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Renounce Darkness
Replace your Hero Power and Warlock cards with another class's. The cards cost (1) less.
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For the event version of this card, see Renounce Darkness (Event).

Renounce Darkness is an epic warlock spell card, from the Whispers of the Old Gods set.

How to get[]

Renounce Darkness can be obtained through Whispers of the Old Gods card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Renounce Darkness 400 100
Golden Renounce Darkness 1600 400


  • Renounce Darkness functions in the following way:
    • First, select a random non-warlock class (which can happen to be even the same as the class of your current hero or Hero Power). Note that this does not change your current hero's class for game purposes (such as experience points or quest's completion), and Discover will offer class cards from your hero's original class.
    • Then, replace your Hero Power with the basic Hero Power of the selected class;
    • Finally, replace all warlock cards in your hand and deck with random class cards of the selected class, and attach to each of them a "costs (1) less" enchantment.
      • Neutral cards and non-warlock class cards in your hand and deck are left untouched.
      • All replacement cards (as well as the replacement Hero Power) are from the same randomly selected class and not from multiple classes.
      • Each replacement card is generated randomly: thus, it is possible to get more than 2 copies of the same class card (including legendaries).
      • If Renounce Darkness is golden all replacement cards that it generates will be golden.[1] If you have Golden Warlock cards in your deck, they transform into golden cards.
      • If played in Standard mode, no cards exclusive to Wild will be generated.
  • Note that if you play Renounce Darkness as a non-Warlock, no cards will not be replaced (unless you somehow got hold of some Warlock cards), and your Hero Power can become any non-Warlock one, including the Hero Power you already have.


The strategy to using such a gimmicky card like Renounce Darkness is to build around the gimmick. To do this, your deck should have a lot of Warlock Class Cards in it. Start by putting the mostly of the zoo warlock cards in and just in case you end up not drawing Renounce Darkness you will still have an okay deck. Once the deck is finished, you will want to try and mulligan for it removing all 3 mana or higher cards. If you end up getting it in the mulligan, DO NOT play it until you have a total of seven or more cards in your hand, including Renounce Darkness. This is because if you play it with 4 cards you will no longer have your hero power to keep drawing you cards and you will run out of steam fairly fast. After that it is all random from there and is not predictable.


This card appears to depict a human warlock renouncing the Darkness to follow the call of the Light. However, since the class switched to by the spell is random (and not limited to classes which worship the Light, namely the priest and paladin), this does not appear to be accurate. The light depicted may therefore simply be representative of a return from the Darkness, or may represent the Light turning the warlock away from their former path.

The spell is distinctly original to Hearthstone, as is the concept - warlocks are rarely (if ever) known to renounce the Darkness in favour of the Light, or any other path.


  • Renounce Darkness was designed by Peter Whalen.[2]
  • If this card is played while Nemsy Necrofizzle is the warlock hero, she will lament that "darkness was fun".
  • If this card is played while Mecha-Jaraxxus is the warlock hero, he will say "DARKNESS DELETED!".
  • Renounce Darkness is the only collectable Holy spell outside of Priest and Paladin.


Renounce Darkness, full art

Fixed bugs[]

  • Prior to patch Patch Renounce Darkness's cost-modifying enchantment was not detached from minions that enter play (this let you also see that they have no art)[3].
  • Prior to an unknown patch between Patch and Patch the behaviour of this card was as follows:[4]
    • Rather than buffing all eligible cards in your deck and hand to make them cost 1 less, Renounce Darkness was coded in the following way:[5]
      • select a non-Warlock class;
      • replace your Hero Power with the basic Hero Power of the new class;
      • replace Warlock cards in your hand with random cards of the new class, and give to each of them a "costs (1) less" enchantment (cards in your hand from other classes are left untouched);
      • replace Warlock cards in your deck with random cards of the new class;
      • create a permanent on-draw trigger attached to your player that triggers whenever you draw a card of the selected class and applies a "costs (1) less" enchantment to it.
This means that cards added to your hand from your deck in a non-standard way, such as Tracking or King's Elekk, do not get the cost reduction.[6]
It also means that if you use Renounce Darkness as a non-Warlock and the spell chooses your current class, any of your own class cards which are subsequently drawn will be reduced in cost by 1.[7]

Patch changes[]