Spiteful Druid

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Wild format
Wild icon.png

With the start of the Year of the Dragon, Spiteful Summoner has rotated to wild, making Spiteful Druid a wild-exclusive archetype. For more information, see Game format.

Spiteful Summoner, the Archetype-enabling card.

Spiteful Summoner Druid (Also known as Spiteful Druid) is a Druid deck type that utilizes Spiteful Summoner in a deck with only high-cost spells and minions to create a consistent minion-based deck with large amount of high-roll potential.

Common cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are usually in the deck.

Core cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are played in most or all versions of the deck:

Fire Fly(55466).png
Prince Keleseth(58723).png
Crypt Lord(62860).png
Mind Control Tech(368).png
Greedy Sprite(76972).png
Saronite Chain Gang(62901).png
Cobalt Scalebane(62851).png
Spiteful Summoner(76881).png
Malfurion the Pestilent(62904).png
Grand Archivist(76909).png
Ultimate Infestation(62879).png

Optional cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are played more than occasionally, but not always:

Glacial Shard(55485).png
Dire Mole(76996).png
Druid of the Scythe(89428).png
Tar Creeper(55456).png
Vicious Fledgling(55584).png
Leeroy Jenkins(674).png
The Lich King(62922).png