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LegacyFireball, a basic mage spell. It costs 4 mana, dealing 6 damage to a chosen target.

Spell cards are cards that can be played to trigger a one time effect or ability, described in the card's text. Casting a spell consumes the card, producing an immediate effect, although spells with the Secret or Quest ability are delayed until activated by specific events. Spell cards do not have Attack or Health attributes, only a mana cost, shown in the top left corner.

Spell cards are the second most common type of card. In contrast to minions, spells provide a range of functions, ranging from simple damage-dealing and removal of minions, to providing useful enchantments, drawing cards, summoning minions and restoring Health.


  • Collectible spells are always class-specific; there are no neutral spells. (In missions most treasures are neutral spells, but those spells are not collectible.)
  • In Hearthstone the term spell is not limited to describing magical effects, but is roughly equivalent to the term ability from games like World of Warcraft, including magical abilities, traditional spell-casting, and physical abilities such as LegacyCleave, LegacyEviscerate and LegacySlam. Spell cards generally represent all actions taken directly by a hero other than attacking and using Hero Powers.
  • The damage dealt by damaging spells can be increased by Spell Damage.

Spell cards[]

Main article: Spell card list

The full list of spell cards is too lengthy to display here, but can be found on Spell card list.

Related cards[]

For Wild format listings, see Spell/Wild format

The following cards have specific synergy with spells, such as providing additional effects when spells are cast.

For cards which have synergy specifically with Secrets, but not with other types of spell, see Secret-related.

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SW 462.png
TSC 210.png
CORE EX1 145.png
TSC 828.png
TSC 032t2.png
DED 004.png
WC 803.png
SW 322.png
TSC 657.png
AV 308.png
BAR 873.png
SW 322t2.png
SW 451.png
SW 450t2.png
TSC 641ta.png
AV 114.png
SW 450.png
SW 450t.png
SW 322t.png
TSC 946.png
TSC 827.png
ONY 013.png
SW 001.png
DED 513.png
SW 060.png
TID 704.png
AV 259.png
AV 113t9.png
TSC 074.png
TSC 823.png
SW 112.png
TSC 213.png
CORE UNG 034.png
TSC 073.png
AV 212.png
BAR 312.png
TSC 643.png
BAR 743.png
SW 444.png
CORE NEW1 020.png
TSC 641tc.png
TID 074.png
ONY 005ta11.png
TSC 072.png
CORE EX1 287.png
TSC 826.png
WC 013.png
WC 805.png
BAR 720.png
TSC 212.png
TID 706.png
TID 085.png
TID 002.png
TID 717.png
TSC 218.png
TID 098.png
WC 005.png
SW 445.png
TSC 635.png
BAR 888.png
TSC 060.png
AV 112.png
AV 343.png
BAR 918.png
TSC 017.png
TSC 032.png
BAR 048.png
BAR 902.png
TSC 087.png
DED 516.png
SW 043.png
AV 128.png
AV 101.png
DED 505.png
AV 127.png
ONY 026.png
DED 524.png
TSC 052.png
BAR 744.png
TSC 936.png
TSC 071.png
BAR 878.png
CORE NEW1 026.png
BAR 307.png
BAR 551.png
TSC 648.png
SW 448.png
ONY 006.png
AV 281.png
TID 709t.png
TID 709.png
CORE UNG 963.png
TSC 641.png
BAR 542.png
SW 111.png
AV 328.png
TSC 620.png
SW 031t7.png
TSC 959.png
AV 284.png
TSC 020.png
TSC 609.png
AV 286.png
CORE EX1 095.png
TSC 652.png
WC 006.png
AV 257.png
TSC 658.png
AV 200.png
TSC 064.png
TSC 630.png
CORE EX1 187.png
WC 036.png
SW 113.png
SW 044.png
BAR 308.png
SW 447.png
WC 040.png
CORE DAL 609.png
CS3 034.png
TSC 061.png
TSC 829.png

Cards that generate spells[]

For Wild format listings, see Spell/Wild format

The following cards specifically generate new spells through their card text. For effects that generate cards in general, see Generate.

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TSC 927.png
TSC 772.png
CORE KAR 009.png
SW 049.png
ONY 034.png
SW 052.png
SW 108.png
SW 052t.png
TSC 215.png
SW 450t.png
TSC 772t.png
TSC 641td.png
ONY 022.png
AV 316hp.png
SW 110.png
TID 931.png
BAR 022.png
BAR 541.png
AV 277.png
AV 260.png
BAR 312.png
TID 707.png
ONY 032.png
WC 035.png
AV 282.png
TSC 956.png
ONY 010.png
SW 400.png
AV 136.png
BAR 721.png
SW 065.png
TSC 955.png
BAR 918.png
BAR 065.png
CORE CS2 013.png
TSC 775.png
SW 073.png
TSC 087.png
CORE LOE 079.png
CORE DAL 416.png
CORE DAL 371.png
CORE LOE 012.png
TSC 912.png
CORE LOE 003.png
CORE UNG 963.png
TSC 641.png
SW 052t3.png
SW 433t3.png
TSC 959.png
TSC 924.png
AV 113.png
AV 282t2.png
AV 316.png
CORE TRL 345.png
ONY 028.png
ONY 005.png
CORE DAL 609.png
CS3 033.png

Spell schools[]

Added in Forged in the Barrens, some spells belong to specific schools. Acting as a parallel to Minion types, spell schools allow certain cards to interact with spells that belong to the stated school. Each of the schools are based on the basic Magic schools in World of Warcraft, with the exception of Fel. Spell schools are relatively restricted to caster classes like Mage and Priest, as there is no Physical school to encompass many Warrior and Rogue spells.

Hearthstone features the following spell schools:

  • Arcane - Found primarily on Mage and Druid spells, Arcane focuses on manipulating pure energy for a variety of effects.
  • Fel - Found primarily on Warlock and Demon Hunter spells, Fel is the magic of Demons, allowing you to channel their powers and summon them.
  • Fire - Found primarily on Mage and Warlock spells, Fire mainly encompasses direct damage and devastating Area of effect effects.
  • Frost - Found primarily on Mage and Shaman spells, Frost magic is based around the Freeze keyword, stalling enemy minions.
  • Holy - Found primarily on Paladin and Priest spells, the Holy Light provides healing and holy wrath.
  • Nature - Found primarily on Shaman and Druid spells, Nature represents the untamed power of the wild.
  • Shadow - Found primarily on Priest and Warlock spells, Shadow is the magic of the Void.
  • General - Spells without a school do not benefit from any school synergies.

Related cards[]

The following cards have synergy with spell schools in general. For cards that have synergy with one specific spell school, see that spell school's page.

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DED 524.png
TSC 648.png
AV 200.png


Card frames
Dual-class frames

Patch changes[]

  • Forged in the Barrens logo.pngPatch (2021-03-25): Text borders are thicker and added support for spell schools display.