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Can attack minions immediately.

A newly-played The WitchwoodScaleworm with Rush, ready to attack.

Rush is an ability allowing a minion to attack other minions the same turn it is summoned or brought under a new player's control. Unlike Charge, Rush cannot be used to attack the enemy hero. Rush is represented by a shifting thick green border around the minion.

Rush was first introduced in The Witchwood and has appeared in every set since. It has functionally replaced Charge as an evergreen keyword.


  • Charge will not be overridden by Rush, and Rush has no effect if the minion isn't exhausted. If Rush is given to a minion with Charge or a minion ready to attack, it can still attack the enemy hero.
  • If there are no enemy minions to attack, the Rush visual effect will disappear. However, if a new minion is summoned for them, it will return.
  • Granting Rush to a minion that has already attacked will not allow them to attack again. This includes Rush given through Magnetic buffs, where the original minion could attack if it were normally summoned.


  • Rush is a useful ability for board control, allowing you to tactically trade against enemy minions.
  • Unlike Charge minions, Rush minions usually feature good stats, letting them stick on the board after attacking or dealing a large amount of damage to a minion.

Cards with Rush[]

For Wild format listings, see Rush/Wild format

This section lists minions which have Rush or have the ability to gain Rush when played.


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TSC 657.png
CS3 037.png
TSC 647.png
TSC 638.png
CORE TRL 348.png
CS3 038.png
WC 701.png
SW 055.png
BAR 847.png
AV 345.png
SW 413.png
TSC 013.png
TSC 960.png
AV 565.png
TSC 057.png
TSC 945.png
BAR 078.png
SW 033.png
BAR 902.png
SW 431.png
AV 334.png
AV 293.png
CORE GIL 547.png
AV 215.png
TSC 007.png
CS3 025.png
BAR 896.png
SW 323.png
AV 298.png
TSC 645.png
BAR 538.png
TSC 030.png
CS3 020.png
AV 339.png
AV 132.png
SW 062.png
AV 141t.png
TID 712.png
ONY 004.png


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ONY 005tb5t.png
ONY 005ta5t.png
DED 001c.png
DED 001at.png
ONY 001t.png
TSC 650t4.png
TSC 638t.png
TSC 638t2.png
TSC 638t3.png
TSC 638t4.png
TSC 937t3.png
TSC 937t.png
SW 463t.png
AV 293t.png
WC 034t8.png
ONY 005ta9.png
AV 204t2.png
TSC 029t.png
TSC 029t2.png
SW 432t.png
AV 269t.png
TSC 030t2.png
TSC 945t.png
TID 005t.png
TSC 932t.png
TSC 917t.png

Sources of Rush[]

For Wild format listings, see Rush/Wild format

Rush-generating cards[]

This section lists cards which generate Rush minions.

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SW 079t.png
DED 001.png
WC 022.png
WC 028.png
TSC 631.png
CORE TRL 348.png
BAR 801.png
AV 219.png
BAR 034.png
BAR 034t.png
BAR 034t2.png
CORE BT 036.png
WC 027.png
SW 079.png
BAR 060.png
ONY 017.png
BAR 035.png
TSC 633.png
TSC 640.png
TSC 960.png
TSC 945.png
AV 269.png
BAR 079.png
SW 432.png
WC 008.png
AV 293.png
ONY 005ta5.png
TID 005.png
CORE EX1 165.png
TSC 650.png
SW 463.png
ONY 001.png
TSC 650d.png
ONY 005tb5.png
TSC 932.png
TSC 937.png
AV 204.png
TSC 917.png
WC 034.png
ONY 021.png
TSC 030.png
WC 036.png
TSC 029.png
ONY 005.png
ONY 004.png

Rush-granting cards[]

This section lists cards which grant the Rush ability to other minions or to itself.

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AV 142t.png
ONY 025.png
DED 009.png
AV 601.png
BAR 063.png
BAR 045.png
TID 706.png
SW 305.png
CORE GIL 650.png
SW 432.png
UPCOMING 78393.png
ONY 005tb2.png
TSC 649.png
TSC 950.png
SW 081.png
AV 336.png

Related cards[]

For Wild format listings, see Rush/Wild format

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SW 081.png


Name Requirements Rewards
I Wanna Play NOW! (1/5) Play 50 minions with Rush or Charge. 10 Achievement Point.png
I Wanna Play NOW! (2/5) Play 150 minions with Rush or Charge. 10 Achievement Point.png
I Wanna Play NOW! (3/5) Play 500 minions with Rush or Charge. 10 Achievement Point.png
I Wanna Play NOW! (4/5) Play 1500 minions with Rush or Charge. 10 Achievement Point.png
I Wanna Play NOW! (5/5) Play 5000 minions with Rush or Charge. 20 Achievement Point.png


Rush was created by the team as a way to print minions with fast, spell-like effects, but without running the risk of them being used as powerful finishers. Cards like LegacyLeeroy Jenkins and the original version of LegacyArcane Golem had proven how problematic powerful Charge minions can be, since their downsides will be nullified if they're used to win the game.


  • Rush could be considered to have 3 "beta" versions, which all function similar to this effect, but differ slightly. The Grand TournamentIcehowl is an over-statted Charge minion that can't attack heroes, but its inability to attack heroes is a permanent effect. Journey to Un'GoroCharged Devilsaur's effect is identical to Rush when played from the hand, but can freely attack heroes when summoned indirectly by another card. The Charge spell is the most similar, with the only differences being synergy with Charge-related cards like LegacyWarsong Commander and a very rare case in which it is used on Rastakhan's RumbleImmortal Prelate.
  • Rush is the third non-launch keyword to continue to appear on cards outside of the set it was introduced in, the first two being Discover and Lifesteal.

Patch changes[]