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Solemn Vigil
Draw 2 cards. Costs (1) less for each minion that died this turn.
Flavor text

Each year, folk gather in front of Blackrock Mountain to mourn those who were mind-controlled into the lava.

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Solemn Vigil is a common paladin spell card, from the Blackrock Mountain set.

How to get[]

Two copies of regular Solemn Vigil are obtained by completing the paladin Class Challenge in Blackrock Mountain, unlocked upon completing the Hidden Laboratory wing.

As a Wild format card, both regular and golden versions of Solemn Vigil can also be crafted for the following amounts:

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Solemn Vigil 40 5
Golden Solemn Vigil 400 50


  • The mana cost of this card is reduced by 1 for each minion that has already died during the current turn (including minions killed during the 'start of turn' phase by effects such as Doomsayer).
  • The mana cost of this card cannot be reduced below 0. However, further cost-reductions can help in countering cost-increasing effects like Loatheb.
  • This card has an in-hand effect: it modifies its own mana cost only while in the player's hand, and not while the card is anywhere else.


With 2 minions having died the same turn, this is equal to a mage's Arcane Intellect. Especially good after using the popular Equality + Consecration combo, or any other board clear.



Solemn Vigil, full art

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