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There are plenty of effects that set characters' stats to a specified or context-specific value through an enchantment. These enchantments may be generated by spells, abilities such as Battlecries, or even ongoing effects.

For a list of all enchantments in the game, see Enchantment list.


  • Effects that set Health typically set both the maximum and current Health values, leaving the character undamaged. The exception to this is Alexstrasza in cases where the hero's maximum Health was already 15 or greater.
  • If the enchantment belongs to the affected minion, it can be removed through silencing it. An enchantment provided by another source's ongoing effect, such as that granted by Crystal Core's player buff, cannot be removed through silencing the affected minion.
  • Stat-setting is when the intricacies of enchantment priority are most relevant. Ongoing effects like auras always have most-recent priority among enchantments, so a stat-setter like Eadric the Pure would be largely ineffectual against a board buffed by Murloc Warleader.
  • If a minion with set stats is affected by silence, the difference between the minion's current Health and maximum Health will be maintained. This means that if a Boulderfist Ogre is affected by Equality then silenced, the result would be a wounded 6/7. If that Ogre was affected by Keeper of Uldaman, dealt 2 damage, and then silenced, the result would be a wounded 6/5.

Swapping Attack and Health[]

  • Effects that swap Attack and Health, like Crazed Alchemist's, work by creating an enchantment that sets the minion's current Attack and current Health as its new Health value and new Attack value, respectively. This means that it can effectively convert Dark Iron Dwarf's temporary Attack buff into a permanent Health buff. Other stat-setting cards that can take advantage of this are Inner Fire, Vol'jin, Darkspeaker, Faceless Shambler and any Attack/Health-swapping effect.
  • Boosts from auras will be incorporated into the new stats before being subject to the aura again. For example, a player has a 1/5 minion on the board that is temporarily boosted to 2/6 due to the presence of a Stormwind Champion. When swapped, its stats will be permanently set to 6/2 before being further boosted to 7/3 due to Stormwind Champion's ongoing effect.
  • Using the Battlecry on a minion with 0 Attack will set the minion's Health to 0, destroying it. This works even when the minion is protected by Divine Shield. If Brann Bronzebeard is affecting Crazed Alchemist's Battlecry, however, the game does not pass through a death creation step before the target is returned to normal.
  • Silencing a minion with swapped stats will not return them to their original state.(I got this from Crazed Alchemist's page, is this still the case?)