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Stargazer Luna
Stargazer Luna
Golden Stargazer Luna
Set:The Boomsday ProjectThe Boomsday Project
Cost:3 Mana icon.png
Attack:2 Attack icon.png
Health:4 Health
Abilities:Draw cards
Wiki tags:Hand-related
Artist:L. Lullabi & K. Turovec
After you play the right-most card in your hand, draw a card.
Flavor text

She's Dr. Boom's right-hand mage.

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For the boss of the same name, see Stargazer Luna (boss).

Stargazer Luna is a legendary mage minion card, from The Boomsday Project set.

How to get[]

Stargazer Luna can be obtained through The Boomsday Project card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Stargazer Luna 1600 400
Golden Stargazer Luna 3200 1600


Stargazer Luna has decent stats for a 3-drop, making her a viable on curve play to benefit from on your next turn. As the card in the right-most position of your hand is always the last card you drew or generated, you effectively go into top deck mode if hoping to draw more than one card a turn using Stargazer Luna's effect. Because of this, Stargazer Luna would generate the most benefit in decks that run large amounts of cheap spells and minions that can be played the moment they are drawn. She also synergizes well with Luna's Pocket Galaxy, providing a steady stream of card draw while you play massively discounted minions.




Luna is unique to Hearthstone.

Recording Mech Unit: Microbot POK-E
What are you doing in my observatory? I didn’t requisition any microbots. Tell that fool Boom that I don’t need more idiot Mechs—I need assistants who can think for themselves!
::microbot POK-E indignant retort::
Ah, another Boomsday Project update? Very well. Strike the preceding from the transcript.
My people, the Draenei, have always had a special kinship with the stars. They navigated through them, traveled among them . . . but their vision was always too narrow. Always intent on petty things like the Light, finding a new planet to inhabit, the survival of our species—rather than opening their eyes to the wonders that they could reach for and almost touch!
Come! Look! My grand observatory, so generously provided by Dr. Boom and Boom Labs, lies at the highest point in Netherstorm. Here we are ideally—uniquely—situated to study the mysteries of the universe. My work here involves much, much more than squinting through a telescope, as that multiplying moron Zerek claims.
If only you knew what lay beyond! In those vast reaches, the solution to every puzzle can be found. The patterns of the stars encompass all the mysteries of time and space. A study of celestial alignments reveals hints of cosmic horrors patiently hastening the inevitable heat death of the universe. Ah, it’s heavenly!
Not all have the vision to appreciate it, sadly. My colleagues are consumed with paltry, material things. Resources. Power. Food. Sleep. Distractions! Why waste precious time on such things when the vast riddle of the heavens is written above, waiting to be unraveled? And controlled!
::microbot POK-E query::
Proof? Come closer, my little loose-screwed skeptic. Behold the tools of creation! An entire simulated galaxy: its energies tamed, its harmonies harnessed, and small enough to slip into a pocket. Is THAT good enough for Boom’s little project?
::microbot POK-E query::
No, you insolent instrument. It’s not finished. There are still some irritating dimensional quirks to be resolved. But . . . if Boom can divert some funding, recruit more interns, and send over a few of your metal friends to help round up the strange creatures that keep appearing in my laboratory, I’m sure we’ll finish in time for whatever it is he’s planning.


  • The card that became Stargazer Luna was originally planned to be included in Kobolds & Catacombs as a 3-mana 2/4 minion known as "Grand Inventor Fizzle", with the card text "You can play the top card of your deck". It would thus reveal what the top card of the player's deck was, allowing them to drag the card out of their deck and "do cool things". Another iteration featured the same stats and card text, but with a 4-mana cost and the name "Smarticus the Brilliant". However, this design created a lot of UI complexity, limiting the amount of things Blizzard could do with the top of players' decks or the deck space, and "it's also a little bit weirder on mobile". A member of the art team pitched the idea of allowing players to play the right-most card in their hand instead of the topmost card of their deck, giving the player a bit more control since it lets them know that they'll be able to draw at least one card. Gameplay-wise, it was fairly close to the original idea, but it was far easier to understand as well as easier to implement and use, and so this was the version that Blizzard ended up implementing in the form of Stargazer Luna.[2]
  • "Behold the tools of creation!" is a reference to Algalon the Observer from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, in the Ulduar raid.
  • Luna is indeed the inventor of Luna's Pocket Galaxy.


Stargazer Luna, full art

Patch changes[]


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