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Revive is an ability that only shows up on certain boss cards.

It makes the minion go Dormant and revive in X turns after dying, as represented on the card.


Swipe left or right to see the cards.
BOM 08 Brukan 003t.png
BOM 08 Brukan 008t.png
BOM 09 Cariel 006t.png
BOM 09 Cariel 008t.png
BOM 08 Cariel 002t.png
BOM 08 Dawngrasp 003t.png
BOM 08 Dawngrasp 008t.png
BOM 09 Dawngrasp 006t.png
BOM 09 Guff 008t.png
BOM 08 Guff 003t.png
BOM 08 Guff 008t.png
BOM 09 Ivus 007t.png
BOM 08 Kurtrus 002t.png
BOM 08 Kurtrus 008t.png
BOM 09 Kurtrus 008t.png
BOM 08 Rokara 008t.png
BOM 09 Rokara 006t.png
BOM 09 Rokara 008t.png
BOM 09 Scabbs 008t.png
BOM 08 Scabbs 008t.png
BOM 08 Scabbs 003t.png
BOM 09 Tavish 008t.png
BOM 09 Xyrella 008t.png
BOM 08 Xyrella 002t.png
BOM 08 Xyrella 008t.png
BOM 09 Togwaggle 004t.png
BOM 10 Kazakusan 004t.png
BOM 09 Cariel 004t.png
BOM 10 Guff 005t1.png
BOM 09 Lokholar 007t.png