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"Recurring" is an unofficial term used to refer to spells or Battlecry effects that may re-cast themselves if their activation condition is met.

While no official keyword is used to denote the ability, one of two texts are used to describe it: If X (trigger), cast this again. or Repeat for each/until X (trigger).


  • Recurring spells will only re-cast themselves if their specific trigger could be activated.
  • If a recurring spell causes itself to be cast repeatedly, these additional "recasts" will not count as having been cast by the controlling player, and will therefore not trigger effects such as those of LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer nor add to the spell count of Whispers of the Old GodsYogg-Saron, Hope's End.[1]
  • Triggered effects have a chance to resolve between cast and re-cast. For instance, if Knights of the Frozen ThroneDefile kills a LegacyHarvest Golem, then its re-cast will kill the LegacyDamaged Golem summoned by Harvest Golem's Deathrattle.


Standard format[]

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AV 250.png
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Wild format[]

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DMF 104.png


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