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Russell the Bard
Set:Kobolds & CatacombsKobolds & Catacombs
Health:30 Health
Artist:Garrett Hanna
His tunes are catchy. Just ask your minions.
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Kobolds and Catacombs logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Dungeon Run.

Russell the Bard is a boss that can be encountered during the Dungeon Run.

Hero Power[]

Alluring Tune


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Class Card Quantity
Rogue LegacyBackstab 2
Mean Streets of GadgetzanCounterfeit Coin 2
One Night in KarazhanSwashburglar 2
Kobolds & CatacombsEvasion 2
LegacyEviscerate 2
LegacyPerdition's Blade 2
Kobolds & CatacombsElven Minstrel 2
Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Onyx Spellstone 2
The Grand TournamentShado-Pan Rider 2
Whispers of the Old GodsThistle Tea 2
Neutral Annoy-O-Tron 2
LegacyKnife Juggler 2
LegacyQuesting Adventurer 2
Goblins vs GnomesAntique Healbot 1
One Night in KarazhanBarnes 1
LegacyStampeding Kodo 2


His Hero Power makes it difficult to establish a board early on, and will be especially difficult if you don't have any big late-game minions in your deck. He also has a good set of early-game single-target removal to make this harder as well.

The best way to deal with him is to either last long enough to play your big minions or flood the board. His strongest minion is a Shado-Pan Rider, so he will have a difficult time taking out big minions, unless he has an Onyx Spellstone. Flooding the board works well because he lacks AoE removal and even if you let him steal a minion, he can only steal one at a time.


Before match

King Togwaggle
This guy's songs make the whole world go face!


Russell the Bard
Stay a while, and listen!

Emote Response

Russell the Bard
Oh, a heckler, eh?

Hero Power

Russell the Bard
Get over here!
Come here!
It's time to party!
Worst. Roadie. Ever!
Kobolds & CatacombsElven Minstrel
Time for a duet!

Play Dr. Boom's Boombox

Russell the Bard
Oh hey! Turn that thing down!


Russell the Bard
*guitar smashing* Goodnight Azeroth!


Russell the Bard
Thanks for your minions, friend!


Russell is a regular patron of the inn. He was the one who told the story of Kobolds & CatacombsMarin the Fox. He is also a bard.

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The Bard was revealed as the second World of Warcraft hero class on April 1, 2008 — it was a Blizzard April Fools' Day hoax, and was never implemented as a real playable class.



Russell the Bard, full art

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