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Using unseen blade, blinding speed, and subtle poison, Rogues can dispatch their enemies before escaping without a trace. Unleash a devastating chain of minions, spells, and attacks all within a single turn.[1]

Rogue icon Rogue is one of 11 classes in Hearthstone.


Rogue is represented by the following heroes. Valeera Sanguinar is the default hero of Rogue.

HERO 03a
HERO 03i
HERO 03m
HERO 03s
HERO 03ac
HERO 03af
Alternate portraits
HERO 03b
HERO 03d
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For rogues, the only code is the contract, and their honor is purchased in gold. Free from the constraints of a conscience, these mercenaries rely on brutal and efficient tactics. Lethal assassins and masters of stealth, they will approach their marks from behind, piercing a vital organ and vanishing into the shadows before the victim hits the ground. Rogues can dip their weapons in paralyzing toxins that render foes unable to defend themselves. These silent stalkers wear leather armor so they can move unencumbered, ensuring that they land the first strike.

With the rogue’s poisons and speed, the first strike is often the last step before the killing blow.[2]

Hero Power[]

Dagger Mastery
Main article: LegacyDagger Mastery
Always have a blade at the ready.[1]

The rogue Hero Power offers some ability to maintain board control, as it allows your hero to destroy 1-Health minions. This allows you to establish control and force them to waste valuable removal early on. This can also allow you to keep your minions alive longer, adding value. Be careful though, don't take your own Health too low attacking minions or you can tip the advantage into a disadvantage very quickly!

Replacement Hero Powers[]

Poisoned Daggers
Death's Shadow
Ancient Blades
Galakrond's Guile
Sleight of Hand



It’s good to have a plan. Combos are powerful effects only activated if another card is played from your hand before the combo card is played.[1]

Combo is an ability where the stated effect occurs only if the card is not the first one played during the turn. Playing any card is sufficient to trigger a Combo, but Hero Powers will not trigger Combos. Cards with this ability are limited to the rogue class. Examples:

  • Using LegacyBackstab and then LegacyEviscerate will trigger Eviscerate's Combo effect, making it deal 4 damage instead of 2.
  • Using LegacyPreparation and then LegacyHeadcrack will trigger Headcrack's Combo effect, returning it to your hand next turn.
Featured cards
Edwin VanCleef
Cold Blood
Vilespine Slayer

Replaying Cards[]

Once is never enough. A Rogue can utilize their subtle techniques to play spells and minions more than once. Elude retaliation against your minions or double up on powerful effects.[1]
Featured cards
Togwaggle's Scheme
Waggle Pick
Mimic Pod

A Flurry of Spells[]

In the cutthroat world of a Rogue, hesitation means death. Rogues can sling spells with crippling and deadly effects in quick succession to incapacitate their enemy or build an overwhelming force of minions.[1]
Featured cards
Sinister Strike
Razorpetal Volley

How to get cards[]

Core cards[]

Raising Rogue up to level 10 awards 17 Core Rogue cards (32 copies), while winning up to 500 games in Ranked, Arena and Duels awards golden copies of existing cards. All Core cards are uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Up to level 10, reaching each level will award the player two copies (one at level 10) of new Core Rogue cards.

Unlocked at level 1.
Deadly Poison
Unlocked at level 1.
Unlocked at level 1.
Cheat Death
Unlocked at level 1.
Unlocked at level 1.
Fan of Knives
Unlocked at level 1.
Unlocked at level 1.
Elven Minstrel
Unlocked at level 1.
Shadowjeweler Hanar
Unlocked at level 10.
Tess Greymane
Unlocked at level 10.
SI:7 Agent
Unlocked at level 3.
Unlocked at level 4.
Unlocked at level 5.
Unlocked at level 6.
Unlocked at level 7.
Unlocked at level 8.
Hench-Clan Burglar
Unlocked at level 9.

Expansion cards[]

Rogue - Card pack

Rogue pack

Main article: Card pack

Rogue's expansion cards can be obtained mostly by obtaining corresponding card packs or Rogue class packs. The player can buy them in Shop with gold or real money, or get them through various sources. Some cards may be available through various promotions, like logging in to get them.

Mini-set cards, while can be obtained like expansion cards, can also be obtained by buying its bundle available in Shop for a limited-time. The player can buy the bundle with gold or real money.

Expansions cards are also craftable and can be obtained by crafting them with Arcane Dust.

Adventure cards[]

Main article: Adventure

Adventure cards can be obtained by completing their Adventure's encounters. They are uncraftable until the player completes the Adventure or their set rotates to Wild format. The player can buy the Adventure with gold for each individual part, or real money for the whole of it.


For Standard format cards, see Rogue/Standard format.
For Wild format cards, see Rogue/Wild format.
For Classic format cards, see Rogue/Classic format.

Breakdown of Rogue cards in both Standard and Wild formats can be seen in the following table.

RogueRogue card statistics
Rarity Hero Minion Spell Weapon Location Anomaly
Free 0 1 16 2 0 0
CommonCommon 0 62 60 3 0 0
RareRare 0 53 43 9 1 0
EpicEpic 0 27 24 9 0 0
LegendaryLegendary 4 44 6 1 0 0

Strategy and gameplay[]

The rogue class has a number of different play styles. One of the main threats a rogue presents is the ability to do a lot of damage quickly, using Combo effects together with the rogue's Hero Power weapon to do surprising burst damage. Minions like LegacyQuesting Adventurer, LegacyMana Addict, and LegacyEdwin VanCleef can be buffed up to huge amounts of damage by using the rogue's arsenal of numerous low-cost spell cards, while cards like LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer give the draw power needed to sustain combos. Other good rogue burst cards include Goblins vs GnomesTinker's Sharpsword Oil, LegacyDeadly Poison and LegacyCold Blood, as well as their various direct damage spells.

A Combo card is a card that has an additional effect if it is played after any other card. These effects can range from additional damage to drawing another card. In general Combo rewards the use of cheap cards (primarily spells) and allows the rogue to deal large amounts of damage in a single turn. Synergistic rogue cards include LegacyPreparation, LegacyBackstab and Mean Streets of GadgetzanCounterfeit Coin. LegacyEdwin VanCleef is the archetypal Combo card, potentially growing into a monster if the rogue can play enough cards that turn.

Rogues are exceptional at using single target damaging abilities on both minions and heroes with cards like LegacyEviscerate, Whispers of the Old GodsShadow Strike, and LegacyHeadcrack, as well as minion Battlecries like LegacySI:7 Agent, Blackrock MountainDark Iron Skulker and The Grand TournamentUndercity Valiant. This aspect can be augmented with decks focused on increasing Spell Damage which allows rogues to whittle down the enemy hero with strengthened spells while also buffing weak spells like LegacyBackstab and LegacyFan of Knives into formidable removal cards. Rogues also possess many single target hard removal like LegacyAssassinate, Journey to Un'GoroVilespine Slayer, and Whispers of the Old GodsBlade of C'Thun to push aside whatever huge minion the opponent plays to block their way while keep them defenseless as their health is chipped away at.

The rogue Hero Power LegacyDagger Mastery provides a constant opportunity for low damage removal or hero damage, but can be improved with cards like LegacyDeadly Poison, The Grand TournamentBuccaneer, and Goblins vs GnomesGoblin Auto-Barber to much higher levels, in turn setting up the possibility of a LegacyBlade Flurry for high damage removal. Rogues can also equip a range of other weapons, such as LegacyAssassin's Blade, LegacyPerdition's Blade, One Night in KarazhanDeadly Fork, Scholomance AcademySelf-Sharpening Sword, and Kobolds & CatacombsKingsbane.

The rogue weapon theme ties into another: Pirates. Rogues are the only class besides Warriors with class-exclusive Pirates, such as The Grand TournamentBuccaneer, One-Eyed Cheat, and Rastakhan's RumbleCaptain Hooktusk. The constant availability of weapons to the rogue fits well with the weapon-dependency of Pirate cards like LegacyDread Corsair and Rastakhan's RumbleSharkfin Fan, or conversely the availability of low-cost pirates helps fill out a deck that needs quick aggression with a hint of value generation.

Return effects are another theme of the rogue class, allowing their minions to slip away to restore themselves, or forcing the opponent's minions to retreat back into the hand. LegacyShadowstep, Mean Streets of GadgetzanGadgetzan Ferryman, NaxxramasAnub'ar Ambusher and Rise of ShadowsDaring Escape are friendly examples, while LegacySap, LegacyVanish and LegacyKidnapper offer other options. These effects can be useful for stalling the opponent, or allowing the rogue to benefit multiple times from useful Battlecries. On a related note, Rogues have a number of ways to make copies of their own minions. Cards like The Boomsday ProjectLab Recruiter and Saviors of UldumShadow of Death add more copies of a minion to their deck to be drawn later, while Whispers of the Old GodsShadowcaster and Kobolds & CatacombsSonya Shadowdancer create a miniature copy of a minion; having 1/1 stats isn't much of a drawback when you can activate their powerful effects for just 1 mana.

A theme that has been added to Rogues in more recent expansions is the ability to generate cards from another class. Cards like LegacyPilfer, The Grand TournamentBurgle, Whispers of the Old GodsUndercity Huckster, and The Boomsday ProjectAcademic Espionage take directly the opponent's class, while cards like Saviors of UldumClever Disguise, Saviors of UldumBazaar Mugger, and Descent of DragonsDragon's Hoard takes from anything else. Rogues also have cards that synergizes with cards not of their own class, like One Night in KarazhanEthereal Peddler, Journey to Un'GoroObsidian Shard, The WitchwoodTess Greymane, and Saviors of UldumBazaar Burglary.

Infamous for striking from the shadows, Stealth is a minor rogue theme, with minions like LegacyMaster of Disguise, Mean Streets of GadgetzanLotus Assassin, Ashes of OutlandAkama, as well as LegacyConceal, which include Stealth synergy cards like Mean Streets of GadgetzanShadow Sensei and Ashes of OutlandGreyheart Sage. LegacyPatient Assassin combines Stealth with the Poisonous effect, another minor rogue theme, also seen on LegacyPlaguebringer, The League of ExplorersPit Snake, and Journey to Un'GoroEnvenom Weapon.

Rogue is also the only class able to generate CoreThe Coin, normally only available at the start of each match, through cards like The Grand TournamentCutpurse and The League of ExplorersTomb Pillager. Goblins vs GnomesTrade Prince Gallywix provides a similar spell in Goblins vs GnomesGallywix's Coin and Mean Streets of GadgetzanCounterfeit Coin functions the same as the Coin except they can be added to the deck.

Rogues have cards that can shuffle in advantageous cards into decks, such as Kobolds & CatacombsFal'dorei Strider, The Boomsday ProjectAcademic Espionage, and Descent of DragonsWaxadred, complementing their talent for card draw with strong value generation.

Rogues are also the fourth class to be able to use Secrets, an ability introduced briefly in Kobolds & Catacombs and Ashes of Outland. Their repertoire of Secrets are small compared to other classes, but nevertheless give them sneaky ways to recover from a disadvantaged state, like Kobolds & CatacombsEvasion and Ashes of OutlandBamboozle.

Countering a rogue[]

  • Equipment destruction such as LegacyAcidic Swamp Ooze or LegacyHarrison Jones to prevent massive damage output from the rogue's LegacyAssassin's Blade and LegacyDagger Mastery.
  • Units that make it difficult for the Rogue to attack you in the face directly, helpful effects include Divine Shield and Taunt.
  • Bait the use of board clearing abilities such as LegacyAssassinate with your second or third strongest minion so that you can safely summon your strongest minions.
  • Having a few Spellbreakers can be incredibly effective against a rogue deck because of their affinity towards minions such as LegacyBloodsail Raider.
  • Try to play many small minions rather than fewer large ones, since most rogue removal spells are single target.
  • Rogues are one of the more fragile classes, so they will have a difficult time stabilizing when they have taken heavy damage early on.


  • Valeera was chosen to represent the rogue class partially in order to balance faction, race and gender representation across the cast of heroes. As a blood elf female, Valeera added diversity to the cast of characters, as opposed to options such as Mathias Shaw or LegacyEdwin VanCleef (human male, already represented by both Anduin and Uther), or Garona Halforcen (a female half-orc, making the fifth orc hero).[3][4][5]
  • During the game's early development, the rogue class was represented by LegacyEdwin VanCleef.[6]


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