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Cost:3 Mana icon.png
Abilities:Replace Hero Power
Wiki tags:Hero Power-related
Artist:Alex Horley
Your Hero Power becomes 'Deal 2 damage.' If already in Shadowform: 3 damage.
Flavor text

If a bright light shines on a priest in Shadowform… do they cast a shadow?

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This is the Classic format version of Shadowform, an epic priest spell card.

For more information, see the original version.

Other versions[]

How to get[]

Shadowform (Classic) is associated with its original version. If you own any copies of it, you can also use them in Classic format.

Generated Hero Powers[]

Mind Spike(70).png
Mind Shatter(229).png


  • If your Hero Power is not Mind Shatter or Mind Spike, Shadowform will replace it with Mind Spike.
  • If your Hero Power is already Mind Spike, Shadowform will replace it with Mind Shatter.
  • If your Hero Power is already Mind Shatter, Shadowform will have no effect (including not refreshing your Hero Power).[1]
  • As usual, replacing your Hero Power will refresh it, allowing the new Hero Power to be used on that same turn if mana allows.
Example: You can use Lesser Heal, cast Shadowform and use Mind Spike on the same turn.


Classic icon large.pngThis section concerns content exclusive to Classic format.

This is more powerful than it might appear at first glance. 2 "untauntable" damage that can be targeted at anything is better than any other offensive Hero Power. It is comparable to a twice as powerful Fireblast, or three times as powerful when changed to Mind Shatter. Just remember you are trading a reliable source of healing synergies.

Shadowform tends to be weaker in the early game, but more powerful as mana becomes more available later in the game. Shadowform costs 3 mana, and Mind Spike costs an additional 2 mana for a total of 5 mana for 2 damage. This can be a big hit to a deck's tempo. However, once mana is more free, the double Shadowform Mind Shatter is the most powerful Hero Power in the game (other than INFERNO! granted by the warlock's Lord Jaraxxus card).

Turn 7 and 10 are notable checkpoints for use of multiple hero powers in one turn. On turn 7, Lesser Heal, Shadowform and then Mind Spike can be played in a single turn (2 healing and 2 damage). On turn 10, Shadowform, Mind Spike, Shadowform then Mind Shatter can be played in a single turn (5 damage).

If you play Prophet Velen, your Shadowform ability will deal double damage. This means Mind Spike will deal 4 damage and Mind Shatter will deal 6 damage, the latter being arguably more powerful and useful than any other Hero Power (INFERNO! included). This is because unlike INFERNO!, you do not have to wait a turn to deal the 6 damage, and you can deal the damage behind enemy Taunt minions. Under these circumstances, however rare or difficult they may be to pull off, you essentially gain a Fireball which costs only 2 mana and can be played every turn. Just make sure to protect your Prophet Velen.

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