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Can't be attacked or targeted until it attacks.

A minion in Stealth

Stealth is a minion ability which prevents that minion from being the target of enemy attacks, spells and effects until they attack. They can, however, be affected by area of effect spells and abilities or those that have random targets, as well as spells and effects generated by their owner.


  • Minions in Stealth cannot be directly targeted by the opponent in any way. This includes Battlecry effects from enemy minions.
  • Minions in Stealth can still be directly targeted by the controlling player. For example, a LegacyVoodoo Doctor can be used to heal a friendly Stealthed minion that has been damaged by AoE, or a LegacyShattered Sun Cleric can be used to buff it.
  • Unlike in games like World of Warcraft, receiving damage will not break a minion's Stealth.
  • Any additional effects or enchantments of Stealthed minions are still active even if Stealthed. This can make Stealth a very convenient way of protecting valuable buff minions, which may otherwise be vulnerable to attack. LegacyBlood Imp is one example of a buff minion that comes with Stealth.
  • A minion that is in Stealth and given Taunt by another card will not act as a taunt until it comes out of Stealth.
  • Like Divine Shield, Stealth is both an ability of a minion and an effect on the minion. Once the effect is consumed, the card text is still present but no longer does anything.
    • A Stealthed minion that is silenced will lose the Stealth effect, regardless of how it became Stealthed.
    • A non-Stealthed minion that is granted Stealth will gain the Stealth effect, regardless of whether it has ever had the Stealth effect before or has the Stealth card text.
    • Attempting to grant a Stealthed minion Stealth again has no effect.
    • Granting the Stealth effect does not grant the Stealth card text.
    • There are very few cards capable of repeatedly gaining Stealth; as of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan only Mean Streets of GadgetzanLotus Assassin, and One-Eyed Cheat in Wild format.
    • A minion with the Stealth card text which is restored to its original state (such as through being re-summoned (NaxxramasKel'Thuzad, NaxxramasReincarnate) or re-played) will regain the Stealth effect. Conversely, the Stealth effect itself will be lost upon death or being returned to the hand or deck.
  • Minions that attack lose Stealth after the Combat Preparation Phase and just before any subsequent Death Phases/the actual combat itself, meaning that even if no Damage Event is created by attacking (such as by triggering LegacyIce Block or if the minion is reduced to 0 Attack before the actual combat), the attack still breaks Stealth.[1] Conversely, if you have a Stealthed 0 Attack minion, and due to Clumsy it is attacked, it does not break Stealth because it does not create a Damage Event.[2]
  • Note that Damage Events for 0 damage (involving Divine Shield and LegacyCommanding Shout), while not allowing on-damage triggers to run, will break Stealth. Conversely, if there is no Damage Event at all (because of Immune or LegacyIce Block), Stealth remains intact.[3]


Stealth is very effective for protecting minions from enemy attack. However, as the Stealthed minion is unable to attack without losing the effect, Stealth's value is largely strategic. A minion which simply stays in Stealth is generally of little use to its owner, unless it offers a useful triggered or ongoing effect, in which case remaining in Stealth can be extremely desirable, especially as these minions are often high priority soft taunts.

Much of Stealth's value often lies in keeping the minion hidden until it is ready to attack; in a sense a substitute for a Charge minion, played the following turn. Stealth minions can offer a similar level of unstoppable damage, although they can still be removed with random target or AoE effects. In exchange, Stealth minions offer synergy with triggered effects and Battlecries, allowing the player to build them up before bringing them out of the shadows.

Stealth is almost exclusively found as a part of minion card text, meaning that minions either come with Stealth, or do not. However, the Spare Part Goblins vs GnomesFinicky Cloakfield and the Rogue cards LegacyConceal, LegacyMaster of Disguise, and Whispers of the Old GodsFadeleaf Toxin from Whispers of the Old GodsXaril, Poisoned Mind can be used to grant Stealth temporarily.

Cards with Stealth[]

For Wild format listings, see Stealth/Wild format

This section lists cards which have the ability to become Stealthed when played.


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CORE EX1 010.png
AV 601.png
AV 238.png
TID 080.png
SW 418.png
AV 123.png
CORE EX1 017.png
WC 015.png
AV 211.png
CORE YOD 006.png
CORE EX1 028.png


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SW 052t8 t.png
AV 211t.png
WC 034t6.png
TSC 912t3.png
AV 203t.png
TSC 912t2.png

Sources of Stealth[]

For Wild format listings, see Stealth/Wild format

Stealth-generating cards[]

This section lists cards which generate minions with Stealth.

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SW 079t.png
WC 022.png
SW 052.png
SW 052t.png
WC 028.png
WC 017.png
WC 027.png
AV 124.png
SW 079.png
AV 360.png
AV 211.png
BAR 079.png
TSC 912.png
SW 052t3.png
TSC 912t.png
WC 034.png
AV 203.png

Stealth-granting cards[]

This section lists cards which grant the Stealth ability to other minions or to itself.

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SW 052t6.png
AV 335.png
WC 016.png
SW 413.png
ONY 005tb2.png


Name Requirements Rewards
You Didn't See Anything... (1/5) Play 5 minions with Stealth. 10 Achievement Point.png
You Didn't See Anything... (2/5) Play 15 minions with Stealth. 10 Achievement Point.png
You Didn't See Anything... (3/5) Play 50 minions with Stealth. 10 Achievement Point.png
You Didn't See Anything... (4/5) Play 150 minions with Stealth. 10 Achievement Point.png
You Didn't See Anything... (5/5) Play 500 minions with Stealth. 20 Achievement Point.png


  • The spell Transcendence, used by the Lorewalker Cho tutorial boss, grants Cho an effect very similar to Stealth: he cannot be attacked or targeted by his opponent, but he can still target himself and can take damage from non-targeted effects.

Patch changes[]

  • VSC Logo Adventure.pngPatch (2022-06-01): Added a new fading animation for minions that exit Stealth.
  • Patch (2018-04-10): Minions now only break Stealth when attacking. Damage dealt by card abilities, such as LegacyKnife Juggler's knife throw, no longer breaks Stealth.
  • Patch (2014-03-11): Minions who have Taunt and Stealth now have an effect that more clearly indicates that Taunt is temporarily disabled during Stealth.