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Savagery(148) Gold.png
Type: Spell
Class: Druid
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 1 Mana icon.png
Abilities: Deal damage
Tags: Attack-related, Targeted
Artist: Dave Rapoza

Deal damage equal to your hero's Attack to a minion.

It is true that some druids are savage, but others still enjoy a quiet moment and a spot of tea.

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Savagery is a rare druid spell card, inducted into the Legacy set, formerly from the Classic set.

Other versions

How to get

Savagery can be obtained through Classic card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Savagery 100 20
Golden Savagery 800 100

Previous availability


  • This spell's damage is increased by bonuses from Spell Damage and Prophet Velen.
  • This spell can be used if your hero has 0 Attack, usually dealing no damage unless you have some Spell Damage bonus.[1]


In most cases, Druids will need to gain Attack in some way to deal damage with this card. This is easily done with Shapeshift, but generally dealing 2 damage for 3 Mana total is very inefficient. Cards that give Attack like Claw, Bite, and Pounce as well as alternate Hero Powers like Dire Shapeshift and Plague Lord are more efficient ways to gain Attack.

The alternative method of gaining Attack is to equip a weapon. Druids are limited to Twig of the World Tree and Atiesh, which have very low attack. Other unreliable ways to gain better weapons is from The Lich King/Arfus (1/8 chance) or from Blingtron 3000 (random results).

Overall, Savagery is a very poor card. In most cases it needs to be comboed with other cards to even be usable, and being limited to targeting minion makes it less versatile. Druids have much better cheap spells for damage or removal, like Moonfire, Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Living Roots, and Crystal Power.



Savagery, full art

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