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Searing Fire Elemental
64759 • Story_03_FireElemental
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Restless elementals threaten to destroy the Horde city of Orgrimmar!
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

Searing Fire Elemental is the fourth boss in Warrior's Book of Heroes adventure.

Hero Power[]


Player's hero[]

Garrosh Hellscream

Special cards[]


Elemental Rift
Earth Elemental


Warsong Peon
Warsong Commander
Supply Tower
Warchief Thrall


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Searing Fire Elemental Garrosh Hellscream
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Flameheart 4 Boss Warsong Commander 1
Elemental Rift 7 Supply Tower 2
Mage Flamewaker 3 Warsong Axe 2
Flamestrike 3 Rexxar 1
Shaman Lava Burst 4 Warchief Thrall 1
Molten Blast 4 Priest Vol'jin 1
Neutral Flame Elemental 3 Rogue, Warrior Coerce 2
Molten Giant 2 Warrior Cleave 2
Slam 2
Bladestorm 2
Shield Block 2
Bloodhoof Brave 2
Kor'kron Elite 2
Brawl 2
Scrap Golem 2
Neutral Troll Batrider 2
Kodorider 2



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Before match

Garrosh Hellscream (present)
I returned to Orgrimmar for a hero's welcome. But it was short-lived - soon after, the city was invaded by raging elementals.
I was ready to fight - to prove my valor yet again.


Garrosh Hellscream
Elemental rifts have opened up around the city. I need to shut them down now!

Emote Response

Searing Fire Elemental
<elemental grunt>

Turn 1

Garrosh Hellscream
Thrall has evacuated those who cannot fight. They will be safe.

Turn 2

Garrosh Hellscream
Crush these elementals! Drive them from our land!

Turn 4

Garrosh Hellscream
Thrall, what could be happening here?
Warchief Thrall
Something has disturbed the elements all over Azeroth... but I know not what.


Warchief Thrall
You have secured the city, Garrosh. Now I must leave to learn the source of this unrest.
In my absence, I am instructing you to lead the Horde.
Garrosh Hellscream
I will not fail you, Warchief.


Searing Fire Elemental
<elemental hiss>


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Searing Elementals were fire elementals found in various zones before as part of the Elemental Unrest near the time of the Cataclysm
The elemental upheaval began to increase in potency, and Orgrimmar itself was caught aflame by rampant fire elementals. No longer able to properly converse with the maddened beings, Thrall decided that action must be taken to discover the cause of this chaos, and began preparations for a journey to Nagrand. This was not an act he could undertake as the Warchief — and Thrall was forced to consider a temporary replacement. Thrall's immediate thought was Cairne, though the elderly tauren was not an orc - in times such as this, unrest would likely follow if such a decision was made. Thrall lamented the death of Dranosh Saurfang, who would have made an ideal Warchief, and this line of thought brought him to another conclusion; another orc who could keep the Horde together during his absence: Garrosh.



Searing Fire Elemental, full art

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