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Table structure:

  • name - String

This table has 10,751 rows altogether.

Page name
Data:Cards/-1 Durability(7893) -1 Durability
Data:Cards/???(77331) ???
Data:Cards/???(77357) ???
Data:Cards/???(77363) ???
Data:Cards/???(77660) ???
Data:Cards/???(77661) ???
Data:Cards/???(77662) ???
Data:Cards/???(77706) ???
Data:Cards/???(77709) ???
Data:Cards/???(77710) ???
Data:Cards/???(77716) ???
Data:Cards/???(77717) ???
Data:Cards/???(77718) ???
Data:Cards/???(77719) ???
Data:Cards/???(77720) ???
Data:Cards/???(77721) ???
Data:Cards/???(77722) ???
Data:Cards/... (89713) ...
Data:Cards/'Inspired'(353) 'Inspired'
Data:Cards/"Confiscated" Goods(92518) "Confiscated" Goods
Data:Cards/"Gnomebliterator" "Gnomebliterator"
Data:Cards/"Little Friend"(49838) "Little Friend"
Data:Cards/"Relicologist"(92875) "Relicologist"
Data:Cards/"Retired" Treasure Hunter(92579) "Retired" Treasure Hunter
Data:Cards/"Retired" Treasure Hunter(92580) "Retired" Treasure Hunter
Data:Cards/"Upgraded" Fauna(92725) "Upgraded" Fauna
Data:Cards/+1 Level!(77125) +1 Level!
Data:Cards/0CT0-Bot(71957) 0CT0-Bot
Data:Cards/1000 Stats Enchant(12314) 1000 Stats Enchant
Data:Cards/1000 Stats(12313) 1000 Stats
Data:Cards/A Beautiful Oasis(92705) A Beautiful Oasis
Data:Cards/A Cheesemonger(76430) A Cheesemonger
Data:Cards/A Glowing Pool(27335) A Glowing Pool
Data:Cards/A Light in the Darkness(35237) A Light in the Darkness
Data:Cards/A Mangy Wolf(89603) A Mangy Wolf
Data:Cards/A Mother's Vow(72797) A Mother's Vow
Data:Cards/A New Challenger...(90173) A New Challenger...
Data:Cards/A New Face(89690) A New Face
Data:Cards/A New Fate(330054) A New Fate
Data:Cards/A New Hero Approaches(62977) A New Hero Approaches
Data:Cards/A Party of Adventurers(73327) A Party of Adventurers
Data:Cards/A Prince's Ring(91105) A Prince's Ring
Data:Cards/A Quest!(91473) A Quest!
Data:Cards/A Simple Trick(42211) A Simple Trick
Data:Cards/A Small Rock(89515) A Small Rock
Data:Cards/A Suspicious Mind(75184) A Suspicious Mind
Data:Cards/A Tale of Kings(211442) A Tale of Kings
Data:Cards/A Tale of Kings(91312) A Tale of Kings
Data:Cards/A Wild Animal(72408) A Wild Animal
Data:Cards/A. F. Kay(57944) A. F. Kay
Data:Cards/A. F. Kay(63117) A. F. Kay
Data:Cards/A. F. Kay(77343) A. F. Kay
Data:Cards/Aaron Gutierrez(45433) Aaron Gutierrez
Data:Cards/Aberrant Berserker(35236) Aberrant Berserker
Data:Cards/Aberration(14612) Aberration
Data:Cards/Abominable Bowman(61829) Abominable Bowman
Data:Cards/Abomination(464840) Abomination
Data:Cards/Abomination(597) Abomination
Data:Cards/Absolution Absolution
Data:Cards/Abusive Sergeant(464748) Abusive Sergeant
Data:Cards/Abusive Sergeant(475162) Abusive Sergeant
Data:Cards/Abusive Sergeant(577) Abusive Sergeant
Data:Cards/Abyssal Destroyer(151476) Abyssal Destroyer
Data:Cards/Abyssal Enforcer(49691) Abyssal Enforcer
Data:Cards/Abyssal Enforcer(75964) Abyssal Enforcer
Data:Cards/Abyssal Summoner(151343) Abyssal Summoner
Data:Cards/Abyssal(42086) Abyssal
Data:Cards/Academic Espionage(89859) Academic Espionage
Data:Cards/Academic Research(92394) Academic Research
Data:Cards/Ace Hunter Kreen(329891) Ace Hunter Kreen
Data:Cards/Ace in the Hole(442097) Ace in the Hole
Data:Cards/Acherus Veteran(62948) Acherus Veteran
Data:Cards/Acidic Swamp Ooze(464827) Acidic Swamp Ooze
Data:Cards/Acidic Swamp Ooze(475040) Acidic Swamp Ooze
Data:Cards/Acidic Swamp Ooze(74) Acidic Swamp Ooze
Data:Cards/Acidmaw(22393) Acidmaw
Data:Cards/Acolyte of Agony(62886) Acolyte of Agony
Data:Cards/Acolyte of C'Thun(389350) Acolyte of C'Thun
Data:Cards/Acolyte of C'Thun(389504) Acolyte of C'Thun
Data:Cards/Acolyte of Pain(428) Acolyte of Pain
Data:Cards/Acolyte of Pain(464796) Acolyte of Pain
Data:Cards/Acorn(64851) Acorn
Data:Cards/Acornbearer(90589) Acornbearer
Data:Cards/Acquired Allies(389227) Acquired Allies
Data:Cards/Acrobatics(388995) Acrobatics
Data:Cards/Activate Arcanotron(14591) Activate Arcanotron
Data:Cards/Activate Arcanotron(14592) Activate Arcanotron
Data:Cards/Activate Electron(14598) Activate Electron
Data:Cards/Activate Electron(14599) Activate Electron
Data:Cards/Activate Magmatron(14602) Activate Magmatron
Data:Cards/Activate Magmatron(14603) Activate Magmatron
Data:Cards/Activate the Obelisk(90796) Activate the Obelisk
Data:Cards/Activate Toxitron(14594) Activate Toxitron
Data:Cards/Activate Toxitron(14595) Activate Toxitron
Data:Cards/Activate!(14586) Activate!
Data:Cards/Activate!(14587) Activate!
Data:Cards/Activate!(22505) Activate!
Data:Cards/Adaptation(55566) Adaptation
Data:Cards/Add 1 to Health.(31177) Add 1 to Health.
Data:Cards/Add 2 to Health(31178) Add 2 to Health