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Silence Priest (also known as Purify Priest) is a Priest deck type that is characterized by using Silence effects on one's own minions to change cards with serious drawbacks (such as "Can't attack") into cheap high-stat minions. The deck type has been tried at least since the One Night in Karazhan adventure, with players trying to make a deck around Purify, generally considered a very bad card, but it gained enough popularity to become part of the meta after the release of Journey to Un'Goro.

Silence Priest returned as an archetype in Rise of Shadows, with cards like Arcane Watcher and Unsleeping Soul.


The idea of the deck is to play cards that cannot attack (such as Ancient Watcher), which then are silenced with Silence, Purify or other Silence effects, and/or receive Taunt through cards such as Sunfury Protector. It also often uses the Divine Spirit-Inner Fire combo, which can turn a high defense minion like Humongous Razorleaf into a giant powerhouse.

Common cards[]

Core cards[]

The following cards are played in most or all versions of the deck:

Forbidden Words(90548).png
Power Word- Shield(431).png
Dalaran Librarian(90627).png
Ancient Watcher(153).png
Arcane Watcher(90628).png
Faceless Rager(90670).png
Hench-Clan Shadequill(90629).png
The Nameless One(378844).png
Unsleeping Soul(90632).png
Convincing Infiltrator(90630).png

Optional cards[]

The following cards are played more than occasionally, but not always:

Circle of Healing(38).png
Raise Dead(329974).png
Topsy Turvy(89924).png
Inner Fire(207).png
Lazul's Scheme(90555).png
Potion Vendor(90626).png
Wild Pyromancer(25).png
EVIL Conscripter(90592).png
Divine Hymn(89461).png
Injured Blademaster(209).png
Madame Lazul(90560).png
Defender of Argus(542).png
Rotten Applebaum(89347).png
Damaged Stegotron(89942).png
Quartz Elemental(89458).png
G'huun the Blood God(389002).png
Mass Resurrection(90598).png

Wild cards[]

Wild icon.pngThis section concerns content exclusive to Wild format.

Wild cards that fit well into this deck type:

Northshire Cleric(600).png
Potion of Madness(49630).png
Divine Spirit(554).png
Radiant Elemental(55543).png
Shadow Visions(55463).png
Acolyte of Pain(428).png
Kabal Talonpriest(49620).png
Humongous Razorleaf(55582).png
Velen's Chosen(12174).png
Eerie Statue(27233).png
Faceless Shambler(33133).png
Wailing Soul(7758).png
Kabal Songstealer(49753).png
Mass Hysteria(90253).png
Lyra the Sunshard(55545).png
Psychic Scream(76911).png