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54551 • DALA_Squeamlish
DALA Squeamlish.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
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Set:Rise of ShadowsRise of Shadows
Health:15 Health
Artist:Rudy Siswanto
Voice actor:Sophie Amoss
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
For the Tombs of Terror boss, see Saviors of UldumSqueamlish.

Squeamlish is a hero that the player can pick in The Dalaran Heist. She represents the Druid class.

Hero Powers[]

Available at start Unlock: Play 15 Choose One Cards Unlock: Gain Attack 25 times
Touch of Bark

Starting cards[]

Available at start Unlock: Defeat 5 Bosses Unlock: Defeat 10 Bosses
Ferocity Two Paths Nature's Boon
Rise of ShadowsAcornbearer Kobolds & CatacombsDire Mole LegacyClaw
Journey to Un'GoroEarthen Scales The League of ExplorersRaven Idol One Night in KarazhanEnchanted Raven
Kobolds & CatacombsFeral Gibberer Goblins vs GnomesAnodized Robo Cub The Boomsday ProjectDendrologist
Rise of ShadowsDreamway Guardians LegacyPower of the Wild Mean Streets of GadgetzanGadgetzan Socialite
Kobolds & CatacombsPlated Beetle Kobolds & CatacombsGreedy Sprite LegacyHealing Touch
Journey to Un'GoroTortollan Forager LegacyMark of Nature The Boomsday ProjectLandscaping
Whispers of the Old GodsAddled Grizzly NaxxramasShade of Naxxramas Rise of ShadowsLifeweaver
Rise of ShadowsBlessing of the Ancients Whispers of the Old GodsMire Keeper NaxxramasPoison Seeds
Kobolds & CatacombsAstral Tiger Rise of ShadowsPortal Keeper The Grand TournamentSavage Combatant
Kobolds & CatacombsOaken Summons LegacyStarfall Rise of ShadowsCrystal Stag

Card Bundles[]

All Bark Beasts and Buffs Big Friends Choices, Choices Feral Bite Legends Nature's Wrath Nurture and Grow Protectors Recovery Roar! Swarm
The Boomsday ProjectDendrologist Kobolds & CatacombsDire Mole Journey to Un'GoroJungle Giants Rise of ShadowsCrystal Power Rastakhan's RumblePounce Rastakhan's RumbleWardruid Loti The Grand TournamentLiving Roots The Boomsday ProjectBiology Project LegacyMark of the Wild Rise of ShadowsCrystal Power The WitchwoodWitching Hour LegacyAbusive Sergeant
The WitchwoodWitchwood Apple One Night in KarazhanEnchanted Raven Journey to Un'GoroTortollan Forager Mean Streets of GadgetzanJade Idol LegacyClaw The Boomsday ProjectFlobbidinous Floop LegacyNaturalize The Boomsday ProjectFloop's Glorious Gloop Journey to Un'GoroStonehill Defender Mean Streets of GadgetzanMistress of Mixtures Rastakhan's RumblePredatory Instincts Rise of ShadowsAcornbearer
The Boomsday ProjectLandscaping Rastakhan's RumbleHelpless Hatchling Journey to Un'GoroElder Longneck The Grand TournamentLiving Roots Journey to Un'GoroEarthen Scales Kobolds & CatacombsIxlid, Fungal Lord LegacyBloodmage Thalnos The Grand TournamentDarnassus Aspirant LegacyDefender of Argus Rise of ShadowsPotion Vendor Journey to Un'GoroBittertide Hydra The Grand TournamentLiving Roots
The Grand TournamentMulch The WitchwoodSwamp Leech Kobolds & CatacombsCursed Disciple The League of ExplorersRaven Idol Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Jasper Spellstone NaxxramasLoatheb Rise of ShadowsCrystalsong Portal LegacyLoot Hoarder Knights of the Frozen ThroneSaronite Chain Gang Rise of ShadowsDreamway Guardians Goblins vs GnomesDruid of the Fang Mean Streets of GadgetzanMark of the Lotus
NaxxramasPoison Seeds NaxxramasHaunted Creeper LegacyAncient of Lore The Grand TournamentDruid of the Saber Rastakhan's RumbleSpirit of the Raptor Mean Streets of GadgetzanAya Blackpaw Rise of ShadowsDreamway Guardians LegacyColdlight Oracle Knights of the Frozen ThroneStrongshell Scavenger LegacyEarthen Ring Farseer One Night in KarazhanMenagerie Magician Rise of ShadowsDreamway Guardians
LegacySoul of the Forest The League of ExplorersJeweled Scarab LegacyAncient of War Knights of the Frozen ThroneDruid of the Swarm Rastakhan's RumbleSavage Striker LegacyCairne Bloodhoof LegacyWrath Kobolds & CatacombsGreedy Sprite NaxxramasSludge Belcher Kobolds & CatacombsFungal Enchanter The WitchwoodWitchwood Grizzly NaxxramasEchoing Ooze
Kobolds & CatacombsTwig of the World Tree LegacyMark of the Wild Journey to Un'GoroGiant Anaconda Rise of ShadowsKeeper Stalladris Whispers of the Old GodsFeral Rage Blackrock MountainEmperor Thaurissan LegacySwipe Goblins vs GnomesGrove Tender The WitchwoodWitchwood Grizzly LegacyHealing Touch Rastakhan's RumbleStampeding Roar NaxxramasHaunted Creeper
LegacyForce of Nature Whispers of the Old GodsMark of Y'Shaarj The Boomsday ProjectGloop Sprayer LegacyWrath The WitchwoodFerocious Howl LegacySylvanas Windrunner LegacyAzure Drake Mean Streets of GadgetzanJade Blossom Kobolds & CatacombsHungry Ettin Rise of ShadowsLifeweaver Rastakhan's RumbleAmani War Bear LegacyPower of the Wild
Journey to Un'GoroLiving Mana The WitchwoodVicious Scalehide Rastakhan's RumbleIronhide Direhorn The WitchwoodDruid of the Scythe LegacyBite Goblins vs GnomesDr. Boom The Grand TournamentNexus-Champion Saraad The WitchwoodForest Guide Mean Streets of GadgetzanJade Behemoth The WitchwoodLifedrinker The Boomsday ProjectDreampetal Florist Whispers of the Old GodsAddled Grizzly
Rastakhan's RumbleTreespeaker Whispers of the Old GodsAddled Grizzly Rastakhan's RumbleLinecracker Rastakhan's RumbleWardruid Loti Kobolds & CatacombsBranching Paths Goblins vs GnomesMalorne LegacyStarfall Whispers of the Old GodsMire Keeper Knights of the Frozen ThroneSpreading Plague Goblins vs GnomesAntique Healbot Journey to Un'GoroGiant Anaconda Rise of ShadowsBlessing of the Ancients
The Boomsday ProjectTending Tauren LegacyMark of Nature The Boomsday ProjectStar Aligner Whispers of the Old GodsFandral Staghelm Kobolds & CatacombsIronwood Golem Goblins vs GnomesTroggzor the Earthinator LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer LegacyAzure Drake Rise of ShadowsHeroic Innkeeper Rise of ShadowsCrystal Stag Rastakhan's RumbleIronhide Direhorn Knights of the Frozen ThroneCrypt Lord
LegacyAncient of Lore The League of ExplorersMounted Raptor Knights of the Frozen ThroneBonemare LegacyDruid of the Claw The Grand TournamentSavage Combatant NaxxramasKel'Thuzad LegacyStarfire LegacyNourish Rise of ShadowsLucentbark The WitchwoodRotten Applebaum Goblins vs GnomesMalorne Goblins vs GnomesHobgoblin
LegacyAncient of War Journey to Un'GoroVicious Fledgling Blackrock MountainChromaggus Goblins vs GnomesDark Wispers LegacySwipe LegacyRagnaros the Firelord Rise of ShadowsExotic Mountseller LegacyAncient of Lore Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Drake One Night in KarazhanMoonglade Portal Journey to Un'GoroCharged Devilsaur LegacyImp Master
Rise of ShadowsThe Forest's Aid Journey to Un'GoroEvolving Spores LegacyGruul LegacyAncient of War LegacyLeeroy Jenkins Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder Rise of ShadowsThe Forest's Aid Blackrock MountainChromaggus Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King LegacyAncient of Lore Kobolds & CatacombsViolet Wurm One Night in KarazhanMoroes
LegacyCenarius Rastakhan's RumbleMark of the Loa LegacyIronbark Protector Knights of the Frozen ThroneMalfurion the Pestilent Rastakhan's RumbleGonk, the Raptor Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King LegacyMalygos Knights of the Frozen ThroneUltimate Infestation Knights of the Frozen ThroneHadronox Rise of ShadowsLucentbark Rastakhan's RumbleOondasta LegacySavage Roar
The Boomsday ProjectMulchmuncher The Grand TournamentWildwalker Whispers of the Old GodsBlood of The Ancient One Whispers of the Old GodsWisps of the Old Gods LegacyCenarius Knights of the Frozen ThroneUltimate Infestation Goblins vs GnomesTree of Life Journey to Un'GoroTyrantus Whispers of the Old GodsWisps of the Old Gods
Mean Streets of GadgetzanVirmen Sensei The Grand TournamentAviana Mean Streets of GadgetzanKun the Forgotten King LegacyYsera Whispers of the Old GodsYogg-Saron, Hope's End Rise of ShadowsThe Forest's Aid
Goblins vs GnomesDark Wispers Rise of ShadowsBig Bad Archmage The Grand TournamentAviana One Night in KarazhanArcane Giant
Mean Streets of GadgetzanKun the Forgotten King
Journey to Un'GoroTyrantus


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Type Emote
Selected Me take many forms!
Opening remark Me Squeamlish, Druid of the Rat!
Thanks Me thank you!
Well Played You play well!
Greetings Me greet you!
Wow Ohhhh, wow!
Oops Candle running low on that one.
Threaten I show you why me am true Druid!
Sorry Ohh.. Sorry!
Concede Is time to give up!
Thinking [1] Hm... What form me use...
Thinking [2] How to beat you...
Thinking [3] What would Master Rat do?
Almost out of time Candle is burning out
Almost out of cards Oh no! Cards are running out!
Out of cards No cards left… no more friends.
Error: Too many minions Got no room for minions!
Error: Generic It no work!
Error: Hand already full Me hand is full!
Error: Hero already attacked I already attacked!
Error: Minion not ready That one needs a turn to get ready!
Error: Minion exhausted This minion already attacked!
Error: Not enough mana No have Mana!
Error: Need a weapon Need weapon!
Error: Can't play that card No can play.
Error: Can't target stealthed minions That minion's in the shadows!
Error: Not a valid target Need! Target!
Error: Must attack taunt minion Can't do! They taunt!
LegacyMoonfire is played Me form of, hedgehog...
The WitchwoodFerocious Howl is played Me form of, Turtle!
LegacySwipe is played Me form of, Rat!
NaxxramasPoison Seeds is played Me plant new forest! Inside of you!
Goblins vs GnomesTree of Life is played Me form of, shrub!
Rise of ShadowsGolden Candle is played Okay... That a REALLY nice candle...
Sow the Seeds is played Grow little ones, grow!


Squeamlish is unique to Hearthstone. She is a kobold Druid who bears a hedgehog form and a turtle form.


Squeamlish , full art

Concepts and sketches

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