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The Recruit A Friend interface

Recruit A Friend is a system for recruiting players to start playing Hearthstone, with in-game rewards for both the recruiter and recruits.

Only players with less than 20 levels in total across all classes can be recruited, and players can only be recruited by other players in the same region. Recruits can earn rewards simply by logging in as a recruit, while recruiters earn rewards when a recruit reaches a combined total of 20 levels. Each player can receive rewards for up to 5 recruits, but can only be recruited once.

The Recruit A Friend system offers rewards in the form of Classic card packs for both players, and the alternate hero Cosmetics - PNG logo.pngMorgl the Oracle for recruiters. All rewards are region-specific and cannot be transferred.

How to recruit[]

The Recruit A Friend icon

To recruit a player, the recruiter has to share a recruitment link, which other players can click on to register as a recruit. The link can be obtained in two ways: from the official site, or via the in-game interface.

The link can be obtained online from the official Recruit A Friend page. On the page you will find a recruitment link unique to your account and the region corresponding to the page's URL. For example, if the URL starts with http://eu.battle.net the link generated will be for the Europe region. However, a drop-down list beneath the URL can be used to manually select a different region. Various options for sharing the link are provided.

Alternatively, the link can be found in-game through the Recruit A Friend button, found in the bottom right corner of the friends interface. Clicking the button in the interface will copy the link into the computer's clipboard, allowing it to be pasted elsewhere. In this case the link provided will match the region you are currently logged into.

Make sure the region selected matches both the region in which the recruit plays, and the region in which you wish to receive your rewards.

When a friend clicks on your link, they will be taken to a special web page where they can log in, download the game client (if necessary), and register as a potential recruit. Once they log in they will be added as one of your recruits, and immediately be awarded a Classic card pack. Once they reach a combined 20 levels, you will be granted the appropriate rewards.


  • Each player can receive rewards for up to 5 level-20 recruits. Players can still recruit players after they have reached this limit, but will receive no further rewards. Each player can only be recruited once, but can earn their card pack reward even if recruited by a player who already has 5 level-20 recruits.[1]
  • Recruiters can check on the progress of their current recruits through the in-game Recruit A Friend interface. The interface does not currently update during a session, requiring quitting and restarting Hearthstone in order to see current numbers. However, this may be a bug.
  • Only 5 recruits will show on the recruiter's Recruit A Friend interface, but there is no known limit on the number of players that a player can recruit.[1] The interface shows the 5 recruits that currently have the highest levels, up to 20. If a featured sub-20 recruit is overtaken by another recruit, the latter player will take their place on the interface.[2]
  • While intended to recruit new players, the system does not require that players are new to Hearthstone, only that they have accumulated less than 20 levels in total.


Morgl the Oracle(35369).png


Recruiters earn rewards when a recruit reaches level 20. Players can earn rewards for up to 5 recruits.[1]

Requirements Reward
When your first recruit reaches level 20 Cosmetics - PNG logo.pngMorgl the Oracle alternate hero
When your second recruit reaches level 20 1 Classic card pack
When your third recruit reaches level 20 1 Classic card pack
When your fourth recruit reaches level 20 1 Classic card pack
When your fifth recruit reaches level 20 1 Classic card pack


Recruits gain rewards as soon as they log in as a recruit. Each player can only earn this reward once.

Requirements Reward
Sign up as a recruit and log in 1 Classic card pack


Recruit A Friend interface1.jpg
Recruit A Friend interface2.jpg

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