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Rastakhan's Rumble Rumble Run.

The Rumble Run is a free single-player game mode added with Rastakhan's Rumble expansion. The mode became available on December 13, 2018, nine days after the release of the expansion. Completing a run awards a card back.


  • The player starts as the young troll Rikkar. The objective of the Rumble Run is to defeat the other faction champions.
  • Like the Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt, the full gauntlet is 8 rounds long, but here the pool of bosses is simply the other 8 classes.
  • Each class has three available Shrines, with specific tiers: low, med, high. Bosses 1 & 2 will use their class's low tier Shrine; bosses 3, 4, & 5 will use their class's med tier Shrine; and bosses 6, 7, & 8 will use their class's high tier Shrine.
  • The player choose one of the Shrines that will be Rikkar's Rumble faction for the Rumble Run.
  • The player starts with 20 Health, and gains an additional 5 Health per defeated boss up to 55 Health for the eighth and final boss.
  • The player always goes first. The enemy also does not get The Coin. On the penultimate round, the boss starts with 1 mana crystal; on the final round, the boss starts with 2 mana crystals.
  • After each round, the player is offered three bundles of three cards each. (listed below) The player can only select one of these three bundles. This allows the player to increase their deck size in tandem with the boss' decks increasing in size.
  • Before round 1, the player receives a Shrine, selected from one of three passive buffs from the pool of Shrines. (listed below)
    • If the player won the last round, the available shrines will be picked randomly. If the player lost, they will always be able to pick the shrine they played with last round and the shrine they lost to last round.
  • Should a game end in a tie, the player will be given the chance to try the round again instead of restarting their run.
  • After rounds 2 and 4, the player receives a Companion, selected from one of three random cards from the pool of Companions cards. (listed below) These are very powerful cards, and often have low mana costs.
  • After round 6, the player receives a Neutral Passive (listed below)


Bosses have their individual pages:

Rules concerning bosses:

  • Which shrine a boss is using depends solely at which stage they're met. E.g., as 6th, 7th or 8th boss, Zentimo will always have the shrine Tribute from the Tides. The brackets for these shrines are: 1st & 2nd boss, 3rd to 5th boss, 6th to 8th boss.
  • The first boss always has 10 Health. Additional bosses gain 10 Health per defeated boss up to 80 Health for the eighth and final boss..
  • The deck for the 6th, 7th and 8th boss is always the same, but the 7th boss starts with one extra mana crystal and the 8th boss with two.
  • The decks of the first 3 bosses are constructed semi-randomly, explained as follows. Depending on the shrine a specific card pool is available. From that pool of cards 10/13/17 cards are picked randomly (1st/2nd/3rd boss), though adhering to standard deck-building rules, i.e., maximum one legendary and maximum two of any other card. Special rules apply to Malacrass and Voone as a 3rd opponent: they use Highlander decks and, while no Highlander card (Kazakus, Reno Jackson) might be chosen from their pool, no card in their semi-random decks will appear more than once. (note: the actual randomness is not guaranteed nor verified by blizzard, but extensive play-testing deems this extremely likely).
  • 4th bosses will always have 28 or 29 cards in their starting decks.
  • 5th-8th bosses will always have 30 cards in their starting decks.

Initial Shrines and decks[]


Gonk's Armament
Gonk's Armament
Bonds of Balance
Gonk's Armament Gonk's Mark Bonds of Balance
Forbidden Ancient Enchanted Raven Pounce
Lesser Jasper Spellstone Wax Elemental Claw
Lowly Squire Bloodfen Raptor Enchanted Raven
Waterboy Power of the Wild Power of the Wild
Wrath Witchwood Apple Savage Striker
Ferocious Howl Mounted Raptor Sharkfin Fan
Grove Tender Infested Tauren Waterboy
Half-Time Scavenger Stormwind Knight Gnash
Ironwood Golem Swipe Bite
Snapjaw Shellfighter Arena Patron Savage Combatant


Halazzi's Trap
Halazzi's Hunt
Halazzi's Guise
Halazzi's Trap Halazzi's Hunt Halazzi's Guise
Arcane Shot Gurubashi Chicken Jeweled Macaw
Candleshot Dire Wolf Alpha Springpaw
Secret Plan Glaivezooka Webspinner
Explosive Trap Goblin Prank Dire Wolf Alpha
Hunter's Mark Hunter's Mark Kill Command
Quick Shot Jungle Panther Rat Pack
Animal Companion Wolfrider Silverback Patriarch
Bloodscalp Strategist Houndmaster Untamed Beastmaster
Baited Arrow Stranglethorn Tiger Oasis Snapjaw
Burgly Bully Savannah Highmane Baited Arrow


Jan'alai's Mantle
Jan'alai's Flame
Jan'alai's Progeny
Jan'alai's Mantle Jan'alai's Flame Jan'alai's Progeny
Shifting Scroll Acherus Veteran Freezing Potion
Babbling Book Arcane Blast Arcane Anomaly
Tournament Attendee Fallen Hero Frostbolt
Shimmering Tempest Flame Juggler Snowchugger
Brainstormer Blackwald Pixie Volatile Elemental
Explosive Runes Cinderstorm Hyldnir Frostrider
Spellslinger Dragonhawk Rider Cone of Cold
Ghastly Conjurer Dalaran Aspirant Ice Cream Peddler
Kabal Chemist Fire Plume Phoenix Water Elemental
Blast Wave Fireball Frost Elemental


Shirvallah's Protection
Shirvallah's Vengeance
Shirvallah's Grace
Shirvallah's Protection Shirvallah's Vengeance Shirvallah's Grace
Divine Strength Bloodclaw Argent Squire
Elven Archer Crystallizer Divine Strength
Injured Kvaldir Flash of Light Hand of Protection
Meanstreet Marshal Mad Bomber Flash of Light
Belligerent Gnome Seal of Light Potion of Heroism
Grimestreet Outfitter Benevolent Djinn Primalfin Champion
Paragon of Light Happy Ghoul Banana Buffoon
Arena Fanatic Chillblade Champion Seal of Champions
Stormwind Knight Truesilver Champion Blessing of Kings
Farraki Battleaxe Madder Bomber Truesilver Champion


Bwonsamdi's Sanctum
Bwonsamdi's Tome
Bwonsamdi's Covenant
Bwonsamdi's Sanctum Bwonsamdi's Tome Bwonsamdi's Covenant
Crystalline Oracle Power Word: Shield Circle of Healing
Mistress of Mixtures Arcane Anomaly Regenerate
Dead Ringer Clockwork Gnome Flash Heal
Museum Curator Psionic Probe Injured Kvaldir
Spirit Lash Spirit Lash Light of the Naaru
Harvest Golem Wild Pyromancer Voodoo Doctor
Shallow Gravedigger Banana Buffoon Gadgetzan Socialite
Shifting Shade Gilded Gargoyle Waterboy
Tortollan Shellraiser Sand Drudge Earthen Ring Farseer
Tomb Lurker Mindgames Injured Blademaster


Bottled Terror
Treasure from Below
Pirate's Mark
Bottled Terror Treasure from Below Pirate's Mark
Buccaneer Backstab Backstab
Southsea Deckhand Counterfeit Coin Counterfeit Coin
Captain's Parrot Preparation Arcane Anomaly
Defias Ringleader Conceal Sinister Strike
Sharkfin Fan Small-Time Buccaneer Betrayal
Ship's Cannon Southsea Deckhand Kobold Geomancer
Hench-Clan Thug Betrayal Spellzerker
Shadow Sensei Bloodsail Raider Fan of Knives
Crazed Chemist Undercity Valiant Academic Espionage
Salty Dog Obsidian Shard Tomb Pillager


Krag'wa's Lure
Tribute from the Tides
Krag'wa's Grace
Kragwa's Lure Tribute from the Tides Kragwa's Grace
Deadscale Knight Blazing Invocation Wartbringer
Forked Lightning Emerald Reaver Crackle
Murloc Raider Fire Fly Lava Shock
Huge Toad Totemic Smash Mana Addict
Stormforged Axe Belligerent Gnome Maelstrom Portal
Lightning Storm Murloc Tidehunter Banana Buffoon
Tar Creeper Hot Spring Guardian Far Sight
Unbound Elemental Lightning Storm Feral Spirit
Fireguard Destroyer Windspeaker Call in the Finishers
Jinyu Waterspeaker Fire Elemental Rain of Toads


Blood Pact
Dark Reliquary
Hir'eek's Hunger
Blood Pact Dark Reliquary Hir'eek's Hunger
Voidwalker Shriek Call of the Void
Demonfire Soulfire Flame Imp
Mistress of Pain Voidwalker Knife Juggler
Banana Buffoon Belligerent Gnome Spirit Bomb
Duskbat Darkshire Librarian Waterboy
Violet Illusionist Succubus Blackwald Pixie
Fiendish Circle Banana Buffoon Imp Master
Imp-losion Reckless Diretroll Unlicensed Apothecary
Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Lakkari Felhound Blood Witch
Bane of Doom Soulwarden Hellfire


Akali's Champion
Akali's War Drum
Akali's Horn
Akali's Champion Akali's War Drum Akali's Horn
Eternium Rover Dragon Roar Inner Rage
Armorsmith Faerie Dragon Warbot
Drywhisker Armorer Firetree Witchdoctor Amani Berserker
Waterboy Netherspite Historian Cruel Taskmaster
Fiery War Axe Fiery War Axe Master Swordsmith
Hired Gun Nightmare Amalgam Rampage
Mountainfire Armor Ebon Dragonsmith Fiery War Axe
Half-Time Scavenger Twilight Guardian Raging Worgen
Dragonmaw Scorcher Emberscale Drake Bloodhoof Brave
Emberscale Drake Bone Drake Frostwolf Warlord



Astral Raptor
Direhorn Stomper
Succoring Skyscreamer

The Fan Favorite
Water Spirit
Zandalari Striker


Battlestarved Lynx
Rabid Saurolisk
Shadowmaw Panther

Slamma Jamma
Troll Harbinger


Fan of Flames

Glyph Guardian
Razzle Dazzler
Showstopping Conjurer


Blessed One
Exactor of Justice

Parading Marshal
The Walking Fort


Bloodwash Medic
Bwonsamdi's Keeper
Conjuring Attendant

Weaponized Zombie


Lobstrok Tastetester
Parrot Mascot
Pesky Rascal

Raging Contender
Salty Looter
Sharktoothed Harpooner


Croak Jouster
Deepsea Diver
Leap Frog

Naga Tonguelasher
Overcharged Totem
War Heralder


Blood Portal
Dark Diviner
Leering Bat

Ravenous Familiar
Vile Necrodoctor
Warp Stalker


Herald of Flame
Ironhorn Drummer
Rallying Quilboar

Redcrest Rocker
Seasoned Pitbrawler
Unbound Punisher

Card Bundles[]


Beasts Big Draws Feral Going Wild Natural Defense Nature's Blessing Nature's Wrath Rumble Kings Saplings Wise Decisions
Enchanted Raven Spirit of the Raptor Pounce Spirit of the Raptor Claw Mark of the Lotus Living Roots Star Aligner Dendrologist Living Roots
Plated Beetle Ferocious Howl Claw Garrison Commander Crystallizer Mark of the Wild Naturalize Charged Devilsaur Witchwood Apple Raven Idol
Mounted Raptor Grove Tender Spirit of the Raptor Sharkfin Fan Earthen Scales Mark of Y'Shaarj Bloodmage Thalnos Ragnaros the Firelord Landscaping Wrath
Vicious Fledgling Branching Paths Savage Striker Waterboy Lesser Jasper Spellstone Power of the Wild Wrath Sneed's Old Shredder Poison Seeds Wardruid Loti
Wardruid Loti Forest Guide Sharkfin Fan Blackwald Pixie Feral Rage Mark of Nature Poison Seeds The Lich King Soul of the Forest Fandral Staghelm
Savage Combatant Ticket Scalper Feral Rage Hench-Clan Thug Ferocious Howl Mark of the Loa Swipe Oondasta Force of Nature Keeper of the Grove
Tomb Spider Witchwood Piper Gnash Maiden of the Lake Gnash Dark Wispers Azure Drake Aviana Living Mana Fatespinner
Mukla's Champion Fight Promoter Savage Roar Savage Combatant Branching Paths Wisps of the Old Gods Gadgetzan Auctioneer Kun the Forgotten King Treespeaker Nourish
Stampeding Kodo Nourish Bite Nexus-Champion Saraad Half-Time Scavenger Spreading Plague Tyrantus Tending Tauren Tending Tauren
Gonk, the Raptor Chromaggus Savage Combatant Justicar Trueheart Oaken Summons Malygos Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Cenarius Ancient of Lore
Ironhide Direhorn Ultimate Infestation Gonk, the Raptor Kodorider Ultimate Infestation Mulchmuncher Cenarius
Grizzled Guardian Gonk, the Raptor


Beast Caller Beast Training Big Beasts Deathrattle Fresh Meat Legendary Scrapyard Secrets Survival Tactics Trick Shots
Springpaw Bestial Wrath Spirit of the Lynx Play Dead Alleycat Houndmaster Shaw Clockwork Gnome Secret Plan Tracking Arcane Shot
Bear Trap Stampede Bittertide Hydra Webspinner Fiery Bat Professor Putricide Annoy-o-Tron Tracking Bear Trap Hunter's Mark
Cat Trick The Beast Within Bloodworm Feign Death Helpless Hatchling Halazzi, the Lynx Mechwarper Bear Trap Explosive Trap Quick Shot
Haunted Creeper Tracking Halazzi, the Lynx Kindly Grandmother Springpaw Knuckles Scorp-o-matic Explosive Trap Freezing Trap Snipe
Knife Juggler Call Pet Nesting Roc Forlorn Stalker Timber Wolf Leeroy Jenkins Venomizer Freezing Trap Unleash the Hounds Toxic Arrow
Revenge of the Wild Crackling Razormaw Stampeding Kodo Rat Pack Webspinner Princess Huhuran Metaltooth Leaper Hidden Cache Defender of Argus Deadly Shot
Scavenging Hyena Dinomancy Stranglethorn Tiger Terrorscale Stalker Crackling Razormaw Subject 9 Nightmare Amalgam Mad Scientist Antique Healbot Powershot
Snake Trap Kill Command Tundra Rhino Unleash the Hounds Dire Wolf Alpha Zilliax Spider Bomb Misdirection Carrion Drake Flanking Strike
Animal Companion Master's Call Savannah Highmane Exploding Bloatbat Haunted Creeper Dr. Boom Mechanical Yeti Snake Trap Sludge Belcher Multi-Shot
Spirit of the Lynx Rat Pack Amani War Bear Infested Wolf Huge Toad Gahz'rilla Piloted Shredder Snipe Witchwood Grizzly Wing Blast
Unleash the Hounds Untamed Beastmaster Charged Devilsaur Necromechanic Hunting Mastiff Swamp King Dred Zilliax Venomstrike Trap Zilliax Baited Arrow
Untamed Beastmaster Houndmaster Giant Sand Worm Antique Healbot Bearshark Kathrena Winterwisp Mechanical Whelp Wandering Monster Amani War Bear Cobra Shot
Cult Master Houndmaster Shaw Kathrena Winterwisp Carnivorous Cube Cave Hydra Sneed's Old Shredder Sneed's Old Shredder Cloaked Huntress Crushing Walls Explosive Shot
Infested Wolf Ram Wrangler Oondasta Corpse Widow Rat Pack The Lich King Eaglehorn Bow
Baited Arrow Tundra Rhino Princess Huhuran Spirit of the Lynx King Krush Masked Contender
Halazzi, the Lynx Savannah Highmane Vicious Fledgling Oondasta Professor Putricide
Call of the Wild Seeping Oozeling Lesser Emerald Spellstone
Kathrena Winterwisp Abominable Bowman Subject 9
Oondasta Kathrena Winterwisp
N'Zoth, the Corruptor


Big Spells Chaos Elementals Fire Frost Gurubashi Legends Hand Power Heroic Power Magical Friends Spell Power
Arcane Tyrant Shifting Scroll Arcane Artificer Daring Fire-Eater Glacial Shard Nexus-Champion Saraad Archmage Arugal Daring Fire-Eater Arcane Artificer Arcane Blast
Blast Wave Babbling Book Fire Fly Fire Fly Frostbolt Justicar Trueheart Astral Rift Fallen Hero Mana Addict Bloodmage Thalnos
Cabalist’s Tome Astral Rift Glacial Shard Flame Geyser Ice Walker Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale Banana Buffoon Ice Walker Mana Wyrm Celestial Emissary
Blizzard Primordial Glyph Flame Geyser Pyros Snap Freeze Archmage Antonidas Pyromaniac Spirit of the Dragonhawk Sorcerer’s Apprentice Spellzerker
Meteor Shimmering Tempest Lesser Ruby Spellstone Cinderstorm Snowchugger Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk Stargazer Luna Pyromaniac Auctionmaster Beardo Unexpected Results
Firelands Portal Unstable Portal Pyros Flamewaker Coldwraith Luna’s Pocket Galaxy Blast Wave Dalaran Aspirant Flamewaker Cosmic Anomaly
Flamestrike Spellslinger Shimmering Tempest Forgotten Torch Frost Nova Medivh, the Guardian Bonfire Elemental Clockwork Automaton Vex Crow Dalaran Aspirant
Greater Arcane Missiles Blast Wave Scorch Pyromaniac Cone of Cold Rhonin Cabalist’s Tome Mukla's Champion Gadgetzan Auctioneer Azure Drake
Dragoncaller Alanna Cabalist’s Tome Steam Surger Volcanic Potion Water Elemental The Lich King Meteorologist Nexus-Champion Saraad Archmage Antonidas Malygos
Deck of Wonders Water Elemental Fireball Blizzard Malygos Astromancer Justicar Trueheart
Bonfire Elemental Blast Wave Ysera Hex Lord Malacrass Kodorider
Servant of Kalimos Bonfire Elemental Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End Rhonin Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk
Arcanosaur Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk
Blazecaller Ragnaros the Firelord
Ragnaros the Firelord


Divine Legends Dragons Healing Holy Arsenal Magnetic Recruits Reinforce Secrets Self-Sacrifice Teambuilding
Crystalsmith Kangor Firetree Witchdoctor Forbidden Healing Bloodclaw Glow-Tron Lost in the Jungle Acherus Veteran Autodefense Matrix Bloodclaw Meanstreet Marshal
High Priest Thekal Cathedral Gargoyle Crystalsmith Kangor Light's Justice Mechwarper Drygulch Jailor Blessing of Might Avenge Crystallizer Smuggler’s Run
Griftah Nightbane Templar Flash of Light Sword of Justice Shielded Minibot Muster for Battle Immortal Prelate Competitive Spirit Injured Kvaldir Drygulch Jailor
The Glass Knight Nightmare Amalgam Soup Vendor Unidentified Maul Bronze Gatekeeper Lightfused Stegodon Sound the Bells! Getaway Kodo Mad Bomber Echoing Ooze
Bolvar, Fireblood Scaleworm Benevolent Djinn Truesilver Champion Annoy-o-Module Quartermaster Seal of Champions Hidden Wisdom Injured Blademaster Grimestreet Outfitter
Mojomaster Zihi Dragon Consort High Priest Thekal Farraki Battleaxe Piloted Shredder Stand Against Darkness Blessing of Kings Noble Sacrifice Ornery Tortoise Brann Bronzebeard
Sunkeeper Tarim Dragonmaw Scorcher Wickerflame Burnbristle Val’anyr Replicating Menace Crystal Lion Defender of Argus Redemption Abomination Arena Fanatic
Val’anyr Crowd Roaster The Glass Knight Vinecleaver Mechano-Egg Level Up! Silvermoon Portal Repentance Madder Bomber Saronite Chain Gang
Countess Ashmore Primordial Drake Zandalari Templar Silver Sword Wargear Sunkeeper Tarim Spikeridged Steed Secretkeeper Damaged Stegotron Doppelgangster
Tirion Fordring Sleepy Dragon Antique Healbot Zilliax Vinecleaver Val’anyr Hydrologist Missile Launcher Farraki Battleaxe
Hakkar, the Soulflayer Ysera Zilliax Kangor's Endless Army Lynessa Sunsorrow Masked Contender Glowstone Technician
Shirvallah, the Tiger Deathwing Ragnaros, Lightlord Bellringer Sentry Grimestreet Enforcer
Shirvallah, the Tiger Mysterious Challenger


Army of the Dead Double Down Dying Words Elementals Healing Inner Strength Inspired by the Light Legends of the Light Resilient Wrath
Spirit of the Dead Chameleos Crystalline Oracle Arcane Anomaly Circle of Healing Power Word: Shield Garrison Commander Bloodmage Thalnos Shadow Ascendant Shadow Word: Death
Resurrect Crystalline Oracle Spirit of the Dead Crystalline Oracle Regenerate Inner Fire Maiden of the Lake Lyra the Sunshard Acolyte of Agony Shadow Word: Pain
Twilight's Call Cloning Device Test Subject Radiant Elemental Binding Heal Divine Spirit Clockwork Automaton Vol'jin Dark Cultist Spirit Lash
Eternal Servitude Seance Undertaker Tar Creeper Light of the Naaru Eydis Darkbane Kvaldir Raider Zerek, Master Cloner Extra Arms Mass Dispel
Corpse Raiser Shadow Visions Dead Ringer Lightspawn Northshire Cleric Velen's Chosen Mukla's Champion Bwonsamdi, the Dead Kabal Talonpriest Shadow Word: Horror
Onyx Bishop Mirage Caller Museum Curator Lyra the Sunshard Squashling Djinni of Zephyrs Nexus-Champion Saraad Confessor Paletress Spawn of N'Zoth Mass Hysteria
Tomb Lurker Vivid Nightmare Spawn of N'Zoth Quartz Elemental Hozen Healer Lady in White Justicar Trueheart Prophet Velen Surrender to Madness Entomb
Bwonsamdi, the Dead Shifting Shade Twilight's Call Servant of Kalimos Darkshire Alchemist Kodorider Da Undatakah Unidentified Elixir Lightbomb
Lesser Diamond Spellstone Holy Water Shifting Shade Blazecaller Nightscale Matriarch Confessor Paletress Princess Talanji Priest of the Feast Psychic Scream
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Power Word: Replicate Tortollan Shellraiser Cauldron Elemental Prophet Velen N'Zoth, the Corruptor Anubisath Sentinel
Zerek, Master Cloner Carnivorous Cube Ragnaros the Firelord Power Word: Tentacles
Archbishop Benedictus Reckless Experimenter Temple Enforcer
Princess Talanji Coffin Crasher
Zerek's Cloning Gallery Zerek, Master Cloner
Da Undatakah
Obsidian Statue


Aggressive Tactics Battlecry Bounce Burgle Deathrattle For the Money Misfits Pirates Tricks of the Trade Weapons
Backstab Shadowstep Shadowstep Hallucination Nerubian Egg Counterfeit Coin Fire Fly Buccaneer Counterfeit Coin Deadly Poison
Bloodmage Thalnos Edwin VanCleef Cheat Death Swashburglar Undercity Huckster Cutpurse Swashburglar Patches the Pirate Preparation Serrated Tooth
Cheap Shot SI:7 Agent Gadgetzan Ferryman Undercity Huckster Devilsaur Egg Tomb Pillager Haunted Creeper Southsea Deckhand Deadly Poison Toxicologist
Eviscerate Zola the Gorgon Lab Recruiter Burgle Necrium Blade Violet Teacher Undercity Huckster Swashburglar Hallucination Envenom Weapon
Razorpetal Volley Elven Minstrel Brann Bronzebeard Shaku, the Collector Unearthed Raptor WANTED! Hench-Clan Thug Bloodsail Howler Cold Blood Necrium Blade
Shiv Fal’dorei Strider Coldlight Oracle Lilian Voss Tomb Pillager Burgly Bully Sonya Shadowdancer Bloodsail Raider Sap Shadowblade
Fan of Knives Spirit of the Shark Edwin VanCleef Obsidian Shard Twilight Summoner Red Mana Wyrm Vicious Fledgling Sharkfin Fan Mimic Pod Naga Corsair
Shadow Strike Antique Healbot Sonya Shadowdancer Spectral Cutlass Carnivorous Cube Gadgetzan Auctioneer Fal’dorei Strider Ship's Cannon Walk the Plank Southsea Squidface
WANTED! Azure Drake Elven Minstrel Ethereal Peddler Gral, the Shark Trade Prince Gallywix Tomb Pillager Raiding Party Gadgetzan Auctioneer Tinker's Sharpsword Oil
Azure Drake Gral, the Shark Fal’dorei Strider Tess Greymane Myra Rotspring Arcane Giant Crazed Chemist Southsea Captain Thistle Tea Assassin's Blade
Cannon Barrage Vilespine Slayer Spirit of the Shark Necrium Vial Shadowcaster Naga Corsair Vanish Captain Greenskin
Gadgetzan Auctioneer Vanish Vanish Cairne Bloodhoof Vilespine Slayer Ticket Scalper Sprint
Mechanical Whelp Cannon Barrage
Captain Hooktusk


Battlecrier Blessings Elemental Fury Elementals Farseer Murlocs Mutations Overload Spellchasers Totems
Blazing Invocation Ancestral Healing Lightning Bolt Fire Fly Wartbringer Murloc Tidecaller Unstable Evolution Beakered Lightning Wartbringer Primal Fusion
Fire Plume Harbinger Mistress of Mixtures Crackle Elementary Reaction Ancestral Knowledge Unite the Murlocs Big Bad Voodoo Zap! Witch’s Apprentice Totemic Smash
Murmuring Elemental Vitality Totem Crushing Hand Fire Plume Harbinger Ancestral Spirit Ghost Light Angler Devolve Finders Keepers Bloodmage Thalnos Kobold Hermit
Grimestreet Smuggler Healing Rain Lava Shock Menacing Nimbus Reincarnate Murloc Tidehunter Faceless Shambler Tunnel Trogg Electra Stormsurge Totem Golem
Stonehill Defender Healing Wave Maelstrom Portal Murmuring Elemental Far Sight Rockpool Hunter Hex Ancestral Knowledge Spirit of the Frog Flametongue Totem
Fireguard Destroyer Hot Spring Guardian Stormcrack Bog Slosher Haunting Visions Coldlight Oracle Lotus Illusionist Eternal Sentinel Zentimo Mana Tide Totem
Lifedrinker Jinyu Waterspeaker Electra Stormsurge Hot Spring Guardian Spirit Echo Coldlight Seer Master of Evolution Lava Shock Storm Chaser Primal Talismans
Saronite Chain Gang Tidal Surge Elemental Destruction Igneous Elemental Spirit of the Frog Murloc Warleader Bloodlust Likkim Wicked Witchdoctor Tuskarr Totemic
Doppelgangster Antique Healbot Lava Burst Tar Creeper Ancestor’s Call Primalfin Lookout Furbolg Mossbinder Totem Golem Azure Drake Totem Cruncher
Loatheb Hallazeal the Ascended Lightning Storm Thunder Lizard Carnivorous Cube Call in the Finishers Eureka! Drakkari Defender Hallazeal the Ascended Wicked Witchdoctor
Lotus Agents Spirit of the Frog Tol'vir Stoneshaper Corpse Raiser Gentle Megasaur The Storm Bringer Feral Spirit Krag’wa, the Frog Thunder Bluff Valiant
Fire Elemental Volcano Earth Elemental White Eyes Old Murk-Eye Unbound Elemental Bogshaper Windshear Stormcaller
Grumble, Worldshaker Krag’wa, the Frog Servant of Kalimos Cairne Bloodhoof Finja, the Flying Star Flamewreathed Faceless Thing from Below
Krag’wa, the Frog Blazecaller Krag’wa, the Frog Everyfin is Awesome Thunderhead
The Mistcaller Bogshaper Sylvanas Windrunner Doomhammer
Bonemare Stone Sentinel Kel’Thuzad Earth Elemental
Shudderwock Al’Akir the Windlord The Runespear Rain of Toads
Kalimos, Primal Lord Lesser Sapphire Spellstone
Ragnaros the Firelord Snowfury Giant


A Dark Hand Blood Dire Demons Discard Hir'eek's Legion Jinx Life Takers Sacrifice Taunt Wrath
Kobold Librarian Spirit Bomb Sense Demons Lakkari Sacrifice Call of the Void Dark Possession Drain Soul Grim Rally Voidwalker Defile
Spirit of the Bat Spirit of the Bat Hooked Reaver Malchezaar’s Imp Flame Imp Demonic Project Queen of Pain Power Overwhelming Sunfury Protector Doomsayer
Void Analyst Vulgar Homunculus Voidcaller Shriek Kobold Librarian Fiendish Circle Vicious Scalehide Sanguine Reveler Vulgar Homunculus Cataclysm
Twilight Drake Chittering Tunneler Demonheart Soulfire Voidwalker Hellfire Drain Life Corrupting Mist Reckless Diretroll Hellfire
Nexus-Champion Saraad Duskbat Despicable Dreadlord The Soularium Demonic Project Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Deathaxe Punisher Nerubian Egg Tar Creeper Felfire Potion
Emperor Thaurissan Nethersoul Buster Doomguard Clutchmother Zavas Knife Juggler Shadowflame Felsoul Inquisitor Devilsaur Egg Defender of Argus Lord Godfrey
Gadgetzan Auctioneer Blood Witch Skull of the Man'ari Darkshire Librarian Queen of Pain Bane of Doom High Priestess Jeklik Unwilling Sacrifice High Priestess Jeklik Twisting Nether
Wilfred Fizzlebang Hellfire Dread Infernal Tiny Knight of Evil Spirit of the Bat Nexus-Champion Saraad Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Void Terror Lakkari Felhound DOOM!
Chromaggus Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Kabal Trafficker Reckless Diretroll Vulgar Homunculus Ectomancy Bloodworm Shadowflame Saronite Chain Gang
Hir’eek, the Bat Felfire Potion Possessed Lackey Cataclysm Bloodfury Potion Arcane Giant Deathweb Spider Carnivorous Cube Green Jelly
Mountain Giant Molten Giant Abyssal Enforcer High Priestess Jeklik Demonwrath Siphon Soul Dark Bargain Sludge Belcher
Molten Giant Mal'Ganis Lakkari Felhound Doubling Imp Blood Troll Sapper Tar Lurker
Blood-Queen Lana'thel Imp Gang Boss DOOM! The Lich King
Doomguard Imp Master
Dark Bargain Dreadsteed
Soulwarden Imp-losion
Hir’eek, the Bat
Unlicensed Apothecary


Berserker Dragon Heart Fervent Fans Legendary Metalhead Overkill Protection Rush Smash Tank Up!
Inner Rage Alexstrasza's Champion Eternium Rover Zola the Gorgon Eternium Rover Half-Time Scavenger Eternium Rover Spirit of the Rhino Blood to Ichor Eternium Rover
Battle Rage Dragon Roar Saronite Taskmaster War Master Voone Omega Assembly Ticket Scalper Armorsmith Town Crier Devastate Iron Hide
Commanding Shout Faerie Dragon Armorsmith Captain Greenskin Mechwarper Arena Patron Belligerent Gnome Woodcutter's Axe Shield Slam Shield Slam
Cruel Taskmaster Firetree Witchdoctor Cruel Taskmaster Darius Crowley Scorp-o-matic Sightless Ranger Cornered Sentry Rabid Worgen Cleave Armorsmith
Rampage Netherspite Historian Drywhisker Armorer Leeroy Jenkins Bronze Gatekeeper Sul'thraze Drywhisker Armorer Militia Commander Execute Bladed Gauntlet
Warpath Blackwing Technician Faerie Dragon Zilliax Nightmare Amalgam Linecracker Sparring Partner Scaleworm Heroic Strike Bring It On!
Frothing Berserker Nightmare Amalgam Firetree Witchdoctor Justicar Trueheart Enhance-o Mechano Akali, the Rhino Fierce Monkey Darius Crowley Slam Drywhisker Armorer
Ravaging Ghoul Smolderthorn Lancer Redband Wasp Dr. Boom Piloted Shredder Oondasta Bloodhoof Brave Sightless Ranger Bash Plated Beetle
Blood Razor Ebon Dragonsmith Acolyte of Pain Akali, the Rhino Screwjank Clunker Alley Armorsmith Amani War Bear Mortal Strike Weapons Project
Death's Bite Scaleworm Frothing Berserker Geosculptor Yip Weaponized Piñata Emberscale Drake Akali, the Rhino Sul'thraze Bash
Half-Time Scavenger Twilight Drake Mountainfire Armor Grommash Hellscream Wargear Snapjaw Shellfighter Oondasta Crush Mountainfire Armor
Kor’kron Elite Twilight Guardian Nightmare Amalgam Rotface Zilliax Security Rover Shield Block
Linecracker War Master Voone Rabid Worgen Sneed’s Old Shredder Security Rover Amani War Bear Half-Time Scavenger
Grommash Hellscream Azure Drake Stonehill Defender The Lich King Sneed’s Old Shredder Rabble Bouncer Alley Armorsmith
Blackwing Corruptor Grimy Gadgeteer Nefarian Mosh'Ogg Enforcer Emberscale Drake
Cobalt Scalebane Half-Time Scavenger Onyxia Ironforge Portal
Dragonmaw Scorcher Kor’kron Elite Oondasta Heavy Metal!
Emberscale Drake Militia Commander Ysera Shieldmaiden
Bone Drake Twilight Drake Deathwing Unidentified Shield
Drakonid Crusher Deathwing, Dragonlord Geosculptor Yip
Crowd Roaster
Primordial Drake
Sleepy Dragon

Neutral Passives[]

Boon Reaper
Everlasting Devotion
Favor of the Gods
Fortified Spirit
Sacred Ritual
Roaring Edifice
Sacred Ritual
Windfall Blessing
Wrath of the Loas



Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Rumble Run is based on the Gurubashi Arena.
Once per generation event in which the troll tribes of Azeroth make a pilgrimage to the Arena at King Rastakhan's behest to participate in gladiatorial combat under the watch of the loa.

Rikkar, a Troll gladiator of Darkspear tribe prepares to fight against the other powerful Trolls. King Rastakhan will be helping and encouraging him.


Selecting adventure
Come! Gather de tribes! Sound de drums! It is time... TO RUMBLE!
Entering Rumble Run
So YOU want to compete? De winner take all. De loser? Finished.
Selecting a shrine
Choose a shrine, de source of your power. It begins de game in play.
First boss revealed
Eight other trolls stand between you... and glory!
Turn 1 on a first boss
De shrine to your Loa gives you great power. Protect it!
Shrine of player
When your shrine is broken, its power no longer protects you!
You can smash dem, stomp dem - no matter. De shrines will always come back.
Begins to restore - Your shrine will come back... in time. If you survive dat long!
Trying to transform - You cannot transform a shrine! De Loa know all your tricks.
Trying to return to hand - Don't be bouncin' dem shrines around. Dey will never go away.
Enemy shrine
Destroyed - Yes, yes! Defeat an enemy shrine to disable their power. Now - finish dis!
Begins to restore - After some time, de enemy's shrine returns. Plan ahead, or fall behind.
Selecting a card bundle
With every victory in de arena, more join your cause. Choose your rewards!
Second boss revealed
As you grow in strength, so do your enemies. Put on a good show, hmm?
Turn 1 on a second boss
Remember: De power is in de shrines! Protect yours, destroy your foe's!
Selecting a Teammate
In de arena, no one fights alone. Choose an ally for your side.
Selecting a Passive
Your shrine grows in power! You gonna need it...
Final boss
De winner of dis next match wins it all! Hold nothing back!
Dis is de big finale! De final rumble! Only one will be de champion!
It comes to dis: One final match. One final champion!
Only two trolls remain! Who will be de big winner!?
The arena is on its feet! It is de final rumble!
Victory is yours! Your Loa triumphant, your name a legend for all time! (completing a first run)
You have mastered de arena - all de trolls, all de Loa, all de glory is yours, forever! (completing with all classes)
Dere is no getting up from dat one. But! You can always try again.


For all loading screen tips for Rumble Run, see Tips#Rumble Run.


  • Basing your deck completely around your shrine is generally not a good idea unless it is powerful to hold its own without the additional effect.
  • Card draw is rare in the run so play your cards carefully.
  • Kill the opponent's shrine as fast as possible since they seem to have a predetermined hand for some opponents and their shrine snowball fast.
  • Cards that add themselves to your starting hand do so after the mulligan so mulligan them since you get them anyways.
  • Unlike other runs only the first boss can be reliably beat through careless aggro so keep your guard up.
  • Generally the A.I puts the shrine at a very high priority and can occasionally miss lethal due to this.
  • Try to time killing the enemy's shrine so they will miss the important mana milestone. For example: Jan'alai's Progeny with Frost Nova at 3 mana and Blizzard at 6 mana, Tribute from the Tides with Prince Keleseth at 2 mana and Mistcaller at 6 mana, Akali's Champion with Unbound Punisher at 8 mana. It forces the AI to either use those important cards inefficiently or wait 1-2 turns to use them.
  • Bosses will occasionally wait for their shrines to come back up to use certain cards. Be careful.
  • Each shrine appears to have a higher probability towards drafting certain card bundles that matches the theme of the shrine. Plan around this. For example: Bonds of Balance with Feral (armor/hero attack); Akali's Horn with Berserker & Rush; Akali's War Drum with Dragon Heart.
  • In general, challenges 6 and 8 (and 5 with some bosses) would be the most difficult, with bosses having significant card values and synergies. Challenge 6 is harder than challenge 7 because you don’t have your Passive ability yet, which has a huge impact on the last 2 fights.

Enemy tips[]

  • If you get Jeklik on the first fight with the Blood Pact she almost always makes herself go down to around 2 HP.
  • Jeklik is generally terrible at managing her health when she has Blood Pact.
  • Voone’s Unbound Punisher alone can change the game. Be extremely careful on your board.



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