A minion with Stealth can't be attacked or targeted by enemy minions, spells, hero powers, or battlecry until it deals damage. You may target your own stealthed minions. Flare and Streetwise Investigator remove Stealth. Shadow Sensei empowers a Stealth minion.

Below is a list of all cards with the stealth mechanic.

Note: For the purposes of this list, only collectible cards are listed.

Core set

Rogue icon Rogue

Warlock icon Warlock

Curse of Naxxramas


Goblins vs. Gnomes


Rogue icon Rogue

The Grand Tournament


Druid icon Druid

Journey to Un'Goro

Journey to Un Goro Logo

Druid icon Druid

Knights of the Frozen Throne

Knights of the Frozen Throne Logo

Rogue icon Rogue

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan


Rogue icon Rogue

One Night in Karazhan

Karazhan Logo

Whispers of the Old Gods

WotOG Logo
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