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Reno Jackson
2883 • LOE_011
LOE 011.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
LOE 011 Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:The League of ExplorersThe League of Explorers
Cost:6 Mana icon.png
Attack:4 Attack icon.png
Health:6 Health
Artist:Tyson Murphy
Voice actor:Travis Willingham
Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, fully heal your hero.
Flavor text

Reno is a four-time winner of the 'Best Accessorized Explorer' award.

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Reno redirects here, for the deck archetype which utilizes Reno, see Highlander.
For other representations of Reno, see Reno Jackson (disambiguation).

Reno Jackson is a legendary neutral minion card, from the League of Explorers set.

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How to get[]

Auto-detected sources
AdventureComplete The League of Explorers 1st wing - Temple of OrsisRegular1
Crafting1600 dustdustRegular1
Crafting3200 dustdustGolden1


  • This minion's Battlecry checks the player's unused deck[1] and, if it contains no more than 1 copy of each card, it will LegacyHeal the hero for an amount equal to their maximum Health.
  • A yellow border will highlight a Reno Jackson in your hand if playing him will successfully activate his Battlecry.
  • When used in combination with LegacyAuchenai Soulpriest or Whispers of the Old GodsEmbrace the Shadow, this minion's Battlecry will deal damage to the hero equal to their maximum Health, usually killing the hero.


The simplest way to ensure this minion's Battlecry activates is to put only 1 copy of each card in your deck, known as a Highlander archetype. However, it is possible to add some duplicates, as long as the player is able to draw or discard them from the deck before playing Reno Jackson.

If the player chooses to use duplicates, the best kinds of decks for him would be a Control or Mill deck. Control Warriors or Priests, for example, would have the longevity to use Reno later, when his heal is more likely to go off due to having met his Battlecry condition. Similarly, a Mill Rogue or Druid can draw enough cards out of their deck to quickly guarantee the full heal, which is especially useful when added on top of Goblins vs GnomesAntique Healbot and Goblins vs GnomesTree of Life.

Conversely, using Reno in an Aggro or Midrange deck is generally unwise. Should the game go long enough for an Aggro deck to need to be concerned with its Health, the likelihood is that the game is already lost. Similarly, using Reno in a Midrange deck is risky, due to the numerous duplicates needed for that playstyle. Unlike Aggro, one can come back from needing to be concerned with their Health, but Midrange decks generally do not have the same survivability to last long enough to draw all of their duplicates from their deck.

As a Mage, the player can use LegacyIce Block to give themselves a safety net from dying before playing Reno, as well as getting the maximum benefit out of it, though this discourages the usual practice of having copies of several spells in the deck.

Without the Battlecry, this minion has very poor stats for its cost, but its 6 Health can still make it a useful defender in emergencies.

Reno can be countered by shuffling cards into your opponent's deck. The most effective card for this is The Grand TournamentBeneath the Grounds, which adds 3 Ambush! to the opponent's deck. Until they draw or discard at least 2 of these, they will be unable to benefit from Reno's Battlecry. Conversely, players should be careful about adding multiple identical cards to their own deck through cards like The League of ExplorersForgotten Torch and The League of ExplorersAncient Shade. Blackrock MountainGang Up is highly inadvisable in a deck running Reno Jackson, while The League of ExplorersEntomb can be problematic.

The general effect of Reno's Battlecry is to restore the hero to full Health. However, as with all healing effects, be aware that activating this minion's Battlecry with an LegacyAuchenai Soulpriest on your board will result in your hero suffering damage equal to their maximum Health.




Reno Jackson is original to Hearthstone, and one of the few Hearthstone characters to have later been added to World of Warcraft instead of the other way around.

World-renowned archaeologist, explorer, and treasure hunter... or so he says.
His membership in the League of Explorers is currently on probation. Just make sure that all artifacts you collect with Reno are properly accounted for upon your return.[2]

Impulsive, obsessed with magic and treasure, and hard to control, Reno is the player's escort in the first wing of the The League of Explorers, the Temple of Orsis. For his role in the adventure, see The League of Explorers.

Reno returns in Saviors of Uldum with the rest of the League of Explorers to stop the League of E.V.I.L.'s plans in Uldum, this time being known as Saviors of UldumReno the Relicologist and wielding a "Gatling wand".

Finally, Reno is the star of Galakrond's Awakening from the League of Explorers side, working to stop Rise of ShadowsArch-Villain Rafaam from awakening Galakrond. His unquenchable affinity for magic and treasure is explained in the League's ending—where it is revealed that Reno is actually an orphaned dragon who has accidentally been living in his human form since birth!


  • Reno Jackson was the first card to have an effect dependent on having no duplicate cards in the player's deck, and introduced the concept of no-duplicate decks to Hearthstone, also called "Highlander". After the success of the card, other deck-related cards were added in later releases, the first coming just over a year later with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.
  • Reno Jackson is also depicted on The League of ExplorersForgotten Torch, The League of ExplorersRoaring Torch.,[3] and LegacyPilfer.
  • Reno Jackson makes an appearance in the cinematic trailer for One Night in Karazhan, where he can be seen relaxing in a hot tub along with The League of ExplorersSir Finley Mrrgglton and a cow. He is also wearing a golden medallion resembling the head of the The League of ExplorersGolden Monkey.
  • "Reno" is "Oner" spelt backwards, possibly a reference to the fact that he is only active when there is one copy of each card left in deck.
  • playing Reno after Whispers of the Old GodsEmbrace the Shadow will inflict damage to the player equal to their maximum health: this is usually enough to kill the player in an elaborate suicide unless they had more armor than missing life.


Reno Jackson, full art

In the The League of Explorers trailer

Reno Jackson promo.jpg

Reno reclining in the mana font hot tub with Sir Finley in the One Night in Karazhan trailer

Reno and Finley One Night in Karazhan2.jpg

"When artists say they start with a rough sketch...... They mean it...." - Tyson Murphy

Reno in World of Warcraft

Patch changes[]

  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan logo.png Patch (2016-11-29): Text changed from "Battlecry: If your deck contains no more than 1 of any card, fully heal your hero." to "Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, fully heal your hero."
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo.png Patch (2016-07-12): Reno Jackson's Battlecry no longer produces its usual visual effect when played if the Battlecry itself does not activate. [Assumed patch]
  • The League of Explorers logo.png Patch (2016-03-14): A yellow border will now highlight Reno Jackson if playing him will successfully activate his Battlecry.
  • The League of Explorers logo.png Patch (2015-11-10): Added.