (unknown date, pre-May 2013): "Summon" in card text is no longer capitalised.