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Soulciologist Malicia
Battlecry: For each Soul Fragment in your deck, summon a 3/3 Soul with Rush.
Flavor text

If you value your life, don't call it a "soft science."

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Soulciologist Malicia is a legendary warlock/demon hunter minion card, from the Scholomance Academy set.

How to get[]

Soulciologist Malicia can be obtained through Scholomance Academy card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Soulciologist Malicia 1600 400
Golden Soulciologist Malicia 3200 1600

Summoned minions[]

Released Soul(330114).png

Related cards[]

Soul Fragment(330067).png


  • While in your hand, Malicia will display a number after her card text, showing the amount of Soul Fragments in the deck currently.


Malicia is the massive payoff for using Soul Fragment cards, usually clearing the opponent's board or summoning a threatening amount of minions as long as her effect has been properly fed.

Try to play Malicia from behind, using her Released Souls to reclaim the board. This will leave a reasonable 5/5 body in play, and often more than that. Malicia can be played proactively, but the vulnerable 3/3 bodies are susceptible to most board clears by turn 7.

It's best not to sit on Malicia for too long, since you will eventually draw the Soul Fragments and lose them. It can be a good idea to keep a Soul Fragment generator in hand so you can guarantee at least two 3/3s on demand.




Instructor Malicia is a level 39 high elf located at Malicia's Outpost in the Western Plaguelands. Formerly an instructor in Scholomance, she has begun field-training cultists near The Weeping Cave. Malicia's title "Soulciologist" is unique to Hearthstone to depict her as a professor of Scholomance Academy.


  • For "a very long time" in development, Malicia destroyed Soul Fragments like other related cards do. However, this had several design issues, including disabling your other synergy cards, removing large amounts of potential healing from your deck, and destroying more Soul Fragments than you had room to summon minions.[1]


Soulciologist Malicia, full art

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